Teen sailor starts into the Atlantic...CYCA Commodore profile...No Jessica didn't even try to enter the Hobart...unique reversible winch...report from the Pacific garbage patch...Beneteau for China...and much more...

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 02 Dec 2010

Idyllic tales, heroic rescues, tragedies, products, tips, all here..

Laura Dekker - off to cross the Atlantic, photo by Evert-Jan Daniels1  .
News galore this week: From idyllic sailing tales to sea tragedies and clues about why they happened; from brilliant products to great books for Christmas gifts; from reports about the health of the oceans we sail to news of awards to inspiring rescuers.

Laura Dekker, that Dutch/New Zealander fifteen-year-old who fought authorities for years to be allowed to go sailing, today departs solo to cross her first ocean, the Atlantic. It should take her about three weeks. In the meantime our own Jessica Watson is having to quell the media's attention - no she didn't try to enter the Sydney to Hobart yacht race!

Read why South Africans are holding out hopes that their kidnapped cruising sailors, Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz, from whom nothing has been heard since their abduction more than a month ago, are still alive.

There's an interesting profile of the CYCA commodore, Garry Linacre. It also includes some of his future plans for the Club.

It's all here below, and much more too, neatly packaged, to keep you up to date with what's happening in the world of the cruising sailor.

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See you on the water sometime!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Dutch teen sailor to cross the Atlantic today
Nancy Knudsen,
Today's the day that Dutch/New Zealander Laura Dekker sets off for her crossing of the Atlantic, surely a momentous day even for this gutsy and experienced fifteen-year-old. For the last couple of weeks she's been anchored in the Cape Verde Islands on the island of Tarrafal, and, like any 'normal' 15-year-old, has had a girlfriend sleeping over.... [more]
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Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Commodore profile, Garry Linacre
John Curnow,
CYCA - He's been in the post for a few months now, but the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's Commodore, Garry Linacre, is not new to the scene or the sport, for that matter. On the contrary, Garry is eminently qualified for the role and above all of that, is one hell of a nice guy... [more]
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Sydney's Manly Ferry - A unique perspective
Andrea Francolini,
The Manly Ferry with no sun..... Andrea Francolini has recently been shooting on the ferry only while it has been raining – which was not that hard to do in this past month – and still managed to find some interesting angles even with out much light.... [more]
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Sailor perishes in late sail to the Canaries
Sail-World Round-up,
Sailor's lore goes that to cross the Atlantic, the savvy sailor will leave Europe for the Canaries no later than September before the savage winter gales set in. The wisdom of this was proved again this week as a British cruising sailor tragically perished in a journey between Lisbon and Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.... [more]
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Oceans where fishes choke - Marine scientists express disquiet
ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies,
Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg and Associate Professor Mark McCormick of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies have recently published scientific articles which raise concern about the impact of large areas of ocean emerging which are so low in oxygen that fish and other sea life cannot survive.... [more]
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Jessica Watson puts paid to Hobart media beat up
There was a slow news day last week and we were greeted with breathless news headlines from some of the mainstream print media with the startling news 'Jessica Watson banned from Sydney to Hobart race.' Startling it was because Jessica Watson was not banned, she did not enter, as she explains in this statement.... [more]
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Hope for kidnapped South African cruising sailors
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
While South African authorities have not yet heard from the Somali pirates who kidnapped two South African cruising sailor over a month ago they believe that the two are alive... [more]
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Yacht survivor meets his rescuer at IMO award ceremony
Sail-World Cruising,
A 72 year-old American citizen, survivor from a yacht that sank off Australia in appalling weather conditions last year, was reunited with his Fijian rescuer in an emotional ceremony held on last week at the Headquarters of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).... [more]
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Children explore the world of sharks these summer school holidays
Shirani Aththas,
Children explore the world of sharks these summer school holidays - The exciting summer holiday program – Shark Zone – is themed around the museum's major new exhibition Planet Shark – Predator or Prey. Through fun crafts and games children will discover all about the fascinating world of our ocean's greatest predator and why they're under threat.... [more]
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Sue Thomson sailing in to Sanctuary Cove boat show and other events
Jeni Bone,
Sue Thomson, the recently appointed general manager events and marketing for Sanctuary Cove on Queensland's Gold Coast, is looking forward to many things about her new role.... [more]
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Go Sailing Day - Wrap on Yachting Victoria's recent community
Yachting Victoria,
Go Sailing Day - Despite strong winds a record thirty six Victorian yacht clubs welcomed hundreds of visitors for the free annual community Go Sailing Day on Sunday seventh of November.... [more]
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Beneteau heads for China
Mandy Lo, The Standard,
Beneteau, now 125 years old, is heading for China. It watched the rise of the sailing culture in Europe, and then in the USA, where it took 50 years to become popular. So aiming for China is just second nature, as Mandy Lo writes:... [more]
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Product of the Week: Selden Reversible Winch

Sail-World's Product of the Week is the 2010 winner of the prestigious DAME Award (Design Award METS), now in its 20th year. The Seldén Reversible Winch, which comes from Seldén Mast AB, was the winner in the category of Deck Equipment, and overall winner.... [more]
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Voyaging with Velella: Mexico and Turtle Bay
Meghan Cleary, American Sailing Association,
While most sailing in the northern hemisphere is drawing to a close, the Caribbean is the place to find clear weather, balmy seas and hundreds of fellow cruisers. Meghan Cleary, writer-at-large from the American Sailing Association, is voyaging through the tropical waters of Americas, and is with her partner Prescott and their kitten Nessie on their yacht Velella:... [more]
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Sailing Tip of the Week: How never to hit bottom
Craig Headifen,
They say that there are two categories of sailors – those that have hit the bottom, and the liars. Well, with this article, I have to place myself firmly in the first category. I believe the reason 'they' (I never really know who 'they' are) make this statement is to promote caution, that you're never too immune from the bottom of the ocean no matter how much experience you have.... [more]
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Chandlers' pirate captors thought to have families in Britain
David Williams/Sail-World Cruising,
In a demonstration of just how complex the murky world of the Somali pirate is, it has now been revealed that some of the pirates who held British cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler for over a year may have families - wives and children - living back in Britain.... [more]
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Book Review: 200 Skippers' Tips
Rob Tickner,
Here's an invaluable source of quick information and a great idea for Christmas. If you dip into any of the 200 Skippers' tips in this handy book you'll make yourself a better sailor.... [more]
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Sailor drowned, two lost for 12 days, no EPIRB
Mark Alan Lovewell, Vineyard Gazette/Sail-World,
Today almost every tragic tale of being lost at sea involves the admission of carrying no EPIRB. What was meant to be a routine sail from Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts in the USA to the Caribbean this month was no different. The voyage ended in tragedy after an inaccurate forecast, advice 'not to worry if you don't hear from us', and the lack of an EPIRB.... [more]
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New Website and App from Vicsail Sydney
Vicsail Sydney,
On Vicsail Sydney's brand new website, you will be able to look through the Beneteau range with new ease - search for the newest models, download brochures, and watch helpful images and videos... [more]
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NSW Maritime Medal winners announced
Penny Robins,
NSW Maritime Medal winners announced - Mr Dunn said the NSW Maritime Medal was designed to acknowledge those who made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the maritime community.... [more]
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Sailors for the Sea report on the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch'
Sails for the Sea,
Read this article and you may never use plastic again! The controversy about the existence of the infamous 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' has raged for many years. Some sailors reported sailing through fast quantities of plastic floating, others, on the same routes have reported nothing. Now the Scripps Institution of Oceanography reports back in a November essay for Sailors for the Sea:... [more]
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Twenty Somalis arrested for yacht attack
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Twenty Somalis suspected of being the pirates who were involved in the kidnapping of two South African cruising sailors, Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz, on October 26, have been arrested by the Dutch Navy, and are now being held on a supply ship pending further investigations.... [more]
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Win an Opti for the Kids and One for Club - Closing TODAY !! ENTER NOW
Sail-World.com & Powerboat-world.com,
The winner of the OziOPti Sail-World competition will receive an OziOpti ‘Regatta Mark IV' GRP racing boat complete valued at AUD$3,950 (or NZ$5,135). AND They will ALSO win for their chosen sailing club an OziOpti ‘Tacker' Poly training boat valued at AUD$2,395 (or NZ$3,200). There will also be prizes of 10 x $100 ‘The Boatyard' vouchers.... [more]
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