- and now we reach the toughest part of the Hobart race

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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Gale warnings and 40 knots ahead

Rolex Sydney Hobart day 2 update.

The 86 boats remaining in the 2010 are preparing for the most challenging conditions of the race.

The Sail-World team listens to the HF radio sked, (it is currently streaming.) rather than relying on the Yacht Tracker, which is sadly inaccurate.

WILD THING, Rolex Sydney Hobart start - Rolex Sydney Hobart  © Rolex/Carlo Borlenghi

At this morning's radio sked Wild Oats XI, Bob Oatley's 100ft super maxi was just south of Green Cape, about to launch into Bass Strai.. At 0904, she complied with Rule 44.1 and has just made her mandatory pre-Bass Strait call.

Sean Langman and Anthony Bell's Investec Loyal was in second place, 12 miles back.

Wild Thing (Grant Wharington) was third, 21 miles behind the race leader and 15 miles inside Peter Millard's Lahana. Ran (Niklas Zennstrom) who is probably the overall IRC leader at this stage, was a further five miles back just ahead of Matt Allen's Volvo 70 Ichi Ban.

Then there is quite a gap back to Stephen Ainsworth's Loki, Alan Brierty's Limit and Ludde Ingvall's Yuuzoo.

Navigator Grahame Taylor (Wild Thing) advised 'We are staying inside the rhumb line, close on the coast waiting for the wind to rotate.

'We are expecting the wind to start bulding in the next two-three hours, to 30-35 knots with more west in it.'

Onboard Loki navigator Michael Bellingham reported 'We had the front at 5.30 pm and it came in at 25--30 heavy rain sea is increasing and still rising, thunder, hail, wind from SE 15-20 kts, now great sailing not too cold yet.... plenty of excitement!'

RAN - Niklas Zennstrom - Rolex Sydney Hobart  © Rolex/Daniel Forster

During this morning's sked David Kellett on board the radio relay vessel JBW read the full weather forecasts to the fleet, advising

Gale warning for Victorian waters between Wilsons Promontory and 60nm east of Gabo Island.

Weather Situation

A vigorous, cold southwesterly airflow over Bass Strait in the wake of a cold front will moderate slowly from the west during Monday. A high pressure system will cross Bight waters on Monday before extending rapidly east over Bass Strait on Tuesday to the Tasman. A weak cold front will cross Tasmania on Wednesday. The next high pressure system will then move rapidly through Bass Strait, reaching the Tasman Sea by Thursday night.

Forecast for Monday until midnight
Winds: West to southwesterly 25 to 35 knots and locally reaching 40 knots in the far east this afternoon then moderating to 20 to 25 knots during the evening. Higher squalls possible with showers, especially this afternoon. Seas: 3 to 4 metres abating to 2 to 3 metres later in the evening. Swell: South to southwesterly around 1 metre.

Sail-World.com Team

Rolex Sydney Hobart - Wild Oats XI maintains lead nearing Bass Strait
Rob Mundle,
Rolex Sydney Hobart Race - Wild Oats XI has maintained her lead and is now starting to feel the influence of worsening weather on approach to Bass Strait.... [more]
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Sydney Hobart - Eventful night at sea for the fleet
Di Pearson,
Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet has remained intact with no further retirements since Jazz Player withdrew. With the southerly buster hitting the fleet early last evening, slowing the pace down, Wild Oats XI is behind her race record of one day 18 hours 40 minutes set in 2005.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Carlo Borlenghi images
Carlo Borlenghi images,
More Rolex Sydney Hobart images from photographer Carlo Borlenghi.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Crosbie Lorimer's images from the Start
Crosbie Lorimer,
Crosbie Lorimer joined the race followers in the rinse cycle off Sydney Heads to capture these images of today's race start.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet battles on, first retirement
Jim Gale and Lisa Ratcliff,
As night fell Grant Wharington, the skipper of the Melbourne 98 footer Wild Thing reported that his supermaxi was beating into a 25 knot south-easterly breeze under a reefed mainsail and jib. He expects that during the night the wind will rotate to the south west.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Champagne conditions go flat
Jim Gale,
After four hours of vintage downwind racing in flat seas and a 12 knot north-easterly breeze, the frontrunners in the Rolex Sydney Hobart have hunkered down for the long grind to windward that will probably get worse before it gets better.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - A blaze of colour against a grey Sydney sky
Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Race day for the 66th Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet dawned cloudy and rainy for the 87 competing yachts. The grey weather added a bit of gloom and foreboding to what may be in store for the crews racing to the finish line in Hobart, 628-miles away... [more]
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Rolex Sydney to Hobart - Save it for the second half
Jim Gale,
The Rolex Sydney Hobart, which started from Sydney Harbour at 1pm this afternoon, is shaping up to be two quite distinctive races wrapped into one; the first half, from Sydney Heads to Flinders Island on Tasmania's north-eastern tip and the second, from Flinders to the finish in the Derwent River.... [more]
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Sydney Hobart - 50 knots in the southerly buster
Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 - All week we've heard about the Southerly Buster - here it is ...... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart Start images by Daniel Forster
Sail-World.com and Daniel Forster images,
Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 start images from top Swiss born, US based photographer, Daniel Forster... [more]
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Sydney Hobart Radio sked 1905 (AEST) and Radio Relay traffic
Sail-World.com will stream the 1905 Sydney Hobart Radio sked and Radio relay traffic on 6516kHz, courtesy of Peter Bye, who operates VK2MPJ from North Nowra, on the NSW south coast.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Wild Oats XI leads challenging race
Rob Mundle,
When crews arose early this morning to head to their yachts for the big race the sun was rising in a blazing, burnt orange sky. Wild Oats XI got the jump from the start and led the 87 yacht fleet out of the harbour ahead of Investec Loyal and Wild Thing. The wind was then from the west at between 12 and 15 knots.... [more]
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Sydney Hobart fleet and Southerly buster meet
Rob Kothe and the Sail-World Team,
Sydney Hobart Race 2010 - Bob Oatley's Wild Oats XI is powering south leading the 87 boat fleet down the New South Wales coast.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart start images from Andrea Francolini
Andrea Francolini images,
Photographer Andrea Francolini was out on Sydney Harbour today for the start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Wild Oats leads fleet out of Sydney Heads
Lisa Ratcliff and Jim Gale,
The Mark Richards skippered 100 footer, Wild Oats XI, shrugged off a cheeky challenge from Grant Wharington's Melbourne 98 footer, Wild Thing, to stamp its mark early on the Rolex Sydney Hobart line honours battle.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart Start images by Carlo Borlenghi
Sail-World.com and Carlo Borlenghi images,
Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 start images from master photographer Carlo Borlenghi.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Clear start for 628nm blue water classic
Sail-World.com Team,
A large number of spectator craft have braved the conditions to welcome the fleet and watch the start of this iconic 628 nautical mile blue water classic.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Huegill about to face a different challenge
Danielle McKay,
Geoff Huegill is facing a different challenge, racing to Hobart on the revamped 100ft yacht Investec Loyal, skippered by Sean Langman and a line honours chance.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Tricky conditions forecast
Di Pearson,
Describing conditions for annual race at the briefing the Club this morning, BOM's Michael Logan said they would be 'tricky'. Logan's warning of 'It's a discouraging for crews who think they will get to Hobart early,' brought much laughter from owners, tacticians and navigators in the room.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Who is who - full boat notes
Rob Kothe & Trevor Walkley,
Around 200,000 sailors and families will be following the Sydney Hobart race via Sail-World.com Here is the full boat notes set for the entire fleet.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart Race: Live coverage of the start
Click on the link to see coverage of the 2010 Rolex Sydney Hobart Race from Channel 7. In New Zealand follow the action on SkyTV Channel 90 News... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Early Thunderstorms but a moderating forecast
Pre-frontal thunderstorm showers this morning, as activity increases dockside at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, ahead of the 66th annual Sydney to Hobart Race.... [more]
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Sydney Hobart - Wild Oats XI receives a late gift
Rob Mundle,
Skipper Mark Richards and the crew of Rolex Sydney Hobart race record holder Wild Oats XI, owned by Bob Oatley, might have received a late Christmas gift. Until late today the forecast indicated that the frontrunners, including Wild Oats XI, could expect to be punished in Bass Strait by southerly headwinds of up to 40 knots and savage seas that could peak at more than seven metres.... [more]
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Sail-World Christmas 2010
The Sail-World Team,
We would like to wish you, our readers a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and great New Year. We will be working through - so if you have a story or report, or comment - please drop us a line.... [more]
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PredictWind explains Rolex Sydney to Hobart weather
Richard Gladwell,
As has been forecasted earlier in the week, competitors seem to be in for hard ride to Hobart in the 2010 Rolex Sydney Hobart Race. Using Predictwind, we are able to see the strength and direction of winds expected to prevail for the start and first days of the classic offshore race.... [more]
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Sir Robin Knox-Johnson 'Dared to Dream'
Mainsheet Media,
Sailing great Sir Robin Knox-Johnston called past the legendary Australian yacht Brindabella on Christmas Eve and had a chat to Save Our Seas founder Ian Thomson.... [more]
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Sydney Hobart - Seamanship versus boat racing to Hobart
Lisa Ratcliff,
When the 1pm gun sounds this Sunday, 26 December, the 87 boat fleet can expect a light harbour start to their 628 nautical mile journey. The first of several fronts is expected to hit the fleet during the first night, with winds dialling up to 35 knots and squalls driving the wind strength higher.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - ORCi in its second year
Dobbs Davis,
Rolex Sydney Hobart - After introducing a dual-scoring option last year, entries in this year's RSHYR once again have two choices for scoring in measured handicap rules: IRC and ORC International (ORCi).... [more]
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2010 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
The iconic blue water event, the most reported and followed annual ocean yacht race in the world....
For more details and news for this event, go to: