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 14 Apr 2011

What do 15-year-old Laura and 85-year-old Anthony have in common?

AnTiki - they've made it across the Atlantic!  .
Why they've both just crossed the Atlantic!

Again a veritable smorgasbord of news from the world's oceans this week. The most moving and cheery story of the week for me was the 85-year-old sailor who constructed a raft (the Antiki) with two friends and sailed it across the Atlantic.

What were they proving? Apart from the fact that life over 80 doesn't need to be sedentary, you'll have to read the story.

Of vital interest to all of us is the effects of Japan's nuclear incident and its effect on the oceans we sail, particularly now that it's been declared as serious as Chernobyl. Look for the scientific article by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for some balanced information.

15-year-old Laura Dekker, just about to transit the Panama Canal, is still drawing high interest, and we've taken the unusual step of printing a cross section of the storm of readers' comments on her recent irritation with the media.

Unless you're in New Zealand you will want to diary the 11th Summer Sailstice, and there's another article about the development of sailing in newer countries – this week it's China who's encouraging sailing, and read what wonderful cruising grounds they have on offer!

Another tropical cruising tale from Meghan Cleary – this time read why her fiance is 'driving her nuts'; there's a great, free downloadable book (Thoughts, Tips, Techniques and Tactics) for the solo sailor by someone who should know, and the Product of the Week is a gadget that gives you an Intranet on the boat so that navigational information can be shared by crew, even on your iPhone on the bow!

Lots more too, so do some finger browsing to see what interests you

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

85-year-old sails raft across the Atlantic
Newsfeed/Sail-World Cruising,
They have to be hailed as the Heroes of the Week, if not the Year. 85-year-old Londoner Anthony Smith and three retiree friends sailed their raft made of pipes, dubbed the An-Tiki, from the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa to the Caribbean island of St. Maartens. Sixty-six days and 2,800 miles later, the crew reached St. Maartens on Wednesday.... [more]
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Product of the Week: BOATraNET
Sail-World Cruising,
Have your electronic navigation system at the chart table, but would like it in the cockpit too? Or on the bow at the same time? Now correlation between the electronic chart and what you see in the water may not need the crew communication that it used to, thanks to BOATraNET.... [more]
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'Thoughts, Tips, Techniques and Tactics for Solo Sailors-download free
Nancy Knudsen,
Having the sky, the boat, the universe all to yourself in the middle of an ocean for days or weeks must be the greatest sailing experience of them all... watching the weather systems pass overhead, living with sunrises and sunsets, knowing it's all up to you to survive... 'Thoughts, Tips, Techniques and Tactics for Solo Sailors' by Andrew Evans is a great book to down-load, and it's free.... [more]
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Sailing's future: deterring pirates by laser?
OptoIQ/Sail-World Cruising,
Not many cruising sailors would hazard a journey through the Indian Ocean right now, but the test of a high-energy laser weapon last week off the coast of California could point the way to a future useful deterrent that does not use lethal force or risk the lives of crew.... [more]
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China creaks door open to idyllic cruising for foreign yachts
Des Ryan,
There's every indication that as Asia grows economically, so does the leisure sailing sector. Just at the time that Singapore has been holding its very first boat show, China has announced that their most southerly province, Hainan, will from now on allow foreign boats to remain in the area for 183 days a year, equivalent to the European legislation.... [more]
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Join the 11th Summer Sailstice - June 18, 2011
Ken Quant/Sail-World Cruising,
Sailors around the northern hemisphere are making plans to celebrate the sailing lifestyle by sailing ‘together' on, June 18th, the weekend closest to the summer solstice. Are you?... [more]
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Voyaging with Velella:The Sea of Cortez and - he's driving me nuts!
Meghan Cleary, American Sailing Association,
Continuing the 'Voyaging with Velella' series by ASA writer-at-large Meghan Cleary. Meghan, her fiance Prescott, and their kitten Nessie are on a planned 9-month cruise in the tropics. A V-shaped notch opens at a sharp slant to the Northeast on the very northern edge of Isla Carmen, about midway up the Sea of Cortez. This particular spot is not a place many people get to visit... [more]
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A Day in the Life of the Coastguard: Lone yachtsman search
Fred Caygill, MCA,
At 3pm yesterday (Thursday),the UK's Portland Coastguard received a VHF call from a vessel on passage from Portland to Par who had intercepted a VHF radio call from a yacht. The skipper of the yacht had been calling on his radio but his signal was not being received by the Coastguard possibly due to weak radio signal... [more]
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Sailors win award for saving reluctant rescuees.
US Sailing,
Two boaters have won an award for their part in a rescue, staying in the vicinity even though the were distinctly told to 'go away' by the sailors in trouble. US SAILING has presented a Hanson Rescue Medal to Erik and Brian Jones for rescuing two sailors from San Francisco Bay on August 19, 2009. .... [more]
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Sailing the Morning Star of Revelation - lucky students
Kate Holmes/Sail-World Cruising,
How would you like to crew on this? Sail training programs continue to be popular round the world, teaching young would-be sailors much more than simply sailing skills, in a thoroughly enjoyable and adventurous way. This week students from London and Dorset are combining forces in a 2 week adventure sail training programme on board the 62 foot gaff ketch, Morning Star of Revelation.... [more]
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Brave New (auto-sailboat) World
Morgan Clendaniel, Fast Company,
Recent man-made disasters are just as serious, if not more so, as the recent natural disasters on the planet. Natural or man-made, they all affect the world of the sailor, the ocean. Nations have been paying lip service to trying to curb global warming, but what about thinking ahead about coping with oil spills and radiated seas? That's where the Protei Project and its sailing boats come in.... [more]
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Radiation and the Oceans
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
On March 11, 2011 a magnitude 9.0 earthquake—one of the largest ever recorded, occurred 80 miles off the coast of Japan. The earthquake created a series of tsunamis, the largest estimated to be over 30-feet, that swept ashore along the northeast coast of the main island, Honshu.... [more]
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Laura Dekker and the Press - reader response
Nancy Knudsen,
As regular readers of Sail-World Cruising will know, this is a news magazine, not a forum. However, we received such a response to my question about teen sailor Laura Dekker last week, that we have decided to print a cross-section of the replies, printing both positive and negative responses in the same proportion as the whole.... [more]
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Superyacht Industry experts dispel myths about piracy in Asia
Fulford PR,
To help promote Asia as the next playground for superyachts, the third Asia Superyacht Conference set the tone by dispelling the myth about piracy in the region, while arming superyacht captains and industry players with some useful tips on how to mitigate the risks.... [more]
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Sir Richard Branson sets sights deep
Jeni Bone,
Sir Richard Branson will revive the spirit and ambitions of his friend and fellow adventurer, Steve Fossett with exploration of the deepest points of the world's oceans, in the high-tech submersible 'Deep Flight Challenger'.... [more]
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Antarctic grass thrives in a changing climate
British Antarctic Survey,
One plant species that grows in Antarctica appears to be thriving according to a team of UK scientists. Antarctic Hairgrass (Deschampsia antarctica) is more effective at absorbing organic nitrogen from the soil than the mosses that it lives alongside.... [more]
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