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Olympic Questions—Sailing News from the U.S. and Beyond

Iain Murray crosses the finish line in the 2008 Olympics in the Star class  Richard Gladwell

Just when you thought that Olympic sailing classes were somewhat decided for the near future, big changes are afoot. Sail-World.com New Zealand's Richard Gladwell presents two must-read pieces in this issue on the state of Olympic classes in the light of a recent ISAF Event's Committee meeting.

Gladwell reports, the Event's Committee has drawn up a list of ten events that should be raced in the 2016 Olympic Games, with some significant changes to the line-up. While this schedule of events still needs to be accepted or amended by the ISAF Council, it's looking as though both keelboat classes are out (the Star and the Elliot 6m [Women's Match Racing]) and a mixed-gender multi-hull is in, as well as Kiteboarding, as a demonstration sport. Strangely, the Finn has survived the chop, even though its overlap with the Laser is far, far greater than, say, that of a 470 and a keelboat. Already, the wisdom of this schedule of events is being hotly debated on all sides. We will keep you posted as decisions happen from the ISAF Council who may of course, turn the whole process upside down!!

Melges 32 downwind fleet action - Key West Race Week 2011 - Day 5  ©2011 JOY

On a more harmonious note, Key West Race Week announced a new title sponsor for the 2012 event, Quantum Sail Design Group, ending speculation that this mid-winter classic would die due to lack of funding. 'We recognize that Key West Race Week is the flagship regatta in this country and has been for well over two decades,' said Ed Reynolds, President of Quantum. 'We would like to see it continue and are committed to supporting the regatta during this transition period.'

20110505 Ainhoa Sanchez/VELUX 5 OCEANS
Free for editorial use image, please credit: Ainhoa Sanchez/w-w-i.com

VELUX 5 OCEANS skipper Zbigniew 'Gutek' Gutkowski
'arrives in 4th place into Charleston SC, USA, onboard his yacht Operon Racing.
Tenacious Polish solo sailor Zbigniew â¤~Gutekâ¤(TM) Gutkowski brought to an end a gruelling 38-day sprint from Punta del Este in Uruguay to Charleston, USA, today as he crossed the finish line of the fourth leg of the VELUX 5 OCEANS.
As the South Carolin  Ainhoa Sanchez/Velux 5 Oceans

Meanwhile, in Charleston, South Carolina, Polish solo skipper Zbigniew ‘Gutek' Gutkowski has crossed the finishing line of the penultimate leg of the Velux 5 Oceans Race after a painfully slow 38-day passage from Punta del Este, Uruguay, a distance of roughly 5,700-nautical miles. Gutek dealt with a series of anguishing frustrations on this leg, ranging from broken ribs to broken boat bits, necessitating two shore stops. As a result, he reached Charleston nearly two weeks astern of Chris Stanmore-Major, his nearest rival on this leg. 'I am very glad to finally be in Charleston,' said Gutek. 'Sprint four was a very long leg full of problems.' As for his priorities given his shrinking time window before the start of the final leg, on May 14, Gutek showed that his fighting spirit is far from exhausted. 'Fixing the bowsprit is the number one job now because there will be a lot of downwind sailing in sprint five. I have a long list of things to do here but I will fight to the last drop of blood in the final sprint.'

And finally, if windsurfing is your thing, be sure to check out all of our coverage of the Professional Windsurfer's Association's Surf World Cup 2011, which just wrapped up on Austria's famed Lake Neusiedler.

May the four winds blow you safely home,

David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor

2016 Olympics: Both Keelboats chopped by ISAF Events Committee
Richard Gladwell,
Sail-World understands that the meeting of the International Sailing Federation's Events Committee has just voted on its schedule of ten Events for the 2016 Olympic Sailing Regatta. The report from the Committee will now go to the ISAF Council to be 'received' which then triggers a discussion and debate as to whether the Council endorse the Recommendation or amend it.... [more]
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Retain the Olympic Women's Keelboat Event for Brazil 2016
Elliott 6m Sailing,
In November 2008 when ISAF Council selected the Elliott 6m as the supplied keelboat for the Women's keelboat event at the 2012 Olympics, they catapulted women's sailing into the 21st century. The Elliott 6m is modern, fast and exciting to sail at the 204kg crew weight. The new boat was welcomed by sailors throughout the world. From a variety of different sailing disciplines, the athletes embraced... [more]
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Kite surfers awarded Hanson Rescue Medals
Jake Fish,
US Sailing will award three Hanson Rescue Medals to kite surfers Jeff Spiller, Paolo Frediani and Jeff Harrison for a rescue made off the coast of San Francisco's Ocean Beach on April 9, 2011.... [more]
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Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week June 24-26
Rich Roberts,
Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week June 24-26 offers free moorings, free nightly parties with free hors d'ouevres wrapped around three days of prime time sailing with ten fleet championships and other special awards at stake.... [more]
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America's Cup: Challengers reduce to 14 teams, bond date date missed
Richard Gladwell,
34th America's Cup Regatta Director Iain Murray told Sail-World this morning that one of the teams that had lodged a Notice of Challenge with the Defender, Golden Gate Yacht Club had been declined. When the entries were announced at the closing date at the end of March 2011, there were ten named teams, five teams who had asked their details be kept confidential, and two of those were listed as... [more]
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Gladwell's Line: For whom the Olympic Bell Tolls? Part 2
Richard Gladwell,
In this second part of his commentary piece, Sail-World's NZ Editor, Richard Gladwell, looks at what he thinks the International Sailing Federation should be selecting as the Events for the 2016 Sailing Olympics... [more]
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PWA Surf World Cup - Its a wrap
European freestyle enjoys a spell in the limelight after Belgium's Steven Van Broeckhoven secures his first ever PWA Surf World Cup victory on the waters of Lake Neusiedler.... [more]
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Nespresso Cup - The stage is set in Portofino
Nespresso Cup,
The Wally contenders for the Nespresso Cup 2011 have arrived in the exquisite Italian harbour of Portofino as preparations get underway to contest for ‘The Ultimate Cup'.... [more]
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World Match Racing Tour hopefuls seek early advantage
The contenders for this season's World Match Racing Tour title will take to the water for the opening event of the 2011 season in Marseille on 10 May as the verbal jousting and pre-season posturing is put to one side and the on-water action takes centre stage.... [more]
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Velux 5 Oceans skipper Gutek finishes sprint four
Velux 5 Oceans,
He's done it! Tenacious Polish solo sailor Zbigniew ‘Gutek' Gutkowski brought to an end a gruelling 38-day sprint from Punta del Este in Uruguay to Charleston, USA, today as he crossed the finish line of the fourth leg of the Velux 5 Oceans.... [more]
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Artemis Racing adds new multihull to its fleet
Artemis Racing,
34th America's Cup Swedish Challenger Artemis Racing has a new addition to the team's fleet of multihulls, a Decision 35.... [more]
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Opti Worlds 2012 Update: IODA President visits Napier
Jodie Bakewell-White,
Peter Barclay, of Peru, the President of the International Optimist Association (IODA) recently enjoyed a four day visit to New Zealand in advance of the 2012 Optimist World Championships being staged in Napier over the New Year period.... [more]
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Response to Bruce Kendall on Kiteboarding and the Olympics
Markus Schwendtner,
Markus Schwendtner of the International Kiteboarding Association rsponds to double Olympic Windsurfing medalist and windsurfing world champion, Bruce Kendall's comments yesterady in Sail-World. He writes: Bruce Kendall reflected on Kiteboarding being too dangerous for inclusion in the Olympic Sailing Regatta.... [more]
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Key West Race Week 2012 new title sponsor
Jeanne Kleene,
North America's premiere annual big-boat regatta, Key West Race Week, has much to celebrate.... [more]
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Melges now building sporty international vessels
Melges Performance Sailboats,
Melges Performance Sailboats is pleased to announce that its already highly successful product line of scows and sportboats will expand to include the fast and seriously fun International 29er and 29erXX, as well as the 49er one-design skiffs.... [more]
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Transpacific Yacht Race: Alaska Eagle has openings for Honolulu
Kimball Livingston,
Alaska Eagle, will be back in California in time to accompany the Transpacific Yacht Race 2011 as communications vessel.... [more]
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Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year Awards new host
Media Pro Int'l,
The 32nd presentation of the Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year Awards will take place at St. Francis Yacht Club.... [more]
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PWA Surf World Cup final day - First world cup victory
The freestyle discipline witnesses a changing of the guard on the final day in Podersdorf for the PWA Surf World Cup.... [more]
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Swan Caribbean Challenge 2011
Kate Holmes,
The crew of Club Swan 42 Arethusa came away from the Antigua Sailing Week 2011 as the champions of the Swan Caribbean Challenge.... [more]
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ISAF Training Scholarship
The eight week ISAF Training Scholarship will provide candidates with all the training and experience required to help develop and sustain a successful sail training programme.... [more]
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ISAF World Sailing Rankings for May 2011 released
The ISAF World Sailing Rankings for 4 May 2011 have been released. Great Britain retains its lead as the top nation in the rankings.... [more]
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Zhik SB3 World Championship - A major assault set to launch
Ian Grant,
Jones and MacAllansmith to team up with Bourke to launch assault on the Zhik SB3 World Championship in England.... [more]
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PWA Surf World Cup - Battle royale at first single elimination
Competition's penultimate day in Austria at the PWA Surf World Cup stood poised at the mercy of a rogue forecast.... [more]
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Interview with Tornado World Champion Nahid Gaebler
Andrew Dowley,
Tornado Class Secretary Andrew Dowley interviews the first female Tornado World Champion Nahid Gaebler. Marked as the greatest sporting experience of her life he gets her views on Tornado sailing and the upcoming Olympic Multihull decision.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: CAMPER's tour of New Zealand continues
Emirates Team NZ media,
The Emirates Team NZ campaigned Volvo 70 CAMPER, is continuing her tour of New Zealand, and is currently en route from Wellington to Dunedin: CAMPER is on its way from Wellington to Dunedin and the crew is enjoying a good north-easterly breeze. Progress down the coast has been fast. The yacht is ahead of schedule, although the breeze is expected to soften and progress will slow.... [more]
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Images of the Waitemata: America's Cup Media Trials - Fleet Racing
Gilles Martin-Raget,
Racing resumed yesterday in the America's Cup Media Trials staged on the outer Waitemata Harbour. Fresh winds and rain were the order of the day, and Oracle Racing's Gilles Martin-Raget took these great images of the action:... [more]
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World Match Racing Tour skipper Peter Gilmour aims for fourth title
World Match Racing Tour,
Australian match racing legend Peter Gilmour has issued an ominous warning shot to his younger rivals insisting he still has what it takes to win the World Match Racing Tour.... [more]
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America's Cup: Oracle Racing News - Edition 8 + John Bertrand video
Oracle Racing Media,
Oracle Racing's newsletter for 02 May 2011 covering the latest entries and America's Cup World Series and more.... [more]
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ISAF Sailing World Cup standings shuffle
The ISAF Sailing World Cup Standings has seen some significant movement in many of the Olympic Sailing events and Paralympic Classes after the Semaine Olympique Française in Hyères, France.... [more]
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Images of Puma Racing: First sail
George Bekris,
Top US photographer, George Bekris presents these images of the US Volvo Ocean race entry, Puma Racing on her first sail, yesterday.... [more]
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Sydney Yachts GTS43 build update and images May 2011
Sydney Yachts,
Built to satisfy the demands of today's discerning sailors, the Sydney Yachts GTS43 presents a marriage between impressive design and construction techniques to deliver a yacht that is light yet strong, easy to sail yet seriously fast, competitive, stylish yet functional, and above all else, seaworthy... [more]
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Olympic double medalist on Kite Boarding in the Olympics
Bruce Kendall,
Olympic Gold and Bronze medalist, and multiple World Windsurfing Champion, Bruce Kendall writes on the topic of whether Kiteboarding is too dangerous for inclusion in the Olympic Events Regatta. I have been surprised and shocked by many 'experts' regarding kite-boarding being in the Olympics. In a recent article, the 'ex – pope' of yachting encouraging the decision makers to 'have courage and have... [more]
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America's Cup: Media Trials get underway but miss nearby tornado
America's Cup Media and Sail-World,
Testing continued in Auckland for the second week of the America's Cup Regatta Management and Media Trials under cloudy skies, torrential rain and moderate, if gusty winds - including a nearby tornado. The Race Committee ran fleet races today and for the first time, China Team was a full participant.... [more]
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Puma's Volvo 70 Mar Mostro - images by George Bekris
George Bekris images,
Puma's Volvo 70 'Mar Mostro' is now a reality as these images from photographer George Bekris show.... [more]
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Gladwell's Line: For whom does the Olympic Bell toll? - Part 1
Richard Gladwell,
Co-incidental with the conduct of trials designed to give sailing's most prestigious and oldest trophy, the America's Cup, its most dramatic makeover in 160 years, the International Sailing Federation will this week meet to decide whether it too, has the courage to make fundamental changes to its pinnacle event, the Olympic Sailing Regatta and its lead-up events... [more]
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J/80 Newport Circuit returns again
Stuart Johnstone,
Following up on the wildly successful 2010 Worlds, J/80's will be back in Newport this summer for 3 great events over a two week period in June and July 2011- Bacardi Newport Sailing Week June 23-26; J/80 Speed Clinic July 8th; SailNewport Regatta- July 9-10.... [more]
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World Speed Record contender Sailrocket 2's speed transitions
Paul Larsen,
Latest from Paul Larsen on the progress of Vestas Sailrocket 2 and the team in their attempt to beat the outright world sailing speed record. 'Yesterday evening we had our third session of tow testing of the bare platform. The new second 'step' on the rear underside of the hull quickly ventilated from behind at speeds as low as three-four knots.' Paul Larsen.... [more]
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