Jesse Martin off to sail again...skipper lost in freak accident...Singapore sings up a rally event...Wooden Boat Festivals are on...Russian adventure sailor's boat in pirate attack...and much more...

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 14 Oct 2010

New rallies, Green projects, young solo sailors and more...

Square rigger Screen Star sailing ship for Classic & Wooden Boat Festival © Chris Cameron  Chris Cameron
If you're anywhere near Sydney this weekend, don't miss Sydney's Classic and Wooden Boat Festival. There will 120 wooden and classic boats in Darling Harbour, and if you're quick today, you could even watch Screen Star, one of the Pacific's most glamorous tall ships, sail up Sydney Harbour on its way to the Festival.

It seems that there's always a new rally or regatta being born somewhere in the world, and now there's a very imaginative one out of Singapore.

Read how Singapore yachties have designed an imaginative rally/race event from Batam near Singapore for February next year through the beautiful untouched Riau Archipelago, with a most unusual farthest mark. There's still time to get there!

Our own round world record holder Jesse Martin, who circumnavigated solo non-stop and unassisted back in 1999, is off to America to purchase a boat that is ideal for single-handed sailing, to sail it home. There's no word on future plans yet though.

When Jesse started his record-breaking voyage he was almost unknown. Things are different today, read how, even before Laura Dekker has set out on her first long leg, her grandmother has published a book about the 15-year-old.

It's gratifying to see that the number of Green projects just keeps on expanding. This week charter company The Moorings is sponsoring another.

There's a Product of the Week and a Book of the Week, and lots of other news from our own coastlines and the world's oceans, so..

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Cruising Singapore to the Equator - the Neptune Regatta 2011
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Singapore based yachties are planning an event next February that should be exciting for both cruising yachts and the racing fraternity. The Neptune Regatta, to start from Nongsa Point Marine, Batam, over the Singapore Strait from Singapore, on 01 February next year, will head south to the equator and back. For serious racers, it will be a race, but the cruising rally will take it more easily.... [more]
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Sailing boat Skipper lost in freak accident
KGW/Sail-World Cruising,
Who is the most important member of the crew to wear a life jacket or be harnessed on? The weakest member? The youngest? Those who can't swim? No, it's the Skipper! - the one whose most important in getting the sailing boat back to shore. This was underlined by a tragic incident this week where all the crew, the skipper's own children, had life jackets on, but not their father.... [more]
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Jesse Martin to set off to sea in a Contessa 26
Des Ryan,
Australian sailor Jesse Martin, who remains the youngest solo non-stop unassisted sailor to cross opposite points of the globe in a single round the world voyage, and the young sailor that inspired fellow Australian sailor Jessica Watson in her solo voyage, is to set to sea again.... [more]
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Icom astounds Frankston Yacht Club with generous donation
Steven Cooke,
Icom Australia has donated valuable communications equipment to the Frankston Yacht Club. In the club's Annual Opening Ceremony, Commodore Ashley Daff recognised Icom's contribution, and thanked Managing Director of Icom Australia, Mr Takashi Aoki, by naming the ‘Aoki san'.... [more]
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Product of the Week: The Ecowind varying pitch propeller
Kevin Woody,
A propeller that will adapt to changing situations by automatically varying its pitch under differing load conditions. It sounds like a good deal, particularly for long range cruising sailors, and that's just what the manufacturer claims.... [more]
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Book of the Week - True Spirit
Rob Tickner,
'When I was young I was pretty much afraid of everything.' These are words from one of the most successful non-fiction books of the year, and according to the booksellers, 'True Spirit' by Jessica Watson, is still going strong.... [more]
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Royal Malta Yacht Club Commodore to the rescue
Times of Malta/Sail-World Cruising,
So often it's the yacht that needs rescuing, so it's nice to see the tables turned. A boy who spent three hours in the sea at night before he was rescued by a patrol boat off the coast of Malta said he was helped by a yacht, but in his desperate state might have been 'imagining' it.... [more]
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Australian Wooden Boat Festival - on its way again
Michael Goodwin,
Held every two years since 1994 the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, scheduled to happen again 11-14 February 2011, is now recognised as one of the top wooden boat events in the world. Staged on Hobart's historic Sullivans Cove waterfront docks the festival regularly attracts over 500 wooden boats of all shapes and sizes ranging from majestic tall ships to the smallest row boats.... [more]
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Weather Webcasts for the Caribbean
Eddie Tuttle, Cruisers Newwork Online,
In the Caribbean or thinking of sailing there? Here's some great news on how you can get the scoop on what's going on for sailors right across the popular cruising ground. Chris Parker (the almost legendary weather adviser for the area) and his SSB nets can now be monitored through a webcast facility on the internet.... [more]
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Famed Russian sailor's schooner attacked by pirates
Nadezhda Podolskaya/Sail-World,
The 22 metre schooner St Victoria, owned by famed Russian sailor, adventurer and writer Fyodor Konyukhov, has been attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden. Russian marines aboard the yacht successfully repelled the attack... [more]
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'Screen star' sailing ship for Classic & Wooden Boat Festival
Bill Richards,
'Screen star' sailing ship for Classic & Wooden Boat Festival - The Classic & Wooden Boat Festival, with 120 vessels on display and a two-day entertainment program full of music, maritime crafts and kids activities, will centre on the Australian National Maritime Museum adjacent to Cockle Bay. Indeed Soren Larsen will be just one of four tall ships on show.... [more]
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Rescuers save two sailors' lives from treacherous Ledge
Sail-World Cruising,
After the 36ft Hunter Legend Summer Song lost its steering when passing close to the treacherous Peveril Point in the south east of Dorset, UK, this week, it ended up very quickly on Peveril Ledge. If it hadn't been for the super swift action of the Royal National Lifesaving Institiution (RNLI), the story could have had a very different ending.... [more]
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15-year-old has just started circumnavigating, but the book is out now
Sail-World Cruising,
Jessica Watson's book wasn't published until her return from her amazing voyage, but the family of Laura Dekker are getting in early. Riek Dekker had already started writing her book about the tribulations of her 14-year-old granddaughter Laura when she was prevented by the Dutch courts from embarking on a solo circumnavigation. The difference, she says now, is that the story has a happy ending... [more]
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Heaven Can Wait - Getting across the line!!
Heaven Can Wait Media,
Please help get us over the line! As you would know, we have raised a record amount of money from this year's event: currently we are sitting on over $38,000 raised through both the EveryDayHero website, through the Heaven Can Wait race entry forms and some cash donations. We'd dearly love to see this total get to over $40,000 by the end of this weekend, when the fundraising process ends... [more]
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Barz Optics returns to the Annapolis Sail Show
Jeni Bone,
After an absence of five years Barz Optics, 'The Australian Sunglass Co', will again be exhibiting their new highly developed polarized sunglass range at the Annapolis Sail Show, Maryland October 7-11.... [more]
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Coral Reef Studies - Turtle, dugongs 'at risk under climate change'
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Coral Reef Studies - The 'turtle and dugong capital of the world', the northern Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and Torres Strait region, faces increased pressure under climate change from human actions such as fishing, hunting, onshore development and pollution.... [more]
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Marine mammal conservation project sponsored by The Moorings
Alex Blake,
There is no group of people more concerned about the preservation of the oceans and the threatened life in them than cruising sailors. So it's pleasing news for sailors that The Moorings, probably the world's premiere yacht charter company, is sponsoring Expedition Biosphere Fakarava, a marine mammal research and conservation initiative in the South Pacific.... [more]
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Climate change hits SE Australia fish species
Climate change hits SE Australia fish species - CSIRO's Climate Adaptation and Wealth from Oceans Flagships have identified 43 species, representing about 30 per cent of the inshore fish families occurring in the region, that exhibited shifts thought to be climate-related.... [more]
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