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 22 Mar 2011

Two significant sailing events in Asia this last weekend, and we are talking about 'local' events, not 'visitors' (VOR, WMRT etc). MatchRace Thailand attracted a hotter than ever fleet, and now looks like a 'fixture' on the calendar. That's a good thing. Match racing is pretty much an arcane corner of our sport, and you either love it or hate it. And it has to be a lot easier to love if you can watch the action just a few metres from the bar at the Royal Varuna in sunny Thailand!

In Hong Kong the new Phoenix Cup didn't share the Thai sunshine, but nevertheless a fleet of J/80s went racing in the harbour and were televised live in to China on the Phoenix satellite network. That's a lot of potential viewers. Next up, how about ferry boat parties on Saturdays, following the J/80 fleet around the harbour, with maybe a little flutter on the side? Like the 18-footers in Sydney, but a little slower. Now THAT would be a way to popularise sailing in Asia!

Guy Nowell, Editor

Phoenix Cup 2011 – Jim 'J/Boats' Johnstone wins inaugural event
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
When you have the assembled millions of Phoenix TV's China audience just waiting to switch off the horse racing and the gameshow channel and switch on to small boat racing in Hong Kong harbour on a Saturday afternoon – well, you'd better not disappoint!... [more]
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Runaway victory to Team Singapore in Thailand Open National Match Race
Morten Jakobsen,
The third and final day of the Thailand Open National Match Race Championship brought clorious weather, including plenty of sun and bright skies to the relief of the competitors. The resolution to the outstanding questions from the first two days of the event happened when the teams of Jaray Tipsuk and Team Hong Kong battled it out for the remaining spot of the semi finals bracket.... [more]
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HAWC 11M building in Hong Kong
Guy Nowell,,
And now for something completely different. Well, a little different, at any rate. Boat designers and naval architects are always looking for ways to increase speed and fuel efficiency. There's a fairly simple equation that says the more boat there is in the water, the bigger the engine you need to push it along at a given speed. And big engines drink lots of fuel.... [more]
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Island Optimist Trophy Regatta first for Phuket Youth Sailing Squadron
Kathleen Gooch-Firmin,
The first Interclub Island Trophy Regatta hosted by the the Phuket Youth Sailing Squadron (PYSS) will be held on the 26th and 27th March with organization support and sponsorship from Topper Sail Phuket. Fourteen sailors from Koh Samui have entered and will bringing their own boats giving a fleet of 25 boats with more to come! The event is open to anyone else who has experience... [more]
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Sydney Yachts GTS 43 dual purpose racer cruiser now available
Sydney Yachts,
The GTS 43 from Sydney Yachts, the new generation of racer cruiser has arrived. A performance bred design with a quality functional interior. Whether it be in a Hobart race or a Sunday afternoon at anchor with the family the new GTS 43 from Sydney Yachts impresses in all qualities.... [more]
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Congressional Cup welcomes world's best match racers
Rich Roberts,
Congressional Cup - A lovely morning buffet of lightning, thunder, rain and sunshine is what welcomed some of the world's best sailors to the Long Beach Yacht Club's 47th Congressional Cup on Monday.... [more]
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Velux 5 Oceans stage regatta to support Red Cross Disaster Fund
Velux 5 Oceans,
Velux 5 Oceans saw a great deal of healthy rivalries on the water in Punta del Este as the charity regatta to raise money for the Red Cross Disaster Fund in support of New Zealand and Japan proceeded.... [more]
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Windsurfing for 2016 voting
Rory Ramsden,
Windsurfing has launched its campaign to retain two sets of medals - men and women - in the Olympic sailing events ISAF will select to take part in the 2016 Olympic Sailing Regatta in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race Legends has new Ambassador
Volvo Ocean Race,
Six-time race veteran, Magnus Olsson has accepted an invitation to become an Ambassador to the Volvo Ocean Race Legends Regatta and Reunion, to be held in Alicante 1-5 November this year... [more]
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Barcelona World Race leaders distancing themselves
Barcelona World Race,
Barcelona World Race leader Virbac-Paprec 3 have put another 20 miles between themselves and Mapfre over nine hours last night. Renault Z.E. in third have around 500 miles of southern hemisphere sailing left.... [more]
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Oracle Racing: James Spithill and Murray Jones compare notes on AC33
Oracle Racing,
Two sailors who were rivals in the 33rd America's Cup are now together in the Oracle Racing campaign for the 34th America's Cup. In this video from Oracle Racing, James Spithill, skipper of the Challenger, trimaran USA-17 interviews/compares notes with Murray Jones, one of the crew aboard Alinghi, Defender in the 33rd Match... [more]
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Videos from Oracle Racing: Two boats train in the rain
Oracle Racing Media,
Oracle Racing presents a video of the two AC45's sailing together on the Waitemata Harbour last Friday afternoon, when a serious downpour occurred, as it only can in Auckland out of a blue sky. Winds were not that strong in the Bean Rock area at the entrance to the Waitemata - being recorded at a peak of 21kts at 3.00pm and only 14kts earlier in the afternoon.... [more]
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More video selections,
More great sailing video footage is turning up online. For your enjoyment, the Sail-World team world-wide is bringing you a mixture of interesting recent clips and some historic footage each week.... [more]
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America's Cup: The Freo Files - KZ-7 vs US-61 in a big breeze
Sail-World Archives,
The Fremantle Doctor was the single feature that differentiated the 1987 America's Cup from every regatta that has occurred before or since. The strong on-shore breeze that came in every afternoon, arrived around 1.00pm, just in time for the racing. The normally sedate 12 Metre class came to life in the Fremantle Doctor, and provided a spectacular television spectacle, on schedule... [more]
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America's Cup: Swedish team splashes AC45 in Auckland
Sail-World and Artemis Racing,
The third America's Cup team to launch an AC45, Artemis Racing (SWE), splashed their new boat in Auckland's Viaduct Harbour today, Saturday.Hutchinson and the crew left the dock immediately to begin Artemis Racing's first two-week trial of the wing sailed AC45. Meanwhile back in Valencia, the design team is hard at work under the direction of Principal Designer Juan Kouyoumdjian.... [more]
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Velux 5 Oceans - Counting down to USA ocean sprint
Velux 5 Oceans,
Velux 5 Oceans – For ocean sprint four tactics has been deemed the name of the game. This leg of the race is a 5,700-mile slog north from Punta del Este in Uruguay to Charleston on the east coast of the United States of America. At almost the same time as the fleet leaves Punta del Este on March 27 the skippers will face their first challenge of ocean sprint four – the St Helena High.... [more]
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Dogs join Ocean Environment Action Group
Sailors for the Sea,
Is your dog passionate about the ocean environment? If so, no longer does he have to bark in vain - Sailors for the Sea have a new category of membership - 'The Salty Dog' Membership... [more]
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Just launched, an iPhone App, Great Barrier Reef: Ultimate Guide
Fiona Harper,
This App is your Ultimate Guide to Australia's Great Barrier Reef, with insider information on the best places to see and experience the GBR. Covering all the major attractions, you'll also find secluded, little-visited islands, uncrowded dive sites and intimate beaches for pitching your tent. Includes essentials like: where to stay, how to get there and what to do once you've arrived.... [more]
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America's Cup: Gary Jobson on Unfurling Opportunities - Video
Vince Casalaina,
Gary Jobson came to speak at Unfurling Opportunities a forum hosted by His longtime association with the America's Cup as both a competitor and a commentator gives him a unique perspective on what having the Cup in San Francisco might mean. He's got some great stories and some good points to think about for anyone who wants to be a part of America's Cup 34.... [more]
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America's Cup: Principal Race Officer describes the courses - Video
Vince Casalaina,
John Craig, America's Cup 34 Principal Race Officer, gave the first public presentation in San Francisco about what the course area for the Cup races would look like. He's planning on using every available inch of open water in the main bay and working with all the stakeholders to make sure that works.... [more]
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