Ten Golden Watchkeeping Rules - how do you measure up?...Laura in the Marquesas...rallies to dream about...PredictWind with new product...accused Somali pirates pleading guilty...and much more...

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 26 May 2011

It's a rich minestrone...

Laura Dekker on her Jeanneau Ginfizz ketch Guppy has just reached the Marquesas in French Polynesia  .
It's a rich minestrone of news this week from the world's oceans - from the political to the personal, from the practical to the fanciful.

If you want to drool about what others are doing or dream about your own next adventure there's a new sailing tale in the Med from Eye Candy and there are some stunning rallies you can join this year and in 2012. Now is the time to start planning!

Fifteen-year-old Laura Dekker has just arrived today in the Marquesas after her longest passage so far. As the Marquesas loom above her, like the good sailor that she is, Laura recognises in her blog that the most dangerous thing in the ocean is – land.

There are changes in the way that British coastlines are to be monitored, and the sailing community doesn't like it at all. Read about what they may like better - the 'active marina programme' being run by the Royal Yachting Association to increase participation and skills.

The fifteen arrested pirates who tragically killed four American sailors in Somali waters are gradually pleading guilty to escape the death sentence – eight so far...

Lots of practical news this week too. You need to at least look at the new weather routing and receiving systems from PredictWind; the product of the week is the Autotether, great product with one obvious weakness – how to get too-casual sailors to weather the sensor; and why not check yourself out against the 'Ten Golden Watchkeeping Rules' to see how you measure up?

These are just some of the hightlights, so browse down the stories to see what catches your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Solo sailing teen Laura Dekker approaches the Marquesas
Nancy Knudsen,
Laura Dekker, the teenager who defied seemingly unsurmountable barriers to her dream to go solo sailing, is now approaching the islands of the Marquesas, some of the most remote of French Polynesia in the Pacific. Once there, she will have completed what will most probably be the longest single voyage of her circumnavigation - and she's loving every minute.... [more]
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The Ten Golden Watchkeeping Rules
Captain John Jamieson,
How good are you at keeping watch? What makes a valuable underway watchstander? Are you wondering why you weren't invited back after that last passage? Here Captain John Jamieson gives ten golden rules about how to be the best watch keeper and a good friend to your crew mates (even if there is only one) Check your own skills against this list:... [more]
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Rescue authorities criticise yacht owner who 'chased his yacht'
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
How far would you risk your safety to save your yacht? A desperate boat-owner has attracted criticism by rescue authorities for chasing his drifting yacht in a dinghy during a 'horrendous' 40 knot gale. The yacht had broken free of its moorings at the yacht club where it was berthed and was gradually drifting towards the shore where it would undoubtedly have been destroyed.... [more]
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PredictWind demonstrates new weather routing and receiving systems
Richard Gladwell,
Jon Bilger of PredictWind.com demonstrated their new onboard weather and wind package along with routing functions, yesterday aboard the ORMA60 TeamVodafoneSailing. For racers or cruisers, the system offers a very cost effective solution for wind and route prediction, with relatively low-cost reception units to receive email and weather data feeds, using the Iridium network.... [more]
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The 8th Mariner Boating Aegean Yacht Rally
Maggie Joyce,
The 8th Mariner Boating Aegean Yacht Rally goes from strength to strength The unique combination of Greek Islands and the coast of Turkey has offered participants in the 2011 rally some stark contrasts at the half way point in Bodrum, Turkey.... [more]
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Phuket to Langkawi Yacht Rally 05-22 January 2012 05 - 22 January
Maggie Joyce,
Mariner Boating Holidays announce details of the 2012 Phuket to Langkawi Rally, a one way slide from Phuket to Langkawi, across the prevailing north easterly wind.... [more]
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Can anyone rescue the UK's Coastguard?
Emily Barr, Guardian/Sail-World Cruising,
Radical changes to the UK's Coastguard are planned by the British Government, and no-one is happy about it. Her Majesty's Coastguard is used by mariners the world over and has saved countless lives at sea. Here Emily Barr, writing for the Guardian, asks 'Why is the government intent on threatening its work?'... [more]
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Five Spring Boating Safety Tips that work all Summer long
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
With spring's arrival in all the sailing countries of the northern hemisphere sailors have time to reflect on and improve their own safety on the water. The BoatUS Foundation, the USA's leading boat owners organisation, has these five spring boat tips for boating safety - but they can easily help you stay safe all summer long, and no matter in which country you are sailing:... [more]
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Rally Portugal - The ensuing high sea adventure
Andy Sinclair,
Rally Portugal's international field promises a colourful spectacle before setting off on a high seas adventure from Plymouth's Mayflower Marina.... [more]
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Greg Elliott: From Sports boats to record holders and cruising tourers
Richard Gladwell,
Latterly Greg Elliott has been better known as the designer of the Elliott 6, the Womens Keelboat to be used for the 2012 Olympics. His focus on easily driven racing designs transfers well into Elliott's cruisers. 'Cruising boats to me are about safety, comfort and speed. Once you have sailed what I call the Tourer version, you'll never go back.'... [more]
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Product of the Week: Autotether, great - as long as worn!
Lee Mylchreest,
This week's product, the very clever invention Autotether, can give fellow sailors, those at home, and parents a great peace of mind to know that your sailor is still sailing and hasn't fallen overboard. However, it has one great drawback - how do you guarantee that your target sailor is wearing the necessary sensor?... [more]
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Now THAT's an anchor! Blackbeard's anchor to be retrieved
Lee Mylchreest,
When we upgraded our main anchor to 65kg and the line to 100metres of 10mm chain we thought we'd reached the big time. Blackbeard's anchor, due to be retrieved from its watery resting place this week, weighed 1,360kg. We have an electric windlass. They retrieved theirs by hand.... [more]
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Accused Somali pirate pleads guilty to murder of cruising sailors
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
While the sailing community will remain sad and scarred by the deaths of four American cruising sailors at the hands of Somali pirates for some time to come, one chapter in the tragic tale appears to be nearing its end. Five Somali men have pleaded guilty to charges of piracy and hostage taking of the yacht Quest off the coast of Oman in February in a hijacking that left the four Americans dead.... [more]
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Britain's RYA launches new Active Marina Programme
Emma Slater,
In a bid to support marinas across the country developing activity programmes for berth holders, Britain's Royal Yachting Association (RYA) has developed its new Active Marina Programme.... [more]
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Borneo International Yachting Challenge 2011
Margaret Ringgit, Borneo Post Online/Sail-World,
It's called the 'Eighth Borneo International Yachting Challenge', but as passing sailors know, there's hardly a local boat to be seen, so this is really a get together for cruising sailors. With inducements like free marina berths, air conditioned rooms and cash, there are yachts from USA, Switzerland, UK, the Philippines and Malaysia. Are YOU cruising in the area? - it's a great opportunity.... [more]
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Sailors' friends under threat - turtles and dugongs
Grant Banks, Torres News/Sail-World Cruising,
Sailors love to swim among them or just marvel from the bow, but the future of turtles and dugongs is anything but certain, according to conservationist New Zealander Peter Bethune, best known for his arrest by the Japanese whalers after they rammed and sank his 'whale warrier' boat Ady Gil in the Southern Ocean.... [more]
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Bringing to life an R Boat, the classic, 1926-built Ruweida V
IYRS/Nancy Knudsen,
'It's amazing how much more finished a boat looks once you put a deck on it.' It has been a long journey in Newport Rhode Island since it was decided to bring to life one of the International Yacht Restoration School's most treasured yachts, an R boat called Ruweida V, but this understatement by one of the students working on her says it all.... [more]
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Sailing with Eye Candy: Malta and on to Sicily
Andrew and Clare Payne,
Andrew and Clare Payne are back on their sailing yacht Eye Candy in the Mediterranean, and have sailed from Tunisia to Malta, where they are berthed in the Msida Marina, finding many other cruising couples there to share experiences. We have a barbecue on the New Zealand boat Wired for Sound with a Kiwi (New Zealander) mate as well as Canadian couple Mike and Grace from 'Two Moons'... [more]
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