Three more countries unsafe for cruising sailors...Chandlers net £500,000 for story...Bavaria to acquire Grand Soleil and Dufour...night vision sailing cap...and much more...

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 25 Nov 2010

Cruising news from around the world

Nightvision cap - just what we've been waiting for. Even has a red light option to preserve your night vision  .
The most gripping cruising news of the week continues to be the fairytale rescue of one cruising sailor couple and how they are coping with their new found freedom and their mega-star status, which has netted them a lucrative media deal.

Then there's the desperate plight of the other couple who haven't been heard of since they were taken from the yacht they were sailing on from Dar es Salaam to South Africa nearly two weeks ago.

When times are tough it opens opportunities for those who are quick on their feet. It appears that the well-known Bavaria brand may have 'attracted' two other well-known brands to join their fold.

News of two rallies – the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) is off on its 25th crossing of the Atlantic, and there's a new rally just announced for the adventurous: On the 'safe' side of the Indian Ocean, a rally from Fremantle in Western Australia to Bali.

Featured yacht this week is the Antares 44i, the catamaran that really is strong enough and well designed enough to cross oceans with the greatest of ease.

There are several useful stories this week too : Twelve tips on how to look after your money while you are cruising; a very innovative product in the 'Powercap' night vision cap with built in LED lights; a way to make emergency drinking water from sea water without a watermaker; and BoatUS gives some tips as to how to weather the winter without being onboard or just plain bored (and might make the family glad when winter is over).

....and much more too, so browse down the stories to find what interests you, and...

Smooth sailing (if you can find some warm water)!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique now unsafe for cruising sailors
Sail-World Cruising,
East African countries bordering the west Indian Ocean are becoming alarmed about Somali piracy spreading to their waters. These rising acts of piracy on the East African coast, which last week included the kidnapping of two South African cruising sailors, has ignited fears of the United Nations declaring the region's waters a war-risk operation zone... [more]
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Lost & Found - happy ending to yacht rescue off Qingdao
Alistair Skinner,
Last Sunday 22 November, three Flying Tigers set sail from Qingdao Olympic Marina for what should have been a nice afternoon sail off the harbour. But a wind from the north at over 30 knots appeared from out of the blue, and one of the Flying Tigers was blown out to sea.... [more]
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Kidnapped cruising sailors sell their story for £500,000
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
With a reputed £620,000 (approx $980,000) paid out to secure their release from Somali pirates who kept them hostage for over a year, Paul and Rachel Chandler have sold their exclusive story to a media organisation for an estimated £500,000 (approx $790,000). Their international cruising plans on their yacht Lynn Rival, which had taken them from Britain to the Seychelles, were foiled by the kidnap... [more]
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New Rally in the Indian Ocean - Fremantle in Western Australia to Bali
Yachting WA,
The official launch of the Visit Indonesia Fremantle to Bali 2011 event hosted by Fremantle Sailing Club marked not only the start of a new era of 'big boat' ocean racing in Western Australia, but also heralds the beginning of a new Cruising Rally from Fremantle in Western Australia to Bali in Indonesia, and an opportunity for long range cruising boats to join a rare rally in the Indian Ocean.... [more]
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Product of the Week: the Night Vision Cap
Lee Mylchreest,
They've finally done it - a brilliant way of seeing at night on the deck, without a torch, without the old cumbersome head torch and without blinding your fellow crew! It's called a 'Powercap' Night Vision Cap, using light and long lasting LED batteries, and it's our product of the week.... [more]
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Bavaria tipped to acquire Dufour and Grand Soleil
Sail-World Cruising,
Two of the world's best known names in yacht production, Grand Soleil and Dufour, may be soon under the control of the well-known German boatbuilder Bavaria.... [more]
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Featured yacht: Antares 44i, the ocean-crossing catamaran

Most production catamarans are built for vacations in protected waters, and their features are designed to attract the short term sailor. The Antares 44i is designed with the entire world in mind, and built in Argentina, instead of Canada, since 2008. Even when fully loaded for circumnavigation, the Antares 44i continues to perform well, as she was designed to do.... [more]
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You've Put the Boat Away for the Season: Now What?
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
This doesn't apply to New Zealand readers, of course, who are just starting their sailing season(lucky them), but across much of America and Europe, sailors have either headed for warmer waters or put away the boat for the season. So what will keep your passion for the water alive all winter long? BoatUS has some suggestions:... [more]
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Sailing boat fire - 30 years of memories lost
Sail-World Round-up,
Those who build their own boats in order to go sailing have a special relationship with the vessel. So losing his home built sailing boat this week after thirty years of memorable cruising was the saddest of blows to ex-Pentagon worker and Washington resident Dan Van Sickel.... [more]
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Cruising sailor and money: The Twelve Tips
Cruisers Network Online/Sail-World,
Once the long range cruiser was obliged to go to very complicated systems and/or carry large quantities of cash while sailing in foreign climes. Today, with the explosion of internet-based banking and credit cards, life has become much easier, but the devil, and the would-be fraudsters, are in the detail.... [more]
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ARC 2010 Starts - 233 yachts cross the line in sunshine
World Cruising Club,
Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) started in spectacular style today as 233 yachts from 26 nations sailed across the start line off Las Palmas de Gran Canaria heading for their final destination, 2,700 nautical miles away in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia.... [more]
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Book of the Week: RYA Sail Trim Handbook for Cruisers
Rob Tickner,
The RYA Sail Trim Handbook for Cruisers by Rob Gibson is an all-new title and is crammed with useful tips and pointers on one of the fundamentals of good seamanship: sail trim. The book focuses more on the needs of the cruising sailor as opposed to the out-and-out racer. After all, a well-trimmed cruising yacht will be better balanced, easier to handle, and will sail more comfortably.... [more]
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Sail away from the winter blues onboard Necker Belle
Virgin Limited Edition,
Got the winter blues already and fancy some sunshine in the New Year? Virgin Limited Edition, Sir Richard Branson's privately owned collection of award-winning luxury retreats has just the ticket.... [more]
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Great Lakes Cruising Club launches online school
Donn Larson,
Great Lakes Cruising Club School - Recreational boaters on the five Great Lakes and Great Loop waterways have a fresh resource to enrich their experience: a program of new 'webinar' tutorials conducted by knowledgeable boaters discussing their subject in live on-screen presentations with visual aids, and an opportunity for students to interact with the instructor and each other.... [more]
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'Monsoon Agreement' to improve global seasonal climate forecasts
Monsoon Agreement - President Obama and India's Prime Minister Singh will enter into a new collaborative agreement between NOAA and the India Ministry of Earth Sciences that aims to improve India's monsoon forecasts. The agreement is part of a series of food security agreements formalized this week during the president's visit.... [more]
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Rally participant lost at sea entering the Bahamas
Sail-World Cruising,
Laura Zekoll from Atlanta, Georgia was not found by a search and rescue mission after being washed off a liferaft near the Bahamas. Steve Black, owner of Cruising Rally Association(CRA), last week had announced that Laura was the subject of a search and rescue mission by the US Coast Guard and the Bahamian Defense Force.... [more]
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Product of the Week: Emergency drink, straight from seawater
Lee Mylchreest,
All sailors who pride themselves on good seamanship will want to have one of these onboard, maybe several in the grab bag, and some in a locker for when your water is contaminated or the pump doesn't work. Seapack Crew is an emergency supply of a safe, hydrating drink, straight from seawater. No power is needed, no pumping. Fresh water in as little as eight hours, straight from the sea.... [more]
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Polish Solanus - from the North West Passage to the Horn
Angela Hill, Oakland Tribune/Sail-World Cruising,
She'd made her way all the from Poland, she'd conquered the Northwest Passage during the summer, one of the most dangerous sailing routes in the world, considered a watery Everest. Yet deeper trouble loomed large for the 48ft yawl when she hit the Bering Sea.... [more]
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Burke Sprint Sailing Jacket
Burke Marine,
Burke Sprint Sailing Jacket - This CB10 Breathable lightweight jacket keeps you dry by transferring condensation through the fabric but is 100% waterproof, windproof and durable.... [more]
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