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Tumbling Down - Sailing News from the U.S. and Beyond

The double-handed, nonstop Barcelona World Race (BWR) has seen another rig fail, this time aboard Mirabaud, Dominque Wavre and Michèle Paret's Imoca 60 this past Saturday. According to reports, the rig came down as the duo was beating into stiff headwinds and fighting a seaway. 'When it happened we had the seas coming from ahead and we were slamming, the boat making about 10 knots,' reported Wavre. 'We heard a crack. We saw the port side spreader at the third level collapse and then everything went very quickly. We could do nothing as the top [20 feet] of the mast fell.

We fought for a good time to secure the remainder of the mast and tried to cut the sails free to set the two parts of the mast free from each other. But the top section of the mast hit the spreaders, smashed them and the whole remaining section became unstable. So we had to cut the shrouds and let it go. The deck is not damaged, the boat is watertight and that's important. Now the priority is to ride out the depression. We don't know how we will get to the Argentine coast, we don't have much diesel and so we might need to rely on our own resources to get there.' Fortunitly, both Wavre and Paret are reported to be uninjured and are using their boom as a jury-rigged mast. Currently, the duo is roughly 650 miles west of Argentina.

Upfront in the BWR, Jean-Pierre Dick and Loïck Peyron (Virbac-Paprec 3) have roughly a 370-mile lead over Iker Martinez and Xabi Fernandez aboard Mapfre. Further astern, the fight is especially vicious between Neutrogena to Estrella Damm — look for this battle to continue to heat up as the week continues.

Groupe Bel has reported keel problems - Barcelona World Race  Barcelona World Race ©

And sadly, Kito de Pavant and Sébastien Audigane (Group Bel) have made the decision to retire from the BWR after discovering that the damage to their keel and hull is more extensive than they had previously imagined. 'Our round-the-world ends at the far end of the world,' said De Pavant, 'an unfortunate end after two months of racing, three oceans crossed and the rounding of three capes. This difficult decision was made with the support of Bel Group, which puts the safety of its men first.' The team plans to send their Imoca 60 back to France for repairs with the intention of racing her again this summer; they are currently the third boat to drop out of this edition of the BWR.

Bottom mark action - Winning Appliances JJ Giltinan Championship   Frank Quealey © /Australian 18 Footers League

Speed freaks will want to check out our video coverage and extensive image galleries from the final day of racing at the 18-Foot Skiff World Championships, which just concluded in Sydney, Australia over the weekend. Seve Jarvin, Sam Newton and Scott Babbage of the Gotta Love It 7 crew won the crown, with Americans Howie Hamlin, Fritz Lanzinger and Paul Allen (CST Composites) finishing in fifth place. More inside.

And finally, here in the Pacific Northwest, our local fleet 'enjoyed' a wet and fairly cold Possession Point race. This 26-mile there-and-back-again sprint was striking in that it was the only winter race (this year) that your editor had the pleasure of being sodden and cold for the entire race. Yet aboard John McPhail's well-sailed J/160, Jam, the cabin was warmed with copious helpings of Steve's piping-hot coffee and steaming tea, Julia's amazing, homemade banana-walnut-chocolate-chip bread and enough good cheer to make the uninitiated think that this was a crew happily sailing the Caribbean. At least they would be right about the happy crew part...but I do believe that the Caribbean has Puget Sound beat for sailing conditions in the month of March...

May the four winds blow you safely home.

David Schmidt, US Editor Sail-World.com

America's Cup: AC45's start massing in the Viaduct Harbour
Oracle Racing Media and Sail-World,
Oracle Racing sailors took to the water today in their team-branded AC45. With skipper James Spithill on the helm and joined by teammembers Ross Halcrow (trimmer), John Kostecki (tactician), Murray Jones (traveler), Piet van Nieuwenhuyzen (bow) and others, the crew went zipping around the Hauraki Gulf for approximately 90 minutes in an orientation sail.... [more]
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Second ISAF submission announced for Kiteboarding Olympic Event
Richard Gladwell,
Yachting New Zealand has announced a second submission made to the International Sailing Federation regarding the 2016 Olympic Events. Following the May2010 Olympic Commission report there has been little initiative shown by the ISAF in the discussion, although both the incumbent discipline, Windsurfing, and Kiteboarding have each been frequent in their statements as to which event should prevail.... [more]
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Barcelona World Race duo refuse to concede victory
Barcelona World Race,
There are mixed feelings for the pair, who will need every mile of the course if they are to overtake Virbac-Paprec 3, but equally will be missing their loved ones sharply after 73 days at sea.... [more]
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Southern Spars update regarding superyacht Salperton IV dismasting
David Glen, Southern Spars,
Southern Spars has been commissioned to design and build a new mast and EC6 rigging package for Salperton IV to replace the previously damaged mast and failed PBO standing rigging. The cause of Salperton's dismasting is yet to be determined but an investigation to be led by the yacht's insurers with both the manufacturer, and its carrier, actively participating in the aforementioned investigat... [more]
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Clarke and Bjorn Sailing Team owns the podium
Lynn Fitzpatrick,
Own the Podium - Richard Clarke and Tyler Bjorn exemplify Canada's Own the Podium program, which was implemented following the 2006 Winter Olympics. They have been on the podium in five back-to-back regattas (Levin Memorial, Fort Lauderdale to Key West Race, Key West Race Week, Miami Olympic Classes Regatta and Pineapple Cup) over the past 40 days.... [more]
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New Alliance to save whales AND sailors
PR Log,
London-based campaigning organisation the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the organisation running the Global Ocean Race 2011-2012 (GOR) announce a unique partnership to seek ways to prevent collisions between whales and yachts. The partnership between a race organisation and an environmental organisation will benefit all cruising sailors, not only those who race... [more]
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Coast Guard Foundation welcomes USCG Barque Eagle
Jihan Hill,
Coast Guard Foundation Welcomes USCG Barque Eagle in Philadelphia. The official kick-off and first stop of the Eagle's 75th anniversary tour, the reception will raise awareness of the Coast Guard Foundation's mission to serve the men and women of the Coast Guard.... [more]
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Barcardi Cup Star images by John Payne
John Payne images,
Photographer John Payne presents this gallery of images from the Star Bacardi Cup sailed at Miami Sailing Week.... [more]
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Barcelona World Race - Mirabaud attempting Jury Rig
Barcelona World Race,
Barcelona World Race - Fortune favors the Barcelona World Race leaders and those who have more recently entered the Atlantic, but the trio of IMOCA Open 60 skippers who are encountering a boisterous active low pressure off the River Plate, on the Uruguay-Argentine border, will be pleased to race on into Monday morning in what should be diminishing winds in an improving wind angle.... [more]
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Block Island Race Week promises an influx of new talent
Barby MacGowan,
Block Island Race Week - Spring fever is sweeping the sailing world and competitive sailors have every reason to sign up early for the Storm Trysail Club's (STC) 24th biennial Block Island Race Week presented by Rolex. The regatta, which is scheduled from Monday through Saturday, June 20-24, promises an influx of new talent.... [more]
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Velux 5 Oceans racers to host live webchats
Velux 5 Oceans,
Velux 5 Oceans Live webchats to take place 22nd and 23rd March and will be hosted on the Eco 60 class website... [more]
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Atlantic Cup fire drill for Joe Harris
Talbot Wilson,
Atlantic Cup - When US solo sailor Joe Harris sold his Open 50 GryphonSolo in July of 2009, he had an empty feeling in the pit his stomach. His dream of racing solo around the world had gone to California as a movie prop and he felt he had unfinished business.... [more]
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18ft Skiffs JJ Giltinan International 2011 final race video
Simon Brown,
It was Gotta Luv It 7's emphatic JJ Giltinan victory in the end. A penalty turn to execute in tight company let Thurlow Fisher Lawyers get away...... [more]
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America's Cup: Oracle Racing are the first team AC45 to sail
Gilles Martin-Raget,
Oracle Racing team became the first America's Cup squad to sail its own AC45 when it went for a short shakedown sail in Auckland on Monday afternoon. For the first time out, the team was on the water for about 90 minutes, checking systems and ensuring everything on the newly branded AC45 was 'shipshape'. More serious testing and training will take place later this week.... [more]
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America's Cup: Oracle Racing - assembly of the team's first AC45
Gilles Martin-Raget,
Oracle Racing's new AC45 has come together over the past few days in a shed in Viaduct Basin in Auckland. Quick assembly of the AC45 was a priority in the design process, it's quite a simple process. Bolt the crossbeams in place, add the center spine, plant the wing, string the tramp and off you go. OK, that's a bit simplistic, but it doesn't take an army to assemble the craft.... [more]
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Neil Pryde withdraws support for Olympic kitesurfing
Bruce Spedding,
'... it is my view that Kitesurfing has not yet developed the rules of competition and disciplines that must be demonstrated to qualify Kitesurfing as an Olympic Event.' With a foot in both camps, and a big investment in Olympic windsurfing, Neil must have been caught a bit off balance by the move to choose either windsurfing or kitesurfing rather than both.... [more]
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Australia's Wangi WonderKid's inspirational example
Peter McIntosh,
World 49er and Moth World Champion Nathan Outteridge's battle back from the brink of permanent disability to experience the pinnacle of sailing achievement with world titles is a gutsy and remarkable journey on many levels.... [more]
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Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup 2011 title to Cal Maritime
Rich Roberts,
Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup 2011 - No pressure, no brooding about last year, no doubts about the skipper's injured foot the California Maritime Academy Keelhaulers from Vallejo were just a successful bunch of Sunday sailors as they won the fourth annual Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup/Cal Maritime Invitational Intercollegiate Regatta.... [more]
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Miami Sailing Week champions decided in five classes
Jan Harley,
Bacardi Cup - For the 472 sailors from 25 countries, conditions on Biscayne Bay were ideal as temperatures in the low 70s and sunny weather combined with shifty breeze to challenge them on the final day of racing at Bacardi Miami Sailing Week presented by EFG Bank where champions were decided in five one-design classes.... [more]
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Navy Spring Women's Intersectional 2011
Ian Burman,
Navy Spring Women's Intersectional - Day one of the 2011 Navy Spring Women's Intersectional went very smoothly for the 18 teams in attendance. Promptly following the 0930 competitors meeting, the fleet headed out in cloudy and slightly chilly conditions for the morning races.... [more]
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18ft Skiffs JJ Giltinan World Championship more images - Final Day
Christophe Favreau images,
The JJ Giltinan International is the World Championship for 18ft Skiffs. Photographer Christophe Favreau presents a second gallery of action images from the Final Day of the event on Sydney Harbour.... [more]
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18ft Skiffs JJ Giltinan Championship Race 7 - Countback title win
Frank Quealey,
For Gotta Love It 7, today's race was 'do or die' .. their Championship hanging in the balance after a controversial morning. They needed to win the race and hope that Thurlow Fisher Lawyers would not finish within the top three.... [more]
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18ft Skiffs JJ Giltinan World Championship images - Final Day
Christophe Favreau images,
The JJ Giltinan International is the World Championship for 18ft Skiffs. Photographer Christophe Favreau presents this gallery of action images from the Final Day of the event on Sydney Harbour.... [more]
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Mirabaud rides out the storm
Barcelona World Race,
Barcelona World Race competitor Mirabaud is under engine as Dominique Wavre and Michèle Paret ride out the worst of a storm which dismasted them. The storm should pass over them in the next few hours.... [more]
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Audi Melges 20 Bacardi Miami Sailing Week first ever female champion
Joy Dunigan,
It was a spectacular heart-pounding day on the water. There was so much at stake. First and foremost, the prestigious title of Bacardi Sailing Week Champion hung in the balance. Ward captured the event title by the skin of her teeth. Second place finisher Michael Kiss on Bacio, took the Miami Winter Series Champion title.... [more]
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Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup victory close for Cal Maritime
Rich Roberts,
For Cal Maritime the memory of last year's collapse against USC remains vivid and painful. Winds were six knots building to 13 from southwest, and Cal Maritime handled it all. At this report the final scoring depended on the outcome of protests---but nobody was protesting Cal Maritime.... [more]
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JJ Giltinan Championships; Crosbie Lorimer's Images from Race 6
Crosbie Lorimer,
As a young and enthusiastic dinghy sailor in the UK during the 1970s, it was the pictures of Sydney Harbour 18 footers in sailing magazines that first got me interested in Australia as a place to visit. From recollection the rather naive but ultimately prescient thought train of a twelve year old went something along the lines of 'any country that sails boats like that has got to be a great pla... [more]
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Barcelona World Race yacht Mirabaud dismasted
Bernard Schopfer,
Barcelona World Race - The Race Committee was informed of Mirabaud's dismasting at 5.46pm this evening. The yacht skippered by Dominque Wavre and Michèle Paret had been sailing in difficult conditions since this morning, with strong headwinds and rough seas. During his daily radio transmission at 2pm, Dominique Wavre stated that the wind was strong and the seas were making life very difficult.... [more]
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Melges 24 Bacardi Miami Sailing Week - Images from day two
Joy Dunigan,
Melges 24 Bacardi Miami Sailing Week - Images of day two from Joy and the US Melges 24 Class Association.... [more]
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Audi Melges 20 Winter Series Miami Winter Regatta images
Joy Dunigan images,
Audi Melges 20 Winter Series at the Miami Winter Regatta images from day 2.... [more]
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Andhøy refutes Berserk criticism: 'She was my little floating tank.'
Nancy Knudsen,
Norwegian sailor Jarle Andhøy, skipper/owner of the Berserk, the yacht missing presumed lost in the Ross Sea since 21 February, strongly refutes most of the claims made recently by other Antarctic seafarers in an interview with Sail-World. Experienced Antarctic sailors Skip Novak and Don McIntyre have been quoted recently criticising many aspects of the Berserk expedition... [more]
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Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup 2011 - Navy hits back
Rich Roberts,
California Maritime Academy has been instrumental in assembling the elite fleet for the Angeles Harbor Cup/Cal Maritime Invitational Intercollegiate Regatta. Will this be their year?... [more]
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Farr 30 North American Championship at St. Francis Yacht Club
Beau Vrolyk,
Farr 30 North American Championship - The prestigious St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, California to host the 2011 Farr 30 North American Championship, August 26 to 28.... [more]
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