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 20 Jan 2011

Swimming with the sharks around your boat - it's all in the colour

Research shows he's attracted by the colour contrast  .
Do YOU wear black swimmers or wetsuit when you snorkel or dive off your boat? If there are sharks around, new research shows that the colour may make you a target... (I'm immediately going out to buy a pale blue wetsuit)

Misadventure often brings out the latent heroism in people, and the sad fire that completely destroyed a treasured historic yacht club building this week hasn't even put a dent in the spirit of the members and their determination to keep sailing.

One can't help admiring their stoicism, which brings us to another story this week – of a couple who have been recognised for fifty years volunteering as rescuers. That's a long time in anyone's language.

Two rallies in the news. The Blue Water Rally has, in spite of contrary reports in the yachting media, reached Sri Lanka safely, and the yacht that tragically sank in the same waters was not in the rally at all. If you are anywhere in the South Pacific, you still have time to make it to Cairns in Queensland by September for the start of the Louisiades Rally – it must win the prize as the rally that goes to the most remote place on earth.

While the Gulf of Aden is still known as 'Pirate Alley' for yachts, the new facts are different. Read the article on the 2010 Piracy Report, a report which is put out annually by the International Maritime Bureau.

Some inspiring cruising tales in this edition: Matthew Princing tells of his relationship with sailing and his family and draws some interesting conclusions, and young crewmen tell of their experiences on the tall ship New Endeavour.

In practical news, the article on the danger of unattended dehumidifiers is a 'must read', and if security is an issue where you sail, we offer four forms of protection for your yacht.

Much more too, so browse down the stories to see what catches your interest.

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Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Are sharks colour blind? Why NOT to wear black swim gear
Springer Science+Business Media/Sail-World,
Are sharks colour blind? - Sharks are unable to distinguish colors, according to new research by Dr. Nathan Scott Hart and colleagues from the University of Western Australia and the University of Queensland in Australia. And this leads to the question - when you dive off your sailing boat to cool off or go snorkelling, should you be wearing pale blue swimmers and wetsuits?... [more]
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Yacht Club fire destroys historic building, but the club will go on!

The members of an historic yacht club whose building was destroyed by fire vow they will rebuild the club, and, though they lost all their sails and other vital items, will not even stop sailing in the meantime. Early last Wednesday morning, the 100-year-old clubhouse at the Edgewood Yacht Club in Cranston Rhode Island was destroyed by fire, but some club members sailed the same day... [more]
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2010 Somali piracy sets record, but sailors are getting through
Nancy Knudsen,
While according to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) more people have been taken hostage by pirates in 2010 than in any other year on record, not a single cruising sailor who transited through the time worn route of the Gulf of Aden on their way to the Red Sea has been captured.... [more]
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Announcing Louisiades Rally 2011
Lee Mylchreest,
The fourth Louisiades Rally from Cairns in North Queensland to the Louisiades Archipelago will operate again in September this year. This is an opportunity for yachts to experience some of the South Pacific's most natural untouched islands, lagoons and coral cays and the communities who live on them... [more]
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Dramatic yacht sinking incident video on Brisbane River
Sail-World Cruising,
The Brisbane River in the Queensland state of Australia has seen some dramatic scenes as restaurants, wharves, piles and yachts, among other debris have been swept down the river with the history making floods. Here an amateur photographer caught on camera this collision between a yacht and a drifting boat, with the yacht sinking in seconds... [more]
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Musto continues proud BARW tradition
Tracey Porter,
Australian-based marine apparel brand Musto has again shown its support for the New Zealand sailing fraternity by inking a new deal to continue its sponsorship of the BMW Auckland Regatta Week (BARW).... [more]
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Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta - Waitemata Harbour Spectacle
Susan Robinson-Derus/Sail-World Cruising,
For those who are lucky enough to be there, Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta, billed as the 'largest single day regatta in the world' will bring the city's Waitemata Harbour alive on 30th January. For the spectator there will be an immense fleet of sailing craft from the graceful Jessie Logan, built in 1878, to the grunty Ports of Auckland tugboats and nippy P class yachts.... [more]
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Fifty-year rescue volunteers tell tales, give advice
You can't chalk up 50 years of service with the volunteer sea rescue without some interesting stories to tell, and Rockingham couple Richard and Valerie Williams have more than their fair share.... [more]
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Putting family and fun back into sailing
Matthew Princing,
In most of the sailing countries of the world, racing is currently passing through troubled times, yet non-competitive sailing - cruising - is gaining popularity. Here Matthew Princing asks what IS going wrong with the sport and explores his own relationship with sailing and his family, and draws some interesting conclusions:... [more]
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Zac Sunderland talks to full houses at Toronto International Boat Show
Greg Nicoll,
Featured speaker, world solo circumnavigator Zac Sunderland gave the audience attending the annual boat show in Toronto a very descriptive and often humorous rendition of his exploits sailing around the world.... [more]
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The amazing history of the world's oldest active sailing ship
Des Ryan,
If you believe the Guinness Book of Records, the full-rigged iron windjammer Star of India is the oldest active sailing ship in the world. She was built in 1863, making her an amazing 148 years old, and still sailing! Her home these days is the San Diego Maritime Museum in California, USA, but that's not to imply that she's moribund.... [more]
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Tall ship 'survivors' tell tales of their sea adventures
Sail-World Cruising,
Tall ship adventures are popular around the world and come in all shapes and sizes, but the theme is the same: They combine fantastic adventures in (somewhat) controlled circumstances with an incredible life learning experience. They also occasionally create passionate sailors. Australia's Young Endeavour is one such, and here two 'survivors' tell of their time at sea and what it meant to them... [more]
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British solo sailor from wrecked yacht believed drowned
Sail-World Cruising,
New Zealand police believe that a British solo sailor whose wrecked yacht was discovered in a bay at the north of the North Island of New Zealand was drowned at sea before his boat washed ashore. Divers involved in the search did not find the body of 77-year-old solo sailor Malcolm Widdilove on the yacht, but police believed he is missing and presumed drowned.... [more]
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Blue Water Rally yachts all reach Sri Lanka safely
Sail-World Cruising,
After passing through some challenging weather while crossing the Bay of Bengal, all yachts in the Blue Water Rally have reached Galle in Sri Lanka safely. Reports in the yachting press had erroneously reported that a member of the Rally fleet had lost their yacht.... [more]
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British Antarctic Survey support field expedition to James Ross Island
British Antarctic Survey,
British Antarctic Survey (BAS) will support a team of scientists from the Universities of Leeds and Aberystwyth as they embark on an ambitious three-month Antarctic expedition. Their fieldwork aims to uncover information about how the glaciers and ice sheets of the north-eastern Antarctic Peninsula behaved in past climates, and what we can expect in the future... [more]
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Dehumidifier Danger: Don't let this happen to you
Sail-World Cruising/Yachting Monthly,
Britain's premier yachting magazine Yachting Monthly has drawn attention to the danger of dehumidifiers left unattended on yachts, citing how recently a fire had destroyed an unattended Moody 54, which had been laid up for the winter in Göcek, one of the Turkey's most fashionable yachting and holiday resorts.... [more]
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Product of the Week: Four ways to secure your boat
Des Ryan,
Depending on where your yacht is kept, security can be a significant issue. Unless you can be present 24 hours a day seven days a week, a yacht is vulnerable to vandalism, robbery and even the theft of the boat itself. A security system can give you peace of mind and there are several types to choose from:... [more]
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Sailor to try the Northwest Passage alone and benefit the Disabled
Thomas Spitzer,
Matt Rutherford is no ordinary sailor. Leaving a troubled youth behind he taught himself to sail and after four years set his sights on an adventure many might contemplate but few attempt. In July of 2008 he left Annapolis on a two year journey that took him across the Atlantic to Europe, then to Africa, up the Gambia River then back to the Caribbean before returning home.... [more]
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Australian floods bring yacht devastation in the Brisbane River
Sail-World Cruising,
Australia's flooding has not spared the yachting community. Dozens of boats have been torn from their moorings to be swept down Queensland's raging Brisbane River towards its outlet into the sea, Moreton Bay. This morning many had collided with the bank or other debris and been damaged. Empty yachts can be seen careening down the river.... [more]
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