What makes a solo sailor?...J111 reviewed...Sailing season beginnings...cruising tales - Greenland, Norway and Sicily...Somali pirate incident...satphone evaluation...and much more...

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 07 Oct 2010

Sailing tales galore...

Brae - Reward after a hard trip - puttering among the fjords  .
It was a wet weekend on the east coast that started the official sailing season, but the sailors were out in force anyway! All along our coastlines (and even in once-dry lakes), sailors were celebrating the return of summer, and we bring you some of the stories.

While waiting for the weather to improve, there's nothing better than reading the exploits of other sailors, and maybe getting ideas for future adventures yourself!

Sail-World Cruising was inundated with interesting tales from the oceans this week and couldn't print them all. We do bring you Bill Cook's sailing adventure to Greenland, a tale of a not-rougher-than-usual crossing of the North Sea from Shetland to Norway, and, for the hedonistically minded, Eye Candy is sailing the Sicilian coastline.

A wide variety of other news too, all relevant to the cruising sailor and the oceans we sail in.

It's sad news for the sailing fraternity in the beautiful Seychelles, as the British Government has just warned its citizens against sailing there. Talking of pirates, read the first-hand account of a pirate incident near the Straits of Bab el Mandeb at the entry to the Red Sea.

Nanortalik, Greenland  .. .
Iridium asked the reputable Frost & Sullivan to prove what they knew already, that Iridium has it all sown up as far as cruising sailors are concerned, and we print their report.

The story of a cruising sailor with his VHF aerial on his mast and no emergency aerial was a critical reminder of how vulnerable and helpless a boat becomes once the VHF aerial is lost if there is an emergency.

Green news includes the catamaran that has just set out to circle the globe on solar power only, and there's another Antarctic survey to study ice climate over more than 20 million years.

This week's boat review is of the J111, and some of Australia's online marine suppliers are doing well from the international market - read about one.

Browse the stories to find your own interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Wet weekend to start NSW Boating Season
Neil Patchett,
On-water safety checks were conducted on almost 800 vessels across New South Wales over the long weekend, according to NSW Maritime. 'The wet weather in coastal areas understandably restricted the number of boats out on the water over the weekend but NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers were still on patrol in support of safe and responsible boating,' said Howard Glenn.... [more]
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Satellite phone evaluation by Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan,
Satellite phones are becoming a 'must have' for sailors adventuring beyond their home shores. Here, Frost & Sullivan evaluates features and performance of satellite phones. The company has been commissioned to carry out evaluations on satellites four times, the first time commissioned by Global Star, then three times by Iridium. Here are the results of their latest evaluation:... [more]
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Sailing into Tolkein - a Greenland adventure
His name is Cook and his ship is called Resolution. No, it's not Captain James Cook, and it's not 1767 - this is the tale of yacht designer Bill Cook and his yacht, also called Resolution, on their sailing adventure to Greenland this year. Bill Cook, Hyannis yacht designer, spent six weeks this summer on a 3,000-mile cruise to the country that still remains largely unknown to outsiders... [more]
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Somali pirate incident in the Gulf of Aden
Mark Jensen,
Sydney-siders Mark Jensen and Nicolle Jean have been cruising the world on their much loved Beneteau 393 sailing yacht, Sea Life. Here Mark tells his story of an incident that occurred in the Gulf of Aden, just near the Straits of Bab el Mandeb, the entry to the Red Sea:... [more]
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Summer's on the way and the Festivals of Sail begin - Mackay.
Cait Bester, Daily Mercury/Sail-World,
As the weather warms and the sailing season gets going again around Australia, many harbours, bays and yacht clubs are celebrating the return of summer with a Festival of Sail. In Mackay, Queensland, they do it with a Sail and Paddle Family Fun Day by the Mackay Yacht Club, which means that the small beach at the front of the Mackay Yacht Club was a sea of keen young sailors-to-be last weekend... [more]
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Rains bring rebirth to Victoria's Derrinallum Yacht Club
Kate Butler, The Standard/Sail-World Cruising,
Deep Lake in western Victoria, for the last 12 years, has been anything but deep, but recent rains have filled it to the landing ramps and that's causing much excitement at the Derrinallum Yacht and Power Boat Club. Today it says it is going to break a 12-year drought today, and it means it literally.... [more]
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Tale of Crossing the North Sea - Shetland to Norway
Marsali Taylor, Shetland News/Sail-World,
Sailors who regularly cross the North Sea are a hardy crowd, as the North Sea is famed for its freezing winds and rough seas. Marsali Taylor experienced her first North Sea yacht crossing this year. Here, she describes what turned out to be a difficult and eventful journey.... [more]
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Loss of VHF aerial with mast meant rescue was 'lucky'
Lee Mylchreest,
Having his VHF aerial attached to the mast and being without an emergency VHF aerial meant that a sailor was 'lucky' to be rescued last week in seas off the Isle of Man, when his emergency flare was fortuitously sighted by a passing tanker. The cruising sailor found himself drifting on his vessel 30 miles south-west of the Island with a snapped mast and broken engine.... [more]
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What makes a solo sailor? - New study
Sail-World Cruising/VELUX 5 OCEANS,
What is it that makes a solo sailor? Among the thousands of sailors who set off from home for an afternoon, a day, a year or longer, why is it that some wish to do it alone? A contingent from the University of Portsmouth (UK) is about to try to find out by a study of the eight participants in the next VELUX 5 OCEANS 'Ultimate Solo Challenge' round world solo race.... [more]
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130th Opening Day on the River Derwent
Peter Campbell,
Hobart turned on perfect spring weather today for the start of the yachting season. Yachts and cruisers from the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, Bellerive Yacht Club, the Derwent Sailing Squadron and the Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania took part in the sail past, with many boats and their crews later enjoying the traditional raft-up at Nutgrove Beach.... [more]
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Catamaran to circle the globe on solar power alone
Des Ryan,
Last week, on Monday 27th September, a very large solar solar-powered yacht called Planet Solar set out from Monaco on a 31,000 mile trip around the globe. Its goal is to be the first to circumnavigate the globe in a 'solar' boat, i.e. one powered by a silent, pollution-free electrical engine, driven exclusively by solar energy.... [more]
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Powerful Simrad NSO Offshore navigation system
Sandman PR,
From sailing to cruising to fishing, Simrad's new large display NSO Offshore navigation system leverages the complete line-up of Simrad performance modules for best-in-class performance. Based on the Simrad NSE platform – and available with sleek and stylish 25.4cm (10'), 38.1cm (15') and 48.3cm (19') displays – the new NSO Offshore system offers unique integration and control capabilities.... [more]
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ANDRILL team to conduct Antarctic survey project in 2010-11 season
Tom Simons,
ANDRILL team to conduct Antarctic survey project in 2010-11 season - The joint United States-New Zealand expedition will operate from a remote camp on the Ross Ice Shelf from late October through early February studying the ice and its movements, the sea beneath the ice and its movements, and the rocks beneath the seafloor.... [more]
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Sailing the Med with Eye Candy - cruising the Sicilian coastline
Andrew and Clare Payne,
Andrew and Clare Payne are cruising the Mediterannean in their yacht Eye Candy, and this week explore Sicily, starting with Trapani on the west coast: On Sunday morning we went into Trapani and took the cable car to the ancient fortified town of Erice which is situated 750 metres above sea level on top of a mountain overlooking Trapani and the sea.... [more]
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The latest J Boat, reviewed
Charles Ulmer, UK-Halsey Sailmakers/Sailworld,
Recently UK-Halsey Sailmaker's Charles 'Butch' Ulmer set out to test sail the latest J Boat, the 36ft J-111. Here's his experience:... [more]
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London warns against sailing in the Seychelles
Sail-World Cruising,
In a statement that is likely to be destructive of the once-thriving bare boat charter locations in the Seychelles, the British Government announced Friday that 'Sailing vessels are vulnerable to attacks by pirates in the waters around the Seychelles.'... [more]
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'Perfect timing' look set to make safety check a winner
Bob Wonders,
Nearly 40 authorised marine dealerships and workshops acorss NSW support the 50 Point Safety Check. Commissioner Glenn Finniss of Marine Rescue NSW, described the check as 'a great way to avoid unwanted breakdowns.'... [more]
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'Captain Calamity' finally destroys his catamaran
Lee Mylchreest,
A hapless sailor dubbed 'Captain Calamity' has destroyed his catamaran after flipping it for the 13th time – while attempting to ride Britain's biggest wave. Sail-World Cruising has been reporting on Glenn Crawley since 2007, when the UK's Royal National Lifesaving Institute (RNLI) was already dubbing him Captain Calamity.... [more]
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World shrinks for online marine suppliers: Sydney Rigging
Bruce Clark,
The world is becoming smaller and smaller for online marine stores, and Sydney Rigging is finding a bonanza in selling to sailors round the world. Now, with competitive prices and mailing getting cheaper by the minute, it's who can offer the best fastest service at the best price. Sydney Rigging is so encouraged, they've added new lines to their already wide online range... [more]
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Mandurah Boat Show: Paying tribute to Malcolm Douglas
Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show,
While the show must go on, we know that this year's Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show will be missing something important. Our good friend Malcolm Douglas passed away on 23rd September in an accident at his Crocodile Park in Broome. He leaves behind a legacy that will not be easily forgotten.... [more]
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Lost and found: Census of Marine Life turns up hundreds of species
Jeni Bone,
A species that had previously been deemed extinct, was discovered on an underwater peak in the Coral Sea, along with hundreds of new species, in a $669m decade-long global marine survey, 'Census of Marine Life', conducted by scientists across the area between Australia and New Caledonia.... [more]
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Doyle Sails - October 2010 Newsletter
Doyle Sails,
It has been nearly three months now since Doyle Sails Australia's Sydney operations were expanded with financial and technical support from Doyle Sails New Zealand. For Sydney the expansion resulted in a move back into the Rushcutters Bay loft and a push on the marketing side.... [more]
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Ice and wood pulp boat goes down with all hands
Sail-World Cruising,
There's no chance that your newest dinghy will be made of ice and wood pulp any time soon. An attempt to test one of the most bizarre proposals of the Second World War - a boat made from ice and wood pulp - hardly left the marina before the BBC crew, trying to cross Solent to test the boat, sank with all on board and were rescued by the nearest boat, all of a metre away.... [more]
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