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 09 May 2011

ISAF mid year conference and AC45's

Stars at 42 TROFEO S.A.R. PRINCESA SOFÍA - MAPFRE . 300 w  Nico Martinez
Welcome to's Australian newsletter for 9th May 2011

Breaking News Save Our Seas Round Australia World record attempt is on HOLD, due to an unforeseen logistical issue. As this week unfolds and we get statements from the players, we will get you the devastating detail.

Today's editorial comes from the pen of our Editor at Large, Richard Gladwell from New Zealand

The International Sailing Federation's Mid-Year meeting took centre stage on Friday and Saturday as the Events for the 2016 Olympiad were determined.

As is usual when such decisions are made, any notions that the best interests of the sport being paramount, are quickly put aside, and the usual power struggle emerges between the Star keelboat and the 470 dinghy as they struggle to remain in the Olympic Sailing Regatta.

Sadly the common tactic, when the going gets tough, is to pick the weakest class and try to throw them out of the equation.

This happened once again on Friday, when the 49er became the target, to the incredulity of many of those at the meeting in St Petersburg, Russia. Even more amazingly, the body firing the bullets at the most spectacular boat in the Olympics, was the ISAF's Executive Committee.

We have several reports in this edition on how the debate and amazing battle unfolded, and what the Events will be for the 2016 Olympics to be staged in Rio de Janeiro.

As discussed in the wrap-up story on the final day of the Council Meeting, we believe the actions of the Executive Committee, and others, will have a far more reaching effect in the ISAF's affairs than just this meeting.

05/05/2011 - Auckland (NZL) - 34th America's Cup - AC45 Test Event - Day 9  Gilles Martin-Raget/

For some time we have been railing against PR sanitising of sailing events. There is no more graphic example of this practice than the official ISAF report on the Mid-Year meeting and the other reports of the same event. Reading the ISAF report one could be excused for believing they were at another venue. To be fair, many other event spin doctors are equally as guilty.

Australia's Paul Pascoe provided some insight into the behind the scenes happening from the multihull perspective and there will be more in the weeks ahead.

Sailing needs colour - as other sports do - and they make as many headlines during the week as they do in the weekend. Life's not all good news and happy clapping. Reporting what really happened, it's essential to build a fan base. The lows are just as important as the highs. That's what sport is about. Celebrate and report it.

The America's Cup Media Trials have concluded in Auckland and the AC45's are being packed off to Europe.

29/04/2011 - Auckland (NZL) - 34th America's Cup - AC45 Test Event - Day 5  Gilles Martin-Raget/

In this edition of Sail-World, we have a couple of reports on the final two days. Unfortunately the racing had concluded, due to boat breakdowns, on Friday, when Sail-World New Zealand arrived at North Head, on the appointed time, to see some TV footage.

There will be come footage screened when the television deals are formally announced - however no doubt these will be carefully edited to show the coverage in the best light. It will not be until the first America's Cup World series event in Cascais, Portugal that the success or otherwise of the new media innovations in the America's Cup will be known.

Alinghi team during the 2nd day of Vulcain Trophy, Grand Prix Les Ambassadeurs D35 - Vulcain Trophy, Grand Prix Les Ambassadeurs D35   Chris Schmid / Eyemage Media Schmid - Copyright

Many thanks to those who have contributed to this edition, particularly those using our online submission and image loading facility which can be accessed by clicking here

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell & the Sail-World Team

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ISAF saved from chaos by just one vote,
Extracts from Andy Rice's latest Sailjuice expose. ' It all came down to one vote. In a tense face-off around the ISAF Council table, the 37 members voted 19:18 in favour of keeping skiffs on the Olympic sailing roster, at the expense of the keelboats.'... [more]
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Other Aussies doing it in France
Scott Cavanough,
Scott Cavanough is pursuing his dream of competing in the Mini Transat, a race across the Atlantic in a 6.5 metre yacht. He has financed the project himself. He arrived in France just over a month ago and this is how he has handled the first month and his first solo race.... [more]
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Brindabella on HOLD,
A statement just issued - ' Save Our Seas Ocean Racing today is in the unfortunate position to have to announce the postponement of the Around Australia Sailing World Record attempt. Scheduled to commence on Wednesday 11th May, the attempt has been put on hold due to unforseen logistical issues.... [more]
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Finn UK National Championships win to Rob McMillan
Robert Deaves,
The Finn UK National Championships at Christchurch Sailing Club ended in fine style with two fantastic races in near perfect conditions in Christchurch Bay.... [more]
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ISAF confirms Events for 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition
ISAF Media,
The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has confirmed the ten events for the 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition at 2011 ISAF Mid-Year Meeting in St Petersburg, Russia. ISAF President Göran Petersson led the ISAF Council in more than three hours of debate and discussion before the ten events were decided.... [more]
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America's Cup: Over and Out from Auckland
America's Cup Media and Gilles Martin-Raget,
With the conclusion of the America's Cup test sessions in Auckland, most teams are in pack-up mode, heading for Europe. The weekend in Auckland has been devoted to dis-assembling the AC45s and their wings, and fitting them into shipping containers for the move from Auckland. Plus Artemis Racing give their thoughts on video on the AC 45 and the lessons learned in Auckland... [more]
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Audi Winter Series 2011 - Mothers' Day on the water
Di Pearson,
A beautiful autumn day signalled the opening race of the CYCA´s Audi Winter Series, and what it lacked in breeze was more than made up for in warm sunshine.... [more]
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2016 Olympics: ISAF Half Yearly meeting - a Multihull perspective
Paul Pascoe, Chairman ISAF Multihull Commission,
The International Sailing Federation is a funny beast, and no more so than when the boats are selected every four years to represent sailing at the Olympic Games. When it comes to making these decisions, you have no friends, strange bedfellows frequently arise and knives in the back are not unknown.... [more]
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Sailrocket 2 - She sails!
Paul Larsen,
Vestas Sailrocket 2 headed across to 'speed-spot' with her wing sail in place. We got across to speed-spot and headed for the shore next to the two timing huts. Everything has to be evaluated. Do we pull her up on the shore or just stick the forward rudder in the sand and let the rest pivot around it?... [more]
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ISAF agree to mixed sailing as an Olympic sport discipline
Roland and Nahid Gaebler,
The victory at the Tornado World Sailing Championship in a mixed team is just 9 months ago and now our sport is an Olympic discipline.... [more]
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In memory of Drummoyne Sailing Club former president Frank Bonnitcha
Bill Fletcher, Club President,
Life Member, Honorary Club Historian, former Club President, Director, Race Secretary, Hartley TS16, 16ft, 12ft and 8ft skiff sailor, Frank Bonnitcha passed away peacefully on Saturday 23rd April 2011.... [more]
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2016 Olympics: ISAF Council rebuff Executive on Olympic class choice
Richard Gladwell,
The International Sailing Federation Council has started the Final Day of its Mid-Year Meeting in St Petersburg, Russia. While temperatures outside the venue, the salubriously named Winter Garden and Ballroom of the Hotel Astoria, was a modest 13 degrees, inside the temperatures and stress levels were a lot higher.... [more]
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Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron - 2012 will be a giant year
Suellen Hurling,
Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron will live up to their Regatta City name with 2012 set to be the biggest year of racing in their 127 year history... [more]
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ISAF Exec set to raspberry Events, Olympic Commission and IOC
Andy Rice - Sailjuice,
Extracts from Andy Rice's latest Sailjuice column titled '11th hour intervention from ISAF Exec smells fishy' 'ISAF Executive Committee recommendations are out. Supporting Star, mixed Multi, 2x470 but No Skiff!! Holy shit!' This tweet betrays what many in St Petersburg are thinking, yet few dare say in public at ISAF Conference. The lunatics are in danger of taking over the asylum again.... [more]
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2016 Olympics: Sailors of the World - Hang your heads and weep!
Richard Gladwell,
The latest news out of the 2011 Mid-Year Meeting of the International Sailing Federation in St Petersburg, Russia is that the Executive Committee has met and decided not to support the recommendation of the Events Committee made yesterday.... [more]
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Velux 5 Oceans grand finale
Velux 5 Oceans,
In just over one week the stage will be set for the grand finale of the Velux 5 Oceans as the fleet heads back across the North Atlantic to La Rochelle, the place where their epic adventure began more than eight months ago.... [more]
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Boards in the Olympic Sailing regatta - mixed, team, and, or, and-or ?
Markus Schwendtner,
A mixed - or 'team' medal - in the boards category means two competitors from one country fighting for one medal. This can either be two kiteboarders (man and woman) for one medal, or one kiteboarder and one windsurfer of the same gender, again fighting for one medal. Examples of other Olympic sports are team ski jumping, team dressage and the recently introduced team luge, amongst others.... [more]
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IRC52 Highland Fling XII in construction at McConaghy Boats
Reichel Pugh Yacht Design,
Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design is pleased to announce that construction is underway for their latest generation of 52' IRC optimized racing yacht at the McConaghy Boats facilities in Zhuhai, China... [more]
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Inaugural Hungarian 18ft Skiff Grand Prix
Frank Quealey,
The inaugural Hungarian 18ft Skiff Grand Prix will be sailed at Lake Balaton, Hungary from 12-15 May, and is the first European Grand Prix of 2011.... [more]
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Around Australia World Sailing Record start date announced
Mainsheet Media,
Save Our Seas Ocean Racing will be setting off on Wednesday 11th May 2011 from Sydney on board the iconic Australian maxi-yacht Brindabella to break the World Sailing Speed Record for the fastest monohull Around Australia.... [more]
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America's Cup: Challengers reduce to 14 teams + Video
Richard Gladwell,
34th America's Cup Regatta Director Iain Murray told Sail-World this morning that one of the teams that had lodged a Notice of Challenge with the Defender, Golden Gate Yacht Club had been declined. When the entries were announced at the closing date at the end of March 2011, there were ten named teams, five teams who had asked their details be kept confidential, and two of those were listed as... [more]
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PWA Surf World Cup - Its a wrap
European freestyle enjoys a spell in the limelight after Belgium's Steven Van Broeckhoven secures his first ever PWA Surf World Cup victory on the waters of Lake Neusiedler.... [more]
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ISAF finishes voting on mixed multihulls in the Summer Olympics
Roland and Nahid Gaebler,
The ISAF Events Committee just finished the voting procedure at the midyear conference in St. Petersburg and there was no discussion for the comeback of the Multihull.... [more]
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World Match Racing Tour hopefuls seek early advantage
The contenders for this season's World Match Racing Tour title will take to the water for the opening event of the 2011 season in Marseille on 10 May as the verbal jousting and pre-season posturing is put to one side and the on-water action takes centre stage.... [more]
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