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 12 May 2011

What is this nonsense - 'cruising class'?

Jeanne Socrates triumphs! - oldest female solo circumnavigator  .
I found it interesting that in an announcement by the organisers of the North Sea Regatta they imply that it is now a race for professionals and observe that 'recreational' sailors have been dropping out.

This is accompanied by the announcement of a new 'cruising class'. This is a common, but gross misrepresentation of the meaning of cruising and does disservice to all the fine cruising sailors in the world.

Cruising, if it needs to be said, is not second-class racing. Cruising is non-competitive sailing, over short or long distances, often into remote areas. In its best examples, it is typified by a sense of independence, freedom and adventure, innovativeness in the face of challenge and a love of the natural world of the ocean and its sealife.

Another great range of stories from the world's oceans this week – the youngest would-be sailor Laura Dekker is whiling away some time in the Galapagos in the middle of her second ocean crossing, while the oldest female circumnavigator, Jeanne Socrates, the 68-year-old who just wouldn't give in, has just crossed her outbound path on her way into Cape Town. That won't mean she stops sailing, as she's not home yet.

In practical news there's a new app for iPhones and iPads – a navigation application that is worth a try, and a Ronstan core block has won a very very prestigious 'Red Dot' award. Nice to see a mere sailing product up there with the best in the world!

There's news of rallies near and far, sailing tales, heroic and unheroic incidents and, as usual, updates on our ocean environment.

The book of the week is – well, it's mine. It's published by Allen & Unwin and is a tale of two racing sailors who meant only to go cruising but returned home transformed people – the ocean can do that to you...

Sweet sailing.

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Jeanne Socrates becomes world's oldest female solo circumnavigator
Nancy Knudsen,
She's done it! British solo sailor Jeanne Socrates, 68 years and the female answer to the world's oldest male circumnavigator, Japan's Minoru Saito, has crossed her outbound path in the waters to the south west of Cape Town, to make her the oldest solo circumnavigator.... [more]
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World's largest solar boat-a rocky ride but almost across the Pacific
Sail-World Cruising,
├╗ranor PlanetSolar, the largest solar powered boat in the world is on its way to set a round-the-world record that will promote the use of sustainable energy. PlanetSolar started on a journey around the world last September, departing from Monaco, and are now in the South Pacific. Here skipper Patrick Marchesseau tells the story of their recent journeying, including a near disastrous incident... [more]
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Sailing instructor suspended after sail training venture goes wrong
Sail-World Cruising,
A red-faced sailing instructor said he 'totally understood' being suspended after leading four very experienced laser dinghy sailors close to some of the most treacherous waters off the southern coastline of England, the Portland Tidal Race, which can run at eight knots during spring tides.... [more]
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ARC Europe 2011 international fleet starts Atlantic adventure
World Cruising Club,
Seventy-seven sailors on 19 yachts flying the flags of 12 countries are sailing to Bermuda, then cruising the Azores archipelago before heading for Lagos in Portugal in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), an annual rally for cruising yachts that has been crossing the Atlantic since 1986... [more]
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Book of the Week: 'Shooting Stars and Flying Fish'
Des Ryan,
When Nancy Knudsen and her architect husband Ted Nobbs decide to escape their high-pressure corporate lives and follow a dream of sailing around the world together, little do they guess where their journey will lead them and the strange events which are to turn their lives upside-down.... [more]
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RYA develops fact sheets on increasing club activities
Emma Slater,
The RYA has developed a series of information sheets for boating organisations and clubs to help them develop and increase levels of adult participation in boating activities from sailing and motorboating to windsurfing.... [more]
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Sailing product Core Block wins Red Dot award
Ken Quant/Sail-World Cruising,
The Red Dot design award is a large and coveted international product design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany, and a sailing product has won one of their design awards this year.... [more]
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Hong Kong marina berths - full to bursting, and SO expensive
CNBC/Sail-World Cruising,
If you think your marina berth is too expensive, spare a thought for yacht owners in Hong Kong. Berths are now so few and so expensive that yacht brokers are complaining that they are actually losing out on sales. Why is this happening? Read on...... [more]
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Bandanyah's feisty crossing of the Great Australian Bight
Jack Binder,
Jack and Jude Binder are circumnavigating Australia on their yacht Banyandah, and they have just completed a crossing from Albany across the Great Australian Bight to Portland in Victoria: Oow, my head still hurts like it's going to shatter. Aye, from too much celebrating.... [more]
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South Pacific Rallies: remote cruising in company
Lee Mylchreest,
They just love rallying in the South Pacific, so visiting yachts need to make time during their travels to enjoy cruising in company and visiting rare places. Time is fast approaching for the fifth Annual Brisbane to Vanuatu Yacht Rally, there's the Louisiades Rally in September and the annual Port2Port (Port Vila to Port Bundaberg) is promoting well in advance of their October departure:... [more]
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Fitzroy Yachts NZ triumphs at the World Superyacht Awards
Media Services,
Fitzroy Yachts have enjoyed a very successful night at the sixth annual World Superyacht Awards, taking out two Neptune Awards for the superlative sailing superyacht, Zefira.... [more]
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New navigation application for iPhones and iPads - Transas iSailor
Lidia Selivanova,
Transas iSailor is a brand-new, free navigation application for iPhones and iPads. Intended for use on small craft and yachts, iSailor has been specifically designed for those who want good electronic assistance in their sea adventures.... [more]
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Camouflage gets Steve Irwin through pirate alley
Sea Shepherd/Sail-World Cruising,
It wouldn't work for a sailing boat, but conservationist ship Steve Irwin successfully used camouflage and a large '77' emblazoned on its hull to deter pirates while transiting the Gulf of Aden. What the pirates thought is anyone's guess, but no doubt confused by the piracy symbol of the skull and crossbones. Here is the account of the incident by the owner, the Sea Shepherd organisation:... [more]
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Overboard and unconscious, but sailor's quick thinking saves a life
Northwich Guardian/Sail-World Cruising,
You do the training, but you hope you'll never have to use it. The twin incidents which are in most cases likely to cause the death of a sailor - a knock by the boom which renders you unconscious and at the same time sends you overboard, were experienced in real life this week, but another sailor's quick thinking and life-saving training saved the life of the victim.... [more]
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Europe to PAY fishermen to collect plastic from the ocean
Sail-World Cruising,
While independent lobby groups lead the way, there are some sporadic moves by governments around the world to save our oceans and ocean life (and our food chain) from plastic. In India new rules include 'no free plastic bag' legislation, in the UAE they vow to be 100% plastic-free by 2013 and now in the EU the authorities are to pay fishermen to retrieve plastic bags from the ocean.... [more]
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Sea Shepherd welcomes Laura Dekker in Galapagos
Sea Shepherd/Sail-World Cruising,
Laura Dekker, 15-year-old cruising sailor on her way across her second ocean, has connected with the Sea Shepherd Organisation, a breakaway group from Greenpeace, during her stopover in the Galapagos... [more]
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Why Right Whales linger in the Gulf of Maine
As they might with most endangered animals, scientists consider the whereabouts and activities of right whales extremely important. 'It is helpful to know where they go, why they go there and what they do when they're there,' says Mark F. Baumgartner of the biology department at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).... [more]
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Delta Lloyd North Sea Regatta adds Cruising Class for 2011
Diana Bogaards,
As of 2011, recreational sailors can participate in the offshores of the Delta Lloyd North Sea Regatta. The annual Delta Lloyd North Sea Regatta always commences with the Vuurschepenrace along the Scheveningen coast.... [more]
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