Circling the Arctic in a single season...incident off Capetown...'dry-boat-simulator' wins award for student...whale or container blamed for sinking tall ship...and much more...

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 21 Oct 2010

New feats, new discoveries, new tales from the ocean...

New sailing feat - Circumnavigating the Arctic in a single season  .
Apart from the lure of sailing our lakes, coastlines and oceans, the waters we sail seem also never-endingly full of new stories, new discoveries and new feats by intrepid sailors.

This week we bring word of the first sailing boat to circumnavigate the North Pole through the Arctic in a single season, there are more tales of sailing in Croatia, and the 600BC sailing boat Phoenicia has completed her two year circumnavigation of Africa.

Then there's news of sailors' new innovations, incident accounts we can learn from, and sailing tips to hone your sailing skills.

Read of the immobiliser that might save your dinghy being stolen, of the student who's invented a 'dry boat simulator' for teaching on dry land, an incident account off Cape Town, and the sailing tip of the week: It seems so simple – the stopper knot – but do you remember always to check yours before you leave the dock?

We also bring you Sailors for the Sea's article to clear up some of the misconceptions on Global Warming, and read how the Irish now think that it was maybe a whale that sank their beautiful sail training ship Asgard II

...and much more too, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sweet sailing always!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Trimaran circles the Arctic in a single season
Sail-World Cruising roundup,
A trimaran sailing boat has circled the North Pole in a single summer season, a feat made possible by global warming and the melting of the Arctic ice cap, the boat's international crew said this week.... [more]
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Sailors for the Sea: Climate Change Misconceptions and Realities

Through their Ocean Watch program, Sailors for the Sea, the action-oriented, nonprofit organisation dedicated to preservation of the waters we sail in, periodically produce essays on matters related to the ocean environment. Here is their latest offering, Climate Change Misconceptions and Realities:... [more]
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Incident off Cape Town: The sailors tell
Michelle Solomon, Daily Dispatch/Sail-World,
The steering was the first to go when the main sheet wrapped around the steering pedestal-as the wind caught the sail it ripped the pedestal from the deck. Trying to make port under motor, a green wave from the seven metre swells came over the back and completely drenched the electronics, radios, everything. This is how Marius Saunders describes their incident in the Southern Ocean off Capetown.... [more]
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Phoenicia proves the skeptics wrong by circumnavigating Africa
Lee Mylchreest,
On the morning of Friday 15th October Phoenicia sailed in to Port Beirut, Lebanon at the end of their magnificent circumnavigation of Africa. After 20,000 miles and two years at sea, the arrival sees the triumphant completion of their voyage in the replica 600 BC ship - of enormous significance to historians and archeologists as it ends speculation that such journeys were possible... [more]
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Go sailing without sailing - with the Tahina Expedition
Des Ryan,
Want to sail around the world without sailing around the world? The Tahina Expedition is offering you just that - and you'll be helping raise awareness of issues facing the oceans and marine life as well. Frank Taylor is the founder of Google Earth Blog, and you'll be able to follow Tahina's expedition around the world in Google Earth views, GPS, maps and a host of photographs... [more]
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AISnet Base Station makes AIS data available on the web
Sail-World Cruising,
Digital Yacht, British manufacturer of marine navigation and communication equipment, has developed a new shore-side AIS network receiver named AISnet, which, for instance, your marina could install.... [more]
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'Dry Boat Simulator' wins design award for student
BBC Northwestwales/Sail-World,
An engineering student has won a design award for a 'dry land boat simulator' to teach beginners to learn to sail without getting wet. 'It's to teach children how to sail on dry land,' explained Welsh sailor Bleddyn Môn... [more]
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Up your sailing skills in a Caribbean holiday
Sail-World Cruising,
There's nothing like learning while you are having the best time in your life, and sailing is no exception. Complete beginner sailors and those who are out to improve their skills alike are to benefit from custom designed, RYA certificated sailing adventure holidays in the Leeward & Windward Islands of the Caribbean... [more]
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Flotilla sailing in Croatia: Episode 3
Meghan Cleary, American Sailing Association,
The American Sailing Association is flotilla sailing in Croatia. Following on the first and second episodes, here Meghan Cleary takes up her description of their experiences. Enjoy the description and the stunning images: The sail between Komiza and Hvar was a stretch in and out of lulls and wind alleys, which made for an active day at the helm.... [more]
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Kidnapped Briton 'on mission to free the kidnapped cruising sailors'
Sail-World Cruising roundup,
The British press are reporting that the Aid worker kidnapped in Somalia near Adado was on a mission to negotiate the release of cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler, who were kidnapped from their yacht and held for ransom on 22nd October 2009, and are still being held. Little has been heard of the kidnapped sailors in the last six months... [more]
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Sailing Tip of the Week: Don't forget the simple stopper knot
Grant Headifen,
Whether you're learning to sail or are an advanced sailor, this tip is basic stuff but excellent to remember if you don't like going up the mast....and the tip is: Never forget to check all your stopper knots are in place (Also instructions on how to tie one)... [more]
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Whale or container blamed for sinking of sail training ship
Des Ryan,
The investigation into the loss of the Irish sail training vessel Asgard II more than two years ago off the northwest French coast has found that the ship may have collided with a container or another object such as a whale.... [more]
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Product of the Week: GOST immobiliser, to help prevent dinghy theft
Sail-World Cruising,
Worried about security for your dinghy? Maybe you need, not a ghost, but a GOST on board... The GOST (Global Ocean Security Technologies - formerly Paradox Marine) Immobilizer is a start up prevention system for single-engine outboard boats, yacht tenders, RIBs and PWCs.... [more]
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Britain creates 'National Trust' to privatise waterways
The announcement by the Cabinet Office that British Waterways will be replaced with a new civil society body builds on recommendations by British Waterways for the establishment of a ‘National Trust' for the waterways, as waterway minister, Richard Benyon MP, explains... [more]
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