Sydney to Hobart - Hard racing ahead

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Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 - Could the 40 footers dominate again?

Andrew Saies Beneteau First 40 Two True rounding Cape Raoul in last year's Rolex Sydney Hobart  © Rolex/Daniel Forster
Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 and for the start of the 65th annual blue water classic, the most reliable forecast models have pretty much converged.

A light summer north easter is expected to greet the 87 starters off Shark Island on Sydney Harbour on December 26th 2010, Boxing Day.

As they tack up the Harbour towards the two rounding marks, a southerly change will be sweeping up the NSW coast. It should be a colourful site as the fleet hoists their kites before rounding the Seamark and heading south, escaping the heavy chop from the usual large fleet of spectator powerboats.

A southerly change of 20-30 knots is likely to reach the race leaders, close to the coast off Kiama. The winds are likely to moderate inshore to 15/20 knots but remain heavier to seawards.

By the time the leaders reach northern Bass Strait on Monday afternoon, south westerly's of 30-40 knots with possible gusts to 50 knots could provide boat breaking conditions and this will be expected to slow down the heavily reefed big boats.

It seems the challenges will continue for the super maxis with a softening of wind conditions as they beat down the Tasmanian coast. That could even spell Parking Lot in the wee hours, though time will tell.

The 50-60 footers will have a kinder Bass Strait passage, as will the little boats behind them even more so and a weak front could deliver west to North West conditions on the Tasman coast during Tuesday.

If this happens early enough there might be a revisit of 2008 when a busy bunch of TP52's scored a 1, 2, and 3 on handicap. Bob Steel's TP 52 Quest was ninth across the line, finishing at 14.00.37 AEDT on 28 December, less than five hours after Line Honours winner Wild Oats XI to win the race on overall IRC handicap.

Or if the big fleet of 50-60 footers are slowed in their Bass Strait passage they may be rounding Tasman Island late in the day and stall in the Derwent.

Should that happen then 38-40 footers reaching Storm Bay early on 29th might be in the hunt for the Rolex watches and the Tattersall's Cup.

That would provide a replay of 2009 when South Australian Andrew Sailes and his Beneteau First 40 Two True finished at 12:49pm ahead of sistership Mark Welsh's Wicked and the two Sydney 38's Next and Swish, who four minutes were behind.

It's all up to Huey and the weather gods because the arrival times are so critical.

As one old salt said. It's simple really - you sail out of your skins, you win your division and what happens then has already been decided elsewhere.'

More news ahead - there are just too sleeps to the start.

Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team

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