Sailors get the 'Australian of the Year' gongs...vital CYCA seminar Medical Management for Mariners...European Yachts of the Year announced...Ian Thomson 'plastic bag man' set with crew to circumnavigate...and much more...

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 27 Jan 2011

Australian of the Year - Sailors take the prizes

The sailors have it! - Simon McKeon and Jessica Watson  .
What a great week it is for sailors! Both the Young Australian of the Year, Jessica Watson, and the Australian of the Year Simon McKeon are world class sailors! You all knew about Jessica, but did you remember Simon's name in the stories of world sailing records? This article is a 'must read'!

Living with the production of our Sail-World articles each week, tales of adventure and misadventure from the world's oceans, I think how much I keep learning in that higher skill than sailing – the skill of good seamanship, something Jessica Watson, by the way, displayed in bucket-loads during her voyage.

This week I am reminded again. There were the two brave sailing instructors who have won the Hanson Rescue Medal for rescuing two dumbells who went sailing after it had been cancelled through foul weather. No matter the consequences, never go with a bad forecast.

There was the student sailor who climbed the mast only to fall to her death, causing a mutiny among the student sailors. It reminded me of the two safety lines that I must use for climbing a mast.

Unbelievably, there are still yacht crews who should know better crossing oceans without EPIRBs or HF radios, causing rescuers vast wasted resources in time and money – Read about the American crew on The Pineapple this week, sailing from Guam to the Philippines.

Then there's the vital seminar with the horrifying title – 'Suddenly Alone'. So many things can cause a sailor to go overboard at sea – even on a fine day. I am reminded of our safety rules, tethers, EPIRBs, life-jackets, and the other crew keeping watch. How easy it is to become complaisant.

All these stories and others are here for the reading.

On a really bright note, if you're thinking of purchasing a new yacht any time soon, you'd be crazy not to consider the yachts which have just won 'European Yacht of the Year' in four categories. The announcement and a short profile is there for each yacht, but in the coming weeks we'll be looking at them in more detail.

Much more too, so browse through the headlines to see what interests you.

Sweet sailing!

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Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Australian/Young Australian of the Year BOTH high performing sailors
Sail-World Cruising,
Everyone knows that the new Young Australian of the Year Jessica Watson has won her accolade with an extraordinary sailing performance, but did you know that while new Australian of the Year Simon McKeon is a prominent investment banker and has won his award for his philanthropic works, he is also a world record-breaking yachtsman?... [more]
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Just for sailors:Medical Management for Mariners on again, 15 February
Sail-World Cruising,
It's on again! Don't wait for the last moment to commit, or you may miss out! The spectacularly successful CYCA Medical Management for Mariners course commences again in Sydney Tuesday 15 February. Would YOU know what to do when there's a medical emergency at sea- not just for half an hour, but for several days? This is a comprehensive course of vital importance for those who sail longer voyages... [more]
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European Yachts of the Year announced for 2011
Nancy Knudsen,
European Yachts of the Year have been chosen again at the Dusseldorf Boat Show. At a glittering function the results were announced in four categories: Performance Cruiser, won by the Elan 350, Family Cruiser, won by Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409, the Luxury Cruiser, won by X-Yachts Xc 38, and finally, the star of them all, in the category of Special Yachts, the Saffier 23 with its electric motor.... [more]
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Lost and found American sailors chided for no EPIRBs or HF
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Five Americans including a member of the U.S. Air Force on the catamaran The Pineapple have been reprimanded by the U.S. Coast Guard for not having sufficient communications gear to stop an unnecessary full scale search between the Philippines and Guam. They also had not filed a float plan, and had no EPIRBs on board.... [more]
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'Plastic Bag man' gathers crew for Australian circumnavigation
SOS Racing,
Having taken the solo record for the fastest circumnavigation of Australia earlier this year, Ian Thomson, the founder of Save Our Seas Australia which seeks to eliminate plastic bags from society, is setting up to take on the crewed monohull record held by David Pescud's Sailors with disabilities program when they set a time of 37 days onboard the 53ft Kaz... [more]
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Australia Day Regatta 2011 - the Classic Boats -photos from Francolini,
The first Australia Day regatta was sailed in 1837. Here are images from 2011 of some of the beautiful classic sailing boats that graced Sydney Harbour today. Images by Andrea Francolini. More at [more]
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Brickbats to the rude crew of a Beneteau 37 in Pittwater
Nancy Knudsen,
A hundred brickbats to the eight (or so) crew on board the Beneteau 37 which departed in a rush without a thank you or providing any details after an incident near Lobster Beach in Pittwater over the weekend.... [more]
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Sunsail Whitsundays has increased its Sailing School Rallies to four
Alex Blake,
Sunsail Sailing School's unique rallies around the Whitsundays have one new route and two new departure dates added from its base on Hamilton Island, Australia following the exceptional success of previous years.... [more]
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CSIRO finds CO2-chomping microbes battling for ocean iron
CSIRO Australian, Belgian and New Zealand scientists have expanded our understanding of the way phyoplankton take up scarce iron in the ocean – a process that regulates ocean food chains from the bottom up and helps remove up to 40 per cent of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.... [more]
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Rockstock - the paper that sailors will love to use?
Alan Good,
Waterproof charts made from stone? You must be kidding! But the environmentally conscious world is forever searching for sustainable ways to produce the products we need. Here is another example of how to 'save the trees' and produce an amazing new, seawater resistant paper ideal for many uses for the leisure sailor. It's called Rockstock.... [more]
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German tall ship mutiny after cadet's death fall
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Life on a tall ship is meant to be an adventure, but after a female recruit called Sarah Schmidt, 25, was killed when she fell 100 feet from the foremast, the rest of the cadets had had enough, and they mutinied against the captain. It happened in Brazil in November, on Germany's most famous sailing ship, the Gorch Fock, and has caused serious embarrassment to military chiefs in Germany. .... [more]
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Update: Five crew on catamaran found in the Pacific
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
A catamaran with five American sailors on board overdue on a voyage between Guam and Cebu in the central Philippines has been found. The Philippine coast guard launched a search Friday for the sailing boat The Pineapple which left the Marianas Yacht Club in the Pacific island of Guam 15 days ago heading for the central Philippines.... [more]
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Book of the Week: 'Boatnuts loose in the Caribbean'
Lee Mylchreest,
Do you love reading other people's sailing stories? Here's another, 'Boatnuts loose in the Caribbean', a circumnavigation of the Caribbean by Bob and Norma Morris in their 1992 Island Packet 44, called Happy Ours. Their circumnavigation of the Caribbean took eight happy years, so as you can tell, they weren't racing! You can buy it online.... [more]
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Suddenly Alone: A vital seminar for YOUR sailing club
Nancy Knudsen,
As a sailing writer I am constantly saddened by the too-frequent tragic outcomes when couples set out on a sailing journey without both people knowing the basics of how to handle the boat. Almost every month somewhere in the world I learn of a man overboard situation where the crew member left on board, most often female, does not know how to turn the boat or contact authorities... [more]
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Japanese comedian sails and runs a circumnavigation
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
A Japanese comedian and distance runner has completed what he called his 'Earth Marathon' by sailing across the oceans and running across the continents in an adventure which has taken him over two years.... [more]
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Calling all sailors: Protect the Coral Sea by signing the e-petition
Sail-World Cruising,
As sailors we appreciate more than anyone the value of our pristine seas. So here is an opportunity to protect the Coral Sea. 2011 is shaping up to be the year of the ocean as the federal government decides the fate of the Coral Sea and many other marine areas around Australia... [more]
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Marine Rescue NSW 2010 – 2011 holiday period busier than ever
Marine Rescue Terrey Hills,
Marine Rescue NSW - The 2010 – 2011 summer holiday period was busier than ever, according to Terrey Hills Unit Commander Ron Woosey.... [more]
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Solo Jeanne 'unlikely to continue' circumnavigation after knockdown
Sail-World Cruising,
Solo sailing grandmother Jeanne Socrates has confirmed to the media this week that it is unlikely that she will continue her round-world attempt, which was aborted in a 'turn turtle' knock-down just as she was to round Cape Horn in early January.... [more]
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The learning curve: Novice sailor, his life jacket and his rescue
Ken Baer,
Ken Baer was a lifetime boater and a keen new sailor, with a passion to learn the sport well. Here he tells candidly of his first, abortive, attempt to sail from his home to his holiday playground, the unusual life jacket without which things may have turned out differently, and the lessons he learned on the way.... [more]
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Robotic glider to map flood impacts in Moreton Bay
CSIRO $200,000 coastal glider is bound for Queensland to be deployed in Moreton Bay to investigate the impact of the recent flooding on marine ecosystems.... [more]
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Marine Safety Queensland chief urges caution to sailors in Moreton Bay
Maritime Safety Queensland,
The Chief of Maritime Safety Queensland is urging sailors wishing to enter or transit Moreton Bay, to where Brisbane's floods have carried large amounts of debris, to observe extreme caution.... [more]
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Multihull Solutions to showcase catamarans at 2011 Fremantle Boat Show
Kate Elkington,
Multihull Solutions will present two of the world's most popular sailing catamarans at the 2011 Fremantle Boat Show from 18-20 February - the Fountaine Pajot's new Mahe 36 Evolution and Lipari 41.... [more]
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Are sharks colour blind? Why NOT to wear black swim gear
Springer Science+Business Media/Sail-World,
Are sharks colour blind? - Sharks are unable to distinguish colors, according to new research by Dr. Nathan Scott Hart and colleagues from the University of Western Australia and the University of Queensland in Australia. And this leads to the question - when you dive off your sailing boat to cool off or go snorkelling, should you be wearing pale blue swimmers and wetsuits?... [more]
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