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 03 Feb 2011

This week's rush of happenings...

Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz - pirates have finally made their demand for ransom  .
A rush of happenings in the world cruising scene this week:

A ransom demand was always going to happen for the two South African cruising sailors who are in the hands of Somali pirates, and, with the Somali scene growing uglier every week, they have finally made their demand.

Setting off from Brest French solo sailor Thomas Coville is bent on circumnavigating the world in less than 57 days, and it's his second try at this elusive record.

The ugliest superyacht ever dreamed of is out on display, making those terribly ostentatious superyachts owned by Russian oligarchs look positively conservative.

The Cruising Club of America has announced their awards for 2010 – the winners make some interesting reading, and we do a profile on the 'Family Cruisers' winner of the European Yacht of the Year, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409.

There's another new book written by the San Francisco Skipper of Julia about his circumnavigation. Another sailing book you ask? This really is a good read by an inspiring author, a candidly told tale of the first openly gay couple to circumnavigate the world.

You wouldn't want to be sailing anywhere in the region of Australia's east coast this week, with a Category 5 Katrina-sized cyclone called Yasi just passed over the coast. So far no loss of life, but it's early days.

Much more too, so browse through the headlines to see what interests you.

Sweet sailing!

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Nancy Knudsen, Editor

New Book of the Week: The Boy Behind the Gate
Nancy Knudsen,
We first came into contact with Larry and Ken when we were anchored in Mykonos and noticed what good sailors they were arriving into the bay on their yacht Julia - but we didn't meet. Half a world away we ran into them again, in Bonaire, and enjoyed sailing and playing together until the Pacific. I just knew his book would be a good one, because Larry never does anything by halves...... [more]
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$10 million ransom demand for South African cruising sailors
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
According to previously reliable sources, Somali pirates holding two South African cruising have demanded a $10 million ransom from the South African government.... [more]
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Yacht shipment hijacked by pirates, crew killed
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Cruising sailors wanting to pass between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean have always had a fail-safe option, that of having your yacht shipped through the dangerous pirate zone. However, with the hijacking of the German freighter the Beluga Nomination, which was carrying a shipment of yachts, that option now seems less than secure also.... [more]
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The Mother of all Tropical Cyclones!!
Bureau of Meteorology/Marine Business News,
Tropical cyclone advice number 11 top priority issued by the Bureau of Meteorology, Brisbane at 5:01am EST on Wednesday the second of February 2011.... [more]
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New superyacht look for 2011? It's The Streets of Monaco
Lee Mylchreest,
The latest superyacht design does meet a number of challenges – it successfully spends more of the owner's money than ever before - $1.1 billion. If ever built (and I sincerely hope not) it will be the most garish design ever dreamed of (or was it a nightmare?), and make the most ostentatious of modern day superyachts look positively classic, and what an achievement that would be!... [more]
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Club Yachting Life Cruising Rally - for yachts over 24 metres
Sail-World Cruising,
Once again, for the 24th time, Herbert Dahm is to organise a 'Club Yachting Life' sailing event in cooperation with the Marina Ibiza in the clear waters and beautiful landscapes of the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera..... [more]
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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409 -'family cruiser' European Yacht of the Year
Des Ryan,
The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409 has just won the prestigious European Yacht of the Year in the prime category of 'family cruiser', surely an award which will bring it the potential of high sales. Eleven sailing journalists from disparate organisations test sailed the contenders, and the winner was announced at the recent Dusseldorf Boat Show, aka BOOT.... [more]
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Runaway catamaran in shipping lane melodrama
Lee Mylchreest,
A runaway catamaran has led coastguard a pretty chase when it threw its owner overboard and took to the shipping lanes. It had just come from France to the Isle of Wight, and obviously didn't like the thought of British cuisine being served in her saloon.... [more]
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Charlie's Charts Charlie's no more
Tim Rosini, The Log/Sail-World Cruising,
The widow of Charlie Wood has sold 'Charlie's Charts' to some longtime professionals in the yachting industry. Charlie himself died in 1987, but since then his widow Margo, who was co-author of the cruising guide, has maintained the charts - until now.... [more]
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French solo sailor to attempt round the world speed record

More than a month after his target departure date of 20th December, French solo sailor Thomas Coville has set off from the port of Brest in his 105 ft trimaran Sodeb'O in a bid to break the around-the-world solo sailing record. To achieve this, he will have to round the globe in less than 57 days, 13 hours and 34 minutes and 6 seconds..... [more]
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Cruising Club of America 2010 Far Horizons Award
Kirsten Ferguson,
Cruising Club of America (CCA) will award The 2010 Far Horizons Award to William E. Cook for a series of commendable voyages to the far north of the globe including cruises to Greenland and the Baffin Island (Canada). This award is given to a member of the CCA 'for a particularly meritorious cruise or series of cruises that exemplify the objectives of the Club.'... [more]
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Cruising Club of America 2010 Rod Stephens Trophy
Kirsten Ferguson,
Cruising Club of America (CCA) will award The 2010 Rod Stephens Trophy for Outstanding Seamanship to Alessandro Di Benedetto for his seamanship in jury rigging a mast after being dismasted near Cape Horn on his solo, non-stop circumnavigation on the 21-foot (6.5-meter) monohull Findomestic.... [more]
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Blue Water Medal 2010 for Alex Whitworth - Cruising Club of America
Kirsten Ferguson,
The Cruising Club of America (CCA) will award its prestigious 2010 Blue Water Medal to Australian Alex Whitworth for a circumnavigation of the world via the Northwest Passage West to East. The Blue Water Medal is given 'for a most meritorious example of seamanship, the recipient to be selected from among the amateurs of all the nations.' The award will be presented on March 4... [more]
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UK's lifesaving services look back at the rescues in 2010
RNLI/Sail-World Cruising,
The UK's Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is the charity that saves lives at sea, and there's many a sailor, not all of them British, who owe their lives to the brave, skilled and fast work of the organisation's rescuers. They have put together a video of some of the real rescues and action footage that the support in the form of donations made possible in 2010, and here it is:... [more]
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Product of the Week: Clean, safe, dehumidifier
Sail-World Cruising,
Whether you leave your boat unattended in the berth of a marina for lengthy periods of time or not, it's difficult to keep the dampness of the sea air from causing mildew, mould and corrosion, particularly in closed areas. Yet some dehumidifiers have been proved to be dangerous in that they can cause fire (see story). There is a simple solution, called Air-Dryr, our Product of the Week:... [more]
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Ocean changes unsettling to solo sailor
Max Paris,
A Canadian sailing in a solo around-the-world race says he is disturbed by the 'horrendous' conditions he has encountered in the southern oceans — including the near absence of large sea life. Derek Hatfield has rounded the planet alone twice before but this trip through the southern ocean has been a relentless stream of extreme storms and deepest calms.... [more]
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Unintentional heroes win Canadian rescue award
Jeff Bolichowski, Windsor Star/Sail-World,
Whenever you step onto a yacht to go sailing, there's a possibility that you will face a life threatening situation, if not yours, then someone else's. How will you fare? The recipients of the Canadian Safe Boating Council's 2010 Rescue of the Year were tested and not found wanting.... [more]
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Neptune Regatta 2011: Ready to head south to Neptune's Realm
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
‘It' is the Neptune Regatta, ‘The Race to Zero', and as far as we know (challenges, anyone?) it is the very first regatta to sail to the Equator and use 0 deg 0 min 0 sec as the finish line. Right now nine sailing yachts and four motor yachts (yes, everyone is welcome) are ready and prepped at the Nongsa Point Marina, Batam, Indonesia.... [more]
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UK lifesavers analyse their rescues in 2010
Sail-World Cruising,
In the UK last year, just under 20% of all Royal National Lifeboat Insititution (RNLI) lifeboat launches were to sailing vessels. Another 33% were to motor boats and manual boats, and the rest, a whopping 47% of the rescues, did not involve a boat of any sort. Analysing these numbers, the RNLI is calling on boaters and watersports enthusiasts to stay safe and wear a lifejacket in 2011.... [more]
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Marion to Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race Educational sailing seminars
Liz Stott, Marion to Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race,
The organisers of America's annual Marion to Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race, which many cruising sailors use as a way of travelling from the northern climes of the east coast of the USA to the Caribbean, have an overall mission in which the important part is to provide education for the sailing community.... [more]
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River and Harbour Bar Crossing - learn how to do it properly!
Richard Gladwell,
News through tonight that NZ Police are considering taking a prosecution against two fishing boats who crossed the Grey River bar in treacherous conditions and ignoring warning signals. Miraculously they survived, but did you know that there are more fatal boating accidents on harbour/river bars than anywhere else? Extreme care and planning must be taken before deciding whether or not to cross... [more]
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