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 09 Dec 2010

Sailing Adventures, Pirate attacks, Dreamy holidays, Practical advice

Jamie Dunross on board his yacht Spirit of Rockingham - no recognition so far  .
Along our coastlines and out on the world's oceans there are always cruising sailors making the news somehow: Most of the news is good, even inspirational, but there's always some that's tragic. This week is no different.

It was great to see quad sailor Geoff Holt getting so much recognition in his home country of Britain after sailing the Atlantic earlier in the year. He was awarded an MBE and is now nominated as Yachtsman of the Year for 2010 - unlike our own Jamie Dunross, who arguably achieved a much greater feat by circumnavigating Australia. He didn't even get a nomination for Australia's Yachtsman of the Year.

That never-say-die solo sailing grandmother Jeanne Socrates is right now headed for Cape Horn. At the age of 67 she is having her third try at a circumnavigation, this time non-stop and unassisted.

Velella is providing our cruising tale this week, with her story of sailing down the western American coastline, making us wish we were all there doing it with her.

Geoff Holt 2010   Todd Van Sickle
On a more sober note, Honduras is the latest destination to have a pirate attack, resulting the death of a cruising sailor when he resisted their invasion. Closer to home, read how a sailor nearly lost his life trying to save his dog when his yacht went on the rocks at Evans Head. Over in Massachusetts, see the video of the rescue of the crew of Raw Faith, a home-built three-masted schooner that its owner/skipper was to have used to run sailing holidays for wheel-chair-bound sailors. There had been many other catastrophes for the boat. Nice goal, but no seamanship skills...

In practical news, there's a new safety guide out for Sydney's aquatic events, there's a FREE Ebook that your keen junior sailors will love to use to learn to sail, and some excellent advice from Carolyn Shearlock on how to provision a boat and not forget a thing.

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Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Home-built schooner Raw Faith founders, crew rescued again
Des Ryan.,
Two sailors have been rescued from the three-masted schooner Raw Faith, a 118-foot, home-built yacht, which foundered approximately 100 miles southeast of Nantucket, Massachusetts. The vessel had been disabled and was reportedly taking on water.... [more]
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RYA OnBoard gets over a quarter of a million kids sailing and windsurf
Royal Yachting Assoc,
Over the last five years well over a quarter of a million youngsters have been enjoying sailing and windsurfing thanks to a pioneering scheme from the RYA called OnBoard. 'When we launched the programme back in 2005 we set ourselves the target of introducing 500,000 youngsters to sailing over a 10 year period. Now we are half way through it's fantastic to see how many youngsters are getting o... [more]
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B&G launches powerful wave technology processor
Jamie Millar/Estelle Baldry,
B&G has launched its impressive new WTP3 Wave Technology Processor, providing competitive sailors the accuracy and performance they demand.... [more]
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Jeanne Socrates, British solo grandmother, sails for the Horn
Lee Mylchreest,
British solo sailor Jeanne Socrates is this week over the equator and heading for Cape Horn. Timing her voyage so that she will round the much dreaded Cape Horn in the most favourable conditions, the gutsy grandmother, who didn't learn to sail until she was 51, is hoping that this time she'll make it round the world non-stop and unassisted.... [more]
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Somalis to face kidnapping charges in the Netherlands
Sail-World Cruising roundup,
There's no word of the South African cruising sailors kidnapped over a month ago while sailing off Tanzania, but some of their alleged abductors have been flown to the Netherlands to face charges of kidnapping.... [more]
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Yacht lost, but sailor almost loses life trying to save dog
The Northern Star/Sail-World Cruising,
A solo sailor whose yacht washed onto rocks at Evans Head in northern New South Wales this week almost lost his life while trying to save his dog. William Sims of Tweed Heads was injured after he lost wind during an attempted entry through the Heads while his yacht's motor was inoperable.... [more]
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Sydney's Aquatic Events – Free safe boating guide
NSW Maritime,
Sydney's busy schedule of summer aquatic events gets underway this week with the Sail Sydney regatta over the four days of Monday 6 to Thursday 9 December. This coincides with the release of the latest safety guide to Sydney's major aquatic events for boat owners and spectators.... [more]
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Weather gods smile upon Seawind regatta
Imprint Media,
The weather gods smiled – in fact they beamed - upon a fleet of Seawind catamarans on Moreton Bay through the last weekend of November.... [more]
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Challenging 2010 for Australian marina sector - but a brighter outlook
Mark Cherrington,
Despite a challenging 2010, initiatives developed by the Marina Industries Association of Australia (MIAA) over the past few years are beginning to bear fruit, making it well placed for next year and beyond.... [more]
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Book of the Week:Classic:The Revival of Classic Boating in New Zealand
Rob Tickner,
Classic boats are treasured the world over, but this book concentrates on the classic boats of just one country - New Zealand, the country that probably sports more sailing-mad enthusiasts per square kilometre than any other country in the world. It's called: Classic: The Revival of Classic Boating in New Zealand... [more]
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Raymarine's new T Series sets the standard
Mike Rose PR,
Raymarine's new T Series thermal imaging cameras are setting new standards of target identification for boat owners and skippers.... [more]
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Voyaging with Velella: Cabo San Lucas
Meghan Cleary, American Sailing Association,
Continuing 'Voyaging with Velella' by ASA writer-at-large Meghan Cleary. Meghan, her partner Prescott and their kitten Nessie are on a planned 9-month cruise in the tropics: We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with a swim and snorkel in the 75 degree 'pool' off the boat, with fresh guacamole and bright yellow cans of Pacifico Clara. We're in the sweeping blue bay at Cabo San Lucas.... [more]
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Alex Learns to Sail: Free Ebook gift for the junior sailor
Sail-World Cruising,
'A sailboat!' yelped Alex with glee as he uncovered his eyes and gazed upon a shiny dinghy sailboat sitting proud on a trailer in the garage. Alex's dad was happily standing next to him with his arm over his shoulder. 'Happy Birthday, Son,' he said, 'he's all yours now.'... [more]
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Somali pirate waters safer if you're French?
David Jones, HM Forces/Sail-World,
In a world exclusive deal with Britain's Daily Mail, Paul and Rachel Chandler are giving a 'blow by blow' description of their 13 month ordeal as captives of Somali pirates, in episodic form. In one episode, something of the workings of the mind of a Somali pirate is divulged, and a reason why these days it may be safer for French sailors in Somali waters than any other nationality... [more]
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Changing guidelines for transiting Somali pirate waters
Nancy Knudsen,
The season for transiting the pirate infested Gulf of Aden for sailing boats is fast approaching, a route that saves the longer route to the Mediterranean via Africa. But how does a yacht crew decide between the shorter journey, the longer route or simply, but expensively, having your boat transported by ship? Last year, 200 small cruising yachts made the journey. None were attacked.... [more]
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Yachting NSW and Nautilus Marine launch new Yachties Insurance Program
Bob Carter,
Yachting NSW (YNSW) and Nautilus Marine have combined forces to provide a quality yacht insurance policy that benefits sailing clubs and individual members throughout NSW.... [more]
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NSW Maritime - Sailors keep safe, keep clear
Penny Robins,
NSW Maritime has joined with Yachting NSW to promote safety on the Harbour for the Sail Sydney regatta starting on Monday.... [more]
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How to provision for a long voyage and not forget ANYTHING
Lee Mylchreest,
You're on your first long range sail, you need to provision. That can be a challenge, specially if you're headed somewhere where supplies are hard to get. For my money, there's no better person to ask than Carolyn Shearlock, who here offers a way of checking that you don't forget anything And that's not all Carolyn does - in fact she could just be the the galley slave's first best friend!... [more]
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Quad sailor Geoff Holt - Sailor of the Year Nomination and an MBE
Geoff Holt, British quadriplegic who sailed across the Atlantic this year, is getting plenty of deserved recognition, with a nomination as Britain's Yachting Journalist's Association (YJA) 2010 Yachtsman of the Year and also an MBE, recently awarded by the Queen.... [more]
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Dutch teen sailor to cross the Atlantic today
Nancy Knudsen,
Today's the day that Dutch/New Zealander Laura Dekker sets off for her crossing of the Atlantic, surely a momentous day even for this gutsy and experienced fifteen-year-old. For the last couple of weeks she's been anchored in the Cape Verde Islands on the island of Tarrafal, and, like any 'normal' 15-year-old, has had a girlfriend sleeping over.... [more]
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