The Northwest Passage in 12 days solo...Exuma wins Monaco Yacht Show Green award...suddenly alone - would you know what to do?...flotilla sailing in Croatia...rescuers honoured...and much more...

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 30 Sep 2010

More adventure sailors who just don't give up...

More adventurous sailors show what's possible if you don't ever give up.  .
Echoes from last week's story about Donna Lange, the sailor who just never gave up, even when her yacht had beached itself, which is usually the death of a sailing boat. This week a couple more sailing adventurers are in the news, and again each is a practical demonstration of how, if you have a dream, you should never never give up.

The first is a New Zealand sailor who on his second try has just transited the dreaded Northwest Passage solo in an amazing 12 days.

Then there's the British Grandmother who is just about to start her third attempt at a circumnavigation, non-stop and unassisted. Read what happened on her first two attempts, and be lost in admiration, as I am, for her perseverance.

There's a gladdening trickle of accounts each week about new efforts to preserve our precious air and ocean:

This week read how and why Exuma has won the Monaco Yacht Show's Green Award (but what about the 'toys'?), also read about Tang, the first of a new generation of hybrid catamarans. How long since you sailed in the Thames Estuary, if ever? These days it's sprouting windmills.

If you're a stay-at-home sailor, this issue's cruising tale will make you yearn to be out there - It's a dreamy account of sailing in Croatia; it's good to see some heroic Fijian seamen being honoured for their successful efforts to rescue international cruising sailors; and there are also several practical articles to check or improve your seamanship.

A lot more too, so browse the stories to find what interests you, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

New Zealander sails the Northwest Passage solo in 12 days
Nancy Knudsen,
A New Zealander has this season transited the Northwest Passage, solo, in 12 days on his yacht, Astral Express. Graeme Kendall, who last made the attempt in 2005 and was forced to turn back, has finally achieved his dream. It has also garnered him a world record for the fastest solo passage through the dreaded Passage.... [more]
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Keeping track of Laura Dekker: Happy Birthday!
Nancy Knudsen,
Laura Dekker, the 14-year-old Dutch sailor who has started her planned solo circumnavigation, and is berthed in Marina Rubicon on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, has turned fifteen! Most parents would say that they would worry for their fifteen-year-old spending her birthday alone, far from home and with no family around, but Laura - and her family - seem to take it in their stride.... [more]
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Missing sailor's empty yacht found anchored at sea
Sail-World/Frank Urquhart, News Scotsman,
No explanation has been forthcoming for why missing Scottish sailor Neil MacKenzie's empty and undamaged sailing boat Solitaire was anchored in the sea after a search located the yacht yesterday. Nothing had been heard from the experienced yachtsman after he set sail from the marina at Highland port of Arisaig on the western coastline of Scotland ten days ago.... [more]
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How to get to a Waypoint without hitting the rocks in between
Grant Headifen,
Let's begin with an example. Recently on our NauticEd flotilla with the Moorings to the Kingdom of Tonga we wanted to pass through the Fanua Tapu Pass which is a gap in the reef to get to the eastern islands of the Vava'u archipelago. Normally the gap is marked by a series of buoys, however the latest storm ate them.... [more]
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Tang, the hybrid catamaran, harbinger of things to come
Sail-World Cruising,
She's called Tang, and she looks just like a normal catamaran, but normal she's not, she's the harbinger of things to come. US designer and manufacturer of large-format batteries International Battery is joining hands with Electric Marine Propulsion(EMP) to build hybrid power units for big boats and yachts.... [more]
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New non-stop solo global sail attempt: a grandmother who won't give up
Des Ryan,
She's the sailor who just won't give up. British grandmother Jeanne Socrates is to attempt, once again, to sail non-stop solo round the globe on her yacht Nereida.... [more]
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Suddenly Alone - would you or your crew know what to do?
Des Ryan,
One of the nightmare scenarios for sailing couples is the loss or incapacitation of one of the parties. That's why the Seven Seas U's webinar 'Suddenly Alone' on the October 7th is a vital knowledge gain, not only for couples, but for all who sail short handed. The charm of the course is that you can take it anywhere in the world, online.... [more]
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Flotilla sailing in Croatia - Episode 2
Meghan Cleary, American Sailing Association,
The American Sailing Association is flotilla sailing in Croatia. Following on the first episode, here Meghan Cleary takes up her description of their experiences: The destination for our second day was the tiny island of Vis. After a lunchtime stop at Tito's private submarine base, we sailed around the point into the beautiful cove of Luka Vis.... [more]
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Yacht dismasted: What to do differently?
Sail-World Cruising,
'The best mistakes to learn by are other people's.' They were exiting the river, being guided by navigation markers, and put up their genoa. There was a sudden torrential downpour, giving nil visibility. Moments later, they hit a Marker Post and the mast came down. The question that might occupy the minds of all active sailors is: What could they (should I in the future) have done differently?... [more]
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Exuma wins Monaco Yacht Show's Green Award - but look at the toys
Lee Mylchreest,
With luxury yachts competing to show off their Green attributes at the Monaco Yacht last week, it was the newly launched 50metre Exuma that won the show's Green Plus Yacht Award 2010, presented Friday by eco-campaigner Prince Albert to its Monaco-resident owner.... [more]
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BoatUS urges Boaters to speak up on Ethanol - EPA decision imminent
In a matter of days, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to announce its decision on whether to approve the addition of up to 50% more ethanol in the nation's gasoline supply, from the current 10% (E10) concentration to a potential 15% (E15).... [more]
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Two Fijians honoured for rescuing international cruising sailors
Nancy Knudsen,
In this, the Year of the Seafarer, the Fijian Government has made two awards for valorous conduct for the rescue of international cruising sailors in the vicinity of Fiji. The awards were made at the Suva Yacht Club on Maritime Day by the Minister for Transport Timoci Natuva, in respect of two separate incidents.... [more]
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Long-Distance larvae speed to new undersea vent homes
Working in a rare, 'natural seafloor laboratory' of hydrothermal vents that had just been rocked by a volcanic eruption, scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and other institutions have discovered what they believe is an undersea superhighway carrying tiny life forms unprecedented distances to inhabit the post-eruption site.... [more]
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Five tips for 'green' winterizing a boat
Boat Owners Association of The United States has these five tips to help boaters be good stewards of the environment while they put their boats to bed for winter's long lay-up period... [more]
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Thames Estuary sailor's hazard - World's largest windfarm
MSNBC/Sail-World Cruising,
If you plan to be sailing in the Thames Estuary any time soon there's a new hazard to look out for. The world's largest offshore wind farm had its grand opening Thursday — and its location on the estuary of the Thames River makes it a showcase for Britain's push to move beyond fossil fuels.... [more]
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