Should Jessica Watson's Pink Lady end up in a West Australian Maritime Museum?...three British sailors thought to be $5000 with an innovative lifejacket...beta test graphic weather on your smartphone...and much more...

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 04 Nov 2010

Hoping unconfirmed remains unconfirmed...

Pink Lady in Sydney - should the Queensland Government purchase her boat?  .
Let's hope the unconfirmed reports of the three British sailors kidnapped by Somali pirates remains just that – unconfirmed. They were, however, sailing in much the same waters as the Chandlers were when they were kidnapped just over a year ago, and a long way from either the official transit zone or the Yemeni coast.

Yemen, who used to produce its share of fishermen-turned-opportunistic-pirates, these days is a full member of the unofficial club of countries trying to curb piracy. Read what it's costing them.

A question for you: Should the Queensland Government step in to buy Jessica Watson's Pink Lady, or is it okay that it ends up in a West Australian maritime museum?

Three opportunities this week – win an Opti sailing boat for you and one for your club, just by completing a survey; then, if you have an iPhone or other brand of smartphone, Passage Weather is looking for those willing to beta test their new app; and if you think you could design a better life jacket, you could win US$5,000, and the competition, run by BoatUS, is open to all nationalities.

Best tale of the week comes from the Oceans Watch crew who have just completed a season in the non-profit organisaton's work in the South Pacific, helping to restore sustainability to the precious islands.

One can only imagine Tony Bullimore won't be too happy that his crew capsized the Spirit of Antigua when he wasn't onboard. They weren't even racing, but obviously enjoying the ride. 'We were sailing fast and close to the wind. We then had a big gust, and because it's a multi-hull, the apparent wind induces a much worse effect.'....well, gosh, it was a multi-hull all the time and they hadn't noticed.

Lots of other news both close to home and away – a product of the week to look after the quality of your fuel, and some misadventures. As a cruising sailor, the useful purpose in reading these stories for me is: How can I try to make sure that this doesn't happen to me? They were easy this week – check your rigging and its age, use your anchor alarm (found on most GPS's), make daylight arrivals and departures, and, the simplest of all, take an EPIRB with you when you sail. Find the stories that match.

Much more too, so browse down the headlines to find what catches your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Maritime Security Alert
A maritime security alert has been issued following the possible hijack of a civilian yacht in the Indian Ocean. Preliminary reports, as reported earlier by Sail-World, indicate that the vessel has three British nationals on board and was seized in the vicinity of the Seychelles... [more]
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Design A Better Life Jacket And Win $5,000
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
Do you find aspects of your life jacket you could design better? Are you frustrated by the inability to get just what you want? If you can design a better life jacket, you could win $5000 in a new world wide competition.... [more]
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Chichester's Gypsy Moth secure, but not Watson's Pink Lady
Sail-World Round-up,
When a solo sailor inspires a nation, as Sir Francis Chichester did the British with his solo sailing exploits, or as Jessica Watson did the Australians with her sixteen-year-old solo global sail, there's much regret if their boat is sold to another nation. It's now been confirmed that Chichester's Gypsy Moth is to remain in Britain, no one knows about Jessica Watson's yacht Pink Lady.... [more]
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Graphic weather on your smartphone - help beta test
Daria Blackwell,
Passage Weather is the website cruisers worldwide rely on for accurate weather information while planning off shore passages from on shore. Now they are beta-testing an app for iPhone, Android and various other handheld mobile devices and looking for input. If you have a handheld mobile device, please help Passage Weather with their beta testing.... [more]
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Rottnest Island boaties' weekend - fun and safety education together
Sail-World Cruising,
Calling West Australians! If you or a member of your crew is not 100% on safety equipment, knot tying, safety in approach, or many other elements essential to be a safe sailor, the Pains Wessex Rottnest Escorted Safety Convoy (RESC) is a fantastic opportunity, and a weekend which will be both educational and fun.... [more]
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Breaking News: Three British sailors kidnapped by Somali pirates
Sail-World Cruising,
A reliable source in Kenya has reported that his organisation has been informed that pirates have hijacked a yacht in the Indian Ocean with three British citizens aboard, and they are continuing to investigate the report.... [more]
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Oceans Watch - sailors restoring sustainability to the South Pacific
Tom Barnfield,
The peoples of the South Pacific existed for some thousands of years in harmony with nature. The onset of Western civilisation changed that and brought problems of rising disease, pollution, degradation of their aquatic environment and rising sea levels. For the last few years a dedicated group of sailors called Oceans Watch is attempting to restore sustainability to these precious islands.... [more]
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Two solo sailors rescued off Australia's east coast.
Des Ryan,
Two solo sailors have been rescued on the east coast of Australia in the last couple of days, one in Tasmania and one in Queensland. The Queensland incident occurred when the long time yachtie grounded his yacht off Stradbroke Island, while in Tasmania the Sydney woman's yacht dragged into the surf and started taking on water.... [more]
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New Simrad DSC-equipped VHF radios
Ben Sandman,
New Simrad DSC-equipped VHF radios - The fixed-mount RS10 and RS25 have each been designed to resist the harsh marine environment and feature easy-to-use Digital Select Calling (DSC) operation.... [more]
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Win an Opti for the Kids and One for the Club - enter now!! &,
The winner of the OziOPti Sail-World competition will receive an OziOpti ‘Regatta Mark IV' GRP racing boat complete valued at AUD$3,950 (or NZ$5,135). AND They will ALSO win for their chosen sailing club an OziOpti ‘Tacker' Poly training boat valued at AUD$2,395 (or NZ$3,200). There will also be prizes of 10 x $100 ‘The Boatyard' vouchers.... [more]
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Ballarat Yacht Club season opens - first time in seven years
Melanie Whelan,The Courier/Sail-World,
The breaking of the drought and the flooding of the western plains has not only been good for the farmers, but sailors are rejoicing as well. The Ballarat Yacht Club is back in business for the first time in seven years, as Melanie Whelan describes:... [more]
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Product of the Week: H2Out keeps water out of fuel
Chris Wood,
Water contamination of fuel is the number one contributor to mechanical failure of a properly maintained engine or heating system. The more water inside the fuel, the more corrosive the fuel is to the engine's fuel injectors, valves, pistons and cylinder walls. This week's product, H2Out, eliminates the water to inhibit the growth of bacteria, greatly extending the life of the system.... [more]
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The Race is on to sail through Space
Spectrum/Sail-World Cruising,
It was sailing boats that set off from Europe in search of new trading routes and the new world to the East and West, and it seems that it will be sailing vessels that lead the way in the new world of space.... [more]
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Bay of Biscay waters - another casualty as teenagers lose mast
This is Plymouth/Sail-World Cruising,
Waters around the Bay of Biscay are getting pretty busy with disabled boats and their rescuers at the moment. Not only is there Tony Bullimore's catamaran The Spirit of Antigua capsized and being guarded by the Dutch Navy until a salvage team arrives, but there's also a tall ship with a bunch of Polish teens on board which has lost one of its masts.... [more]
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Bullimore's 33m catamaran capsized - Update
Sam Nelson,
Tony Bullimore's 33m catamaran capsizes off Cape Finistere. Update: Ben Jones (29): 'There wasn't that much wind-only about 15knots. We were sailing fast and close to the wind. We then had a big gust and because it's a multi hull, the apparent wind induces a much worse affect.... [more]
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Sailor with no EPIRB drifts for days before rescue
Coast Guard/Sail-World Cruising,
'It can't happen to me.' But yes it can. Another leisure sailor has drifted in the ocean for days before being rescued because he didn't have a registered EPIRB on board his boat.... [more]
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Yemen's $250 million loss from Somali pirates
Muhyadin Ahmed Roble/Sail-World Cruising,
It's not only cruising sailors and international shipping that are affected by Somali pirates. Until around 2006 Yemeni was just as productive of opportunist pirates as Somalia, but now is one of its greatest victims. A report released by Yemen authorities has said piracy attacks against vessels in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden had caused them US$150 million in the local fish sector in 2009... [more]
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Tony Bullimore's catamaran capsized off Spain
Barry Pickthall,PPL/Sail-World Cruising,
This time at least his boat was not in the Southern Ocean. Tony Bullimore's 33m catamaran has capsized off Cape Finisterre in the Bay of Biscay and seven British based crew members have been rescued by French Air Sea Rescue services.... [more]
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New disposal system nets large number of flares
NSW Maritime,
NSW Maritime reports that almost 6000 flares have been deposited since a new partnership for their safe disposal began in March. Early indications were that boaters had got the message and were responding enthusiastically to safely dispose of flares and keep them out of landfill.... [more]
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Warning - Fire risk with inboard petrol engines
NSW Maritime,
NSW Maritime has issued a warning to boat owners about the risk of petrol vapour. Owners of boats fitted with petrol inboard engines, or with under-floor fuel tanks need to take extra care when it comes to maintenance and operation, and especially refuelling. The vast majority of recreational powerboats have outboard petrol engines that hang off the back of the vessel with a removable fuel tank... [more]
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Raymarine ticks every box for Marine Rescue NSW
Imprint Media,
Marine Rescue NSW has selected Raymarine to supply new electronic navigation systems for its fleet of 95 boats based along the entire New South Wales coast, from Eden to Tweed Heads.... [more]
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