Geoff Holt declared top yachtman of the year...yacht devastation in Australian floods...Jeanne Socrates turns turtle at Cape safe are you on a beach?...and much more...

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 13 Jan 2011

From the heroic to the misadventure,from dreamy tales to the practical

Jeanne Socrates  .
What a wild variety of news comes each week from the world of the cruising sailor! From the downright heroic to the misadventures, from the practical tips to the dreamy cruising tales, the smorgasbord just seems to keep coming.

You'd have to call heroic the actions of Jeanne Socrates when she turned turtle in her yacht Nereida just as she was about to round Cape Horn and broke her boom in the process. Did she accept help? Read the story.

If you're hankering after some adventure yourself (maybe not as dangerous as rounding Cape Horn) OceansWatch has some great opportunities in 2011 in the South Pacific. What are you waiting for?

Our cruising tale for the week comes from Velella, talking of the mundane but wonderful daily life of someone who has escaped the workaday world to go cruising.

Then there are two new books for the sailor who wants to keep learning. There's also a 101 fendering guide, and an article about what must be arguably the most amazingly Green superyacht ever designed.

Sadly, there's also news of the havoc that Australia's floods have reaped for the yachts, many of which are international cruising yachts, in Queensland's Brisbane River.

There's still no word of the hijacked crew on the 'yacht' in Somalia, but increasingly it is believed to be a small tug boat, rather than a yacht. Our contacts in Somalia have remarked that 'our informers are not very well versed in the difference between a tug boat and a yacht'.

Lots of other news too, so browse down the headlines to find what interests you

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Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Australian floods bring yacht devastation in the Brisbane River
Sail-World Cruising,
Australia's flooding has not spared the yachting community. Dozens of boats have been torn from their moorings to be swept down Queensland's raging Brisbane River towards its outlet into the sea, Moreton Bay. This morning many had collided with the bank or other debris and been damaged. Empty yachts can be seen careening down the river.... [more]
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Quad sailor Geoff Holt beats racers to UK's Yachtsman of the Year
Des Ryan,
He beat the Finn World Champion, and he beat the Ladies World Match Racing Winners. Quadriplegic Geoff Holt has become the UK's YJA Pantaenius Yachtsman of the Year by sailing solo across the Atlantic.... [more]
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Around the Americas: Now the documentary
Lee Mylchreest/KOMO News,
While the expedition sailing yacht Ocean Watch circled the Americas first time ever, Sail-World followed its exploits. For more than twelve months from May 2009 we followed their journey through the North West Passage, down the east coast of the Americas and around the Horn, on a scientific and educational mission. Now Seattle's KOMO_News have produced a video on the project.... [more]
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‘Hot-Bunking' bacterium recycles iron to boost ocean metabolism
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution found that in the vast ocean where an essential nutrient—iron—is scarce, a marine bacterium that launches the ocean food web survives by using a remarkable biochemical trick: It recycles iron.... [more]
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Ice sailing - for those who can't fly to the Caribbean
Des Ryan,
They do it in Canada, they do it in Norway. They do it in America and they even do it in Iceland. But it has to be good conditions to last long, and the further south you are, the more caution is needed, if you don't want to end up swimming (or worse) instead of sailing.... [more]
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Green Marine Wildlife Guide - a way for sailors to help our sealife
Sail-World Cruising,
In a move that other countries could do well to copy, there is a new effort in the United Kingdom to enlist the help of sailors and other boaters to consider their impact on the local marine life that they encounter, and to help by reporting sightings. A new guide is by The Wildlife Trusts and The Green Blue (jointly Royal Yachting Association and the British Marine Federation).... [more]
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Sauter designs self-sufficient Life Support Superyacht
Jeni Bone,
Sauter Carbon Offset Design presents the Ocean Empire life support Superyacht, the world's first totally self sufficient Zero Carbon Life Support Vessel (LSV).... [more]
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'I've got that sinking feeling...',
'The permanent and mobile image of a wrecked ship that has become a functional and safe leisure object'.... [more]
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Using fenders 101: The smart way
Smart Boating/Sail-World Cruising,
If you want to protect your yacht's gel coat from damage, it's important to follow some simple rules and place fenders correctly when you come alongside a wharf or another boat.... [more]
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New report: Yacht with six crew hijacked -heading for Somalia
Nancy Knudsen,
Several local sources have confirmed that Somali pirates have captured a yacht with six crew members on board, according to piracy monitoring organisation Ecoterra International.... [more]
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Rah Naward - Pakistan's new tall ship
Sail-World Cruising,
While Pakistan continues to feature on the world stage for its political challenges and a new assassination, Pakistan's navy has quietly inducted its latest sail training ship for the training of cadets. She is the beautiful square-rigged PNS Rah Naward, purchased from a British naval training charity where it operated as Prince William, and sailed to Pakistan in September.... [more]
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Voyaging with Velella: The work of cruising in tropical Mexico
Meghan Cleary, American Sailing Association,
Continuing the 'Voyaging with Velella' series by American Sailing Association writer-at-large Meghan Cleary. Meghan, Prescott and their kitten Nessie are on a planned 9-month cruise in the tropics: It's no secret that cruising may be fun, but it's not all play. The tropics have an easy time ravaging all your hard work: peeling varnishes, blackening oils, and fading canvases...... [more]
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London Boat Show - RYA launches new publication
Emma Slater/RYA,
Tullett Prebon London Boat Show - Saturday 7th January marked the official launch of one of the RYA's newest publications, the RYA Day Skipper Handbook Motor.... [more]
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Jeanne Socrates - she's still sailing
Sail-World Cruising,
Jeanne Socrates, 67-year-old solo sailor on her third attempt to complete a solo sail around the world, is still sailing. After experiencing a total knock-down while hove-to in the midst of a Southern Ocean system, and in spite of a broken boom, Jeanne has rejected the offer of a local fishing boat to tow her to safety, has rounded the Horn and anchored near the Beagle Channel... [more]
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Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book
Rob Tickner,
When sailors go cruising in idyllic circumstances we often dinghy to a beach to start exploring or provisioning. We also swim from those beaches, let our kids play on them and go trailing along the edge of the water. But just how much do we understand about the beach and its potential hazards? Types of waves and how they break, tides, currents, dangerous rips and why some beaches are safer?... [more]
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Jeanne Socrates in knockdown near Cape Horn

One of the world's most adventurous sailors, 67-year-old Jeanne Socrates, on her third attempt to solo sail a circumnavigation, has been knocked down while trying to round Cape Horn, and it could be the end of her circumnavigation non-stop and unassisted..... [more]
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OceansWatch - many opportunities in 2011 for adventurous sailors
Chris Bone/Sail-World Cruising,
OceansWatch, whose goal is to work with sailors, divers and scientists to help coastal communities conserve their marine environments, has many opportunities for sailors to get involved in 2011. Some of their trips are 'delivery trips' whilst others are full-on expeditions that require a range of skills in addition to knowing a bow from a bowline. Great opportunities to improve your skills..... [more]
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