Hero wife saves lives of three sailors...Space engineers to sail on Jupiter's largest moon...What now, Skipper? - five top tips...Nautor's Swan does it again...and much more...

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 19 May 2011

Sailing stories to learn from

Stories you can learn from...  .
The sailing stories that I love best are those I can learn from. Years ago when preparing for my first long range sailing experience, one of the books I loved best was a book called ' Total Loss', a collection of 45 first-hand accounts of yacht losses at sea.

'How depressing!' said one friend. 'You must be mad to read that when you're just about to cross an ocean,' said another.

Maybe I was mad but I didn't find it depressing. I still think that the best mistakes to learn from are other people's. In this week's edition of cruising news below, there are three accounts of lost yachts where the crew was saved. I still find these true tales interesting, and the question is always: What could they(or I) have done better? What are the lessons they (and I) can take away from the experiences?

Rallies are always in the news, and in the eastern Med, the annual Eastern Med Rally is departing Turkey for Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt, but omitting Syria. With the turbulence in the region they'll no doubt have a more than usually interesting voyage this year. Down in the South Pacific rallies are starting from New Zealand and Queensland for Noumea, and there are many Mediterranean rallies on offer from the Antipodean Mariner Boating Holidays.

Much other news as well... honeymooning in the Seychelles Prince William and his Kate did not choose a sailing yacht, but then, I guess they need the speed to avoid potential paparazzi attacks. Space engineers are using sails in their planned sail on Titan, Jupiter's largest moon.

Christine Kling interviews long time author and sailor Lin Pardey; Meghan Cleary describes her encounter with US Customs in pretty unfavourable terms; and that perennial winner, the Swan 80, has won a prestigious award in the Asian Boating Awards.

In practical news John Jamieson tells how to cope when your engine fails just as you are about to dock, those who live in tsunami-prone areas will be interested in the new website www.tsunami-warn.com, and the product of the week is a favourite of mine, the Windscoop.

Much more too, so browse down the headlines to see what tempts you.

Sweet sailing

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Hero wife saves three sailors' lives through quick thinking
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
It could happen anywhere anytime, but when it happens where you are will there be a quick-thinking person to take action? Will that be you, or will you be the one that is rescued? Three sailors are alive today because of the quick thinking and positive action of one of their wives. It happened this week on Lake Michigan in the USA. The coldness of the water of the lake added to the danger.... [more]
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What now, Skipper? Five top tips on docking without an engine
John Jamieson,
You are entering a crowded marina, ready to dock your boat when all of a sudden--your engine coughs, sputters, spurts, kicks once, and dies with a shudder! You push the start button once, twice...but nothing happens! What now, skipper? Here Captain John Jamieson gives you five easy tips you can use right now that could save you from embarrassment, damage, and costly repairs!... [more]
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Lin Pardey: an interview by Christine Kling
Christine Kling,
Since Lin Pardey wrote her first book, 'Cruising in Seraffyn', she and her husband Larry have sailed more than 200,000 miles, written eleven books and enthused a whole generation of sailors for the cruising life. Here fellow cruising sailor and blog-writer Christine Kling interviews this now-New-Zealand-based sailor and writer about her latest book, Bull Canyon, already getting rave reviews.... [more]
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Prince William and Kate - fastest yacht in the Seychelles
Lee Mylchreest,
We could have told them they'd be better on a sailing yacht, but at least Prince William and his new bride Kate could ensure some privacy when they chartered the fastest motor yacht in the Seychelles for their honeymoon. The Sea Stream, their 23metre (76ft) Ferretti yacht with a top speed of 25 knots, can outrun any paparazzi who might have ideas of trailing them... [more]
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Neoprene saves the day after sailing teens go missing
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Sending an important safety message to those making decisions about what to wear when sailing, neoprene - the fabric commonly used in the manufacture of wetsuits - has been lauded for saving the lives of two teenagers who were declared missing after going sailing in their hobie-cat off the coast of France.... [more]
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Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally - set to leave Turkey
Des Ryan,
Since 1990 yachts from all over the world have converged on Turkey to participate in the Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally, and 2011 continues the tradition. Beginning with a small fleet of 17 boats in its first year,this year 76 yachts from a wide range of sailing countries - USA, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, France and Germany to name just a few - have joined the fleet... [more]
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Tsunami-Warn.com offers advice to Skippers
Geoff Dixon,
Tsunami-Warn.com has created a website designed to give subscribers early warning tsunami alerts. The system has been set up for people who live on or near the coast, - who may be sleeping at night, - or spends time at the beach, or at sea.... [more]
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Rogue wave swamps yacht, two in lucky rescue
Lee Mylchreest,
The danger of an unexpected rogue wave is ever present, no matter where you are sailing, and this story shows how important back-up systems are for the cruising sailor. The US Coast Guard has rescued two sailors this week, 120 miles offshore, when a rogue wave hit their boat during conditions in which waves were described as high but not particularly rough.... [more]
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Space engineers plan sailing on Titan, Jupiter's largest moon
The Guardian/Sail-World Cruising,
Sailing - the ability to move along impelled only by the natural force of the wind - is figuring largely in space exploration as scientists search for ways of using the universe's natural forces. Japan's sailing vessel is on its way to Venus propelled by solar wind, and now space engineers are planning their first extra-terrestrial yacht to sail on the Ligeia Sea on Titan, Jupiter's largest moon.... [more]
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Book Review:'Sailing, Yachts and Yarns' by Tom Cunliffe.
Rob Tickner,
'Sailing, Yachts and Yarns' is a treasure chest of nautical wit and wisdom. Tom Cunliffe has chosen the very best of his writing for Yachting Monthly magazine to ensure a lively mix of anecdote, opinion and instruction.... [more]
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Nautor's Swan does it again - 'Best Production Sailing Yacht 2011'
Des Ryan,
Nautor's Swan has successfully fought off serious global competition this week to win the ‘Asia Boating Award 2011 for Best Production Sailing Yacht'. The Asia Boating Awards are the region's most established and respected event of its kind which annually receives entries from the world's leading yacht manufacturers.... [more]
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Product of the Week: The Windscoop
Sail-World Cruising,
Most cruising boats are power-critical, and if you don't have a generator then air-conditioning is out of the question (even if you wanted one.) That's where a Windscoop comes in. If you don't have one and are in or heading to warm waters, think about it now. A Windscoop can deliver cool breezes right through the boat on the hottest of nights.... [more]
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Voyaging with Velella: Sailing boats and Customs officials
Meghan Cleary, American Sailing Association,
What is it about sailing boats and Customs officials? No matter which country you are in there is always one who seems to hate us. Here, continuing the Voyaging with Velella series, ASA writer-at-large Meghan Cleary. and her fiance Prescott have just finished a 6-month cruise in Mexico and it's time to face the US Customs.... [more]
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RYA develops fact sheets on increasing club activities
Emma Slater,
The RYA has developed a series of information sheets for boating organisations and clubs to help them develop and increase levels of adult participation in boating activities from sailing and motorboating to windsurfing.... [more]
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Doyle Sails Australia delivers dhow sails in record time
Guy Waddilove,
In United Arab Emirates they take dhow racing seriously; seriously enough to offer over $1 million prize money for a race. When they need sails in a hurry they turn to Doyle Sails Australia. On Tuesday morning Doyle Sails in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney received an email from a customer in UAE requesting a mainsail for a 60 foot dhow with the instruction that it needed to be shipped by Thursday.... [more]
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Book a Mariner Boating 2012 Yacht Rally and you could win free flights
Maggie Joyce,
Book a Mariner Boating 2012 Yacht Rally by June 30 this year and you could win free flights for two people to the event of your choice. Select your holiday from the 2012 programme, confirm the booking with a deposit and you will go into a draw for free international flights for two people to your chosen event. Plus...receive a free 12 month subscription to Sails Yachting magazine.... [more]
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RAYC announce 2012 Sail Noumea offshore racing event
Matt Woodley,
Royal Akarana Yacht Club (RAYC) is proud to announce the 2012 Sail Noumea offshore event in conjunction with the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron and Cercle Nautique Caledonien. The three clubs have agreed to collaborate in the conduct of ocean races and passage cruise rallies from Auckland and Queensland to Noumea, with a post event cruise rally. Races will start from Auckland on Saturday 2... [more]
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