Heaveb Can Wait 2010 - Of 18 footer, Bullsharks, Moths and Sunfish


27 Sep 2010

Heaven Can Wait - for 18 footers- Bull Sharks, Sunfish and Moths

The Heaven Can Wait 24 hour race and One Lap Dash - If you have entered the legendary Heaven Can Wait event or are planning to, or even know some-one who has, or might one day -, you need to read this now!

The Heaven Can Wait 24 hour race and One Lap Dash was conceived by Lake Macquarie sailor and cancer survivor Shaun Lewicki and Commodore of the organising authority, the Heaven Can Wait Yacht Club. The Venue is the Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto NSW.

Heaven Can Wait for this battle - Will the 18 footers squash the Moths?  Frank Quealey © /Australian 18 Footers League

Proceeds of the fifth annual event 2010 will again benefit the NSW Cancer Council and the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol (now Marine Rescue NSW). Entrants in the virtual race have already raised more than $18,000. The race is hotting up; you can support your mates here

The Heaven Can Wait Yacht Club committee slashed entries fees for 2010; this applies to boats that raise $200 for OLD entrants and $500 for 24 hour race entrants. If your virtual race tally is not in that league you need to encourage donations. We give you some pointers below.

Latest reports from the Swansea Channel indicate water depths of three metres and a clean run for entering yachts. Swansea Marine Rescue are proving most helpful, so call them on approach.

Sailing Instructions will be online on Thursday along with draft handicaps

Registration starts on Friday at 12 noon at the Club. Boats seeking to arrange inspection for their Cat 5N or Cat 7 inspections need to book by email at info@heavencanwait.com.au

Moths - International Moth Nationals - Skandia Geelong Week 2009  Andrea Francolini / Skandia

Friday night is the Welcome dinner featuring multiple World Champions Tom Slingsby and Nathan Outteridge. (Book online now)

Saturday morning briefing is at 0830. Weather will be courtesy of Predict Wind.

The warning signal for all divisions of the 24 Hour Yacht Race and One Lap Dash is at 1050.

For the first time there will some of the fastest boats in the world, the foiling moths, expected to give their larger rivals the 18 footers and sports boats a tough time. There will be a Division 2 shorter course for the One Lap Dash to try and ensure all boats finish at Toronto, in time for the Saturday Night Presentation, at the RMYCT.

There will be a free first beer and sausage sandwich vouchers for all crew to start the celebrations and tall stories about who saw the largest bull shark.

The 24 Hour race will finish at 12 noon Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time and the Presentation will take place between 3-4pm.

Heaven Can Wait 2009 - Stealthy - Heaven Can Wait 2009  Heaven Can Wait Media

Sailors who have raced to Hobart count the 24 hour race an enormous challenge, the waters are smooth but the constant direction changes, windspeed differences and sail changes on this, Australia's largest salt water lake make it a tough tough challenge, erhaps as hard as any Hobart 24 hours or even harder some say. Next they will be telling us they hit a sunfish.

There will be significant prizes for War Stories as there was last year and for onboard photography, so make sure there is more than just a phone camera onboard.

More news soon,

And remember ... Heaven Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait Media

Heaven Can Wait 2010 Event Schedule
Heaven Can Wait Media,
Here are some important time lines for participants in the fifth annual Heaven Can Wait event... [more]
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Heaven Can Wait - Bookings NOW -Dinner with Slingsby and Outteridge
Heaven Can Wait Media Centre,
Bookings for the Heaven Can Wait Charity Dinner have NOW Opened at www.heavencanwait.com.au. Two of Australia's international sailing superstars, Tom Slingsby and Nathan Outteridge, will participate in this year's Heaven Can Wait charity yacht regatta on Lake Macquarie during the October long weekend to raise funds for men's cancer research and support program.... [more]
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Heaven Can Wait -Attention Skippers and Crew – What YOU can do!!
Heaven Can Wait Media,
The Heaven Can Wait regatta is all about raising money for Mens Cancer Research. So far in 2010, a week out from the regatta, we have raised $18,000, with an initial target of $25,000 but we believe we can raise as much as $35,000 this year if all the skippers and crews pull together.... [more]
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Heaven Can Wait regatta - Enter NOW!!
Heaven Can Wait Media Centre,
Heaven Can Wait charity yacht regatta on Lake Macquarie during the October long weekend (next weekend) will raise funds for men's cancer research and support program. The Notice of Race is online and online entry is available now. Commodore Shaun Lewicki asks 'Can everyone please enter their boats as early as possible, like NOW!! to maximise the Charity Fund raising'... [more]
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Polly Put the Kettle On
Warwick Fatches,
Even before the 2009 Heaven Can Wait 24 hour race started, Traditional 30 yacht Jessily had an incident that could have been tragic.... [more]
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The Works (from Victoria): 'We did not bring the rain with us!'
Chris Bland,
We're the Works (Elliott 770) and we're from Victoria. This is our version of Heaven Can Wait 2009 and -- despite the accusations -- we did NOT bring the rain! After spotting information about the Heaven Can Wait event, we decided that it was something we should attempt. Crew were signed up a couple of days were aranged off work and we headed north for thrills and adventure, along with the lure of... [more]
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Heaven Can Wait 2009: Forever Young and the battle of the Young 88s
Adrian Williams,
For us, the 2009 Heaven Can Wait One Lap Dash race was a real RACE. As a new owner of a Young 88, how were we going to perform against the other two Y88s in this year's field? This was going to be a major test for us.... [more]
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Blind man's bluff at the pointy end: Young'N'Old's Heaven Can Wait
Glen Picasso,
Our Young 88 Young 'N' Old broke her eight-month sailing drought by entering the Heaven Can Wait 24 hour yacht race on her home waters of Lake Macquarie.... [more]
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Newcastle-Hunter trailer yachts battle out HCW One Lap Dash
Graham Walkerden,
Well, the Newcastle Hunter Trailer Yacht Association's 2009 Heaven Can Wait One Lap Dash (6 hour race) is over for another year -- and once again we have cold, damp and wet memories. Not that it wasn't enjoyable, but it is an endurance event -- and with endurance events the most enjoyable part can be finishing!... [more]
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X-Rated pulls out all stops for a 2009 HCW personal best
Graeme Booker,
Sonata 8 X-Rated was determined to crack three laps in this year's Heaven Can Wait 24 hour yacht race.... [more]
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Moondance's Heaven Can Wait 2009 -- or Jarcats always come last!
Mike Keefe,
There are some who wonder why Moondance even enters the race.... 24 hrs is a long long time in a little boat -- but I have to do the 24 Hour -- Moondance is too slow to finish the One Lap Dash in time!!... [more]
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Heaven Can Wait 2009 and a rookie named Guido who lived to tell the ta
Dale Moore,
Why does a 40-something apparently naïve rookie foreward hand nicknamed Guido (a try-hard from the Cars movie) end up committed to participating in the 2009 Heaven Can Wait 24 Hour Yacht Race? I have had close to 12 months' experience going around the cans at Wangi on a Saturday afternoon, but that hardly compares to what I was about to undertake.... [more]
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That's no dolphin!!! Sailing an 18 foot skiff around Lake Macquarie
Greg Patterson,
SkiffSail, one of two 18 foot skiffs sailing in the 2009 Heaven Can Wait race, competing in the One Lap Dash, certainly had an eventful time of it.... [more]
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How the crew of Try Flying nearly got to Try Frying!
Phill Brander,
In all honesty, I don't know how the stove caught fire. But when I turned around, angry flames were threatening to engulf the saucepans. Read about how the crew of Try Flying dealt with a potentially disastrous event during the 2009 Heaven Can Wait 24 hour yacht race.... [more]
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Sailing in a car wash: A tale of Two Tribes in 2009 Heaven Can Wait
Clive Kennedy,
Let me get this up front and deal with it now: WE WENT SOFT -- as well as all of our body parts and extensions, also failing the challenge were the GPS unit, the radio and every bit of the boat inside and out.... [more]
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Swansea Channel - good for 2010 Heaven Can Wait 24 hour charity race
HCW Media,
A sustained dredging program of the Swansea Channel over the 2009-10 summer means that boats looking to participate in the 2010 Heaven Can Wait 24 hour charity yacht race on Lake Macquarie on the October long weekend (October 2-3) should have no problems coming up the coast and getting into the lake.... [more]
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Just you, 24 hours and Lake Macquarie
Mark Cherrington,
The 2009 Heaven Can Wait charity yacht race fleet set for Saturday October 3. The event consists of two Heaven Can Wait (HCW) races, held concurrently on the waters of Lake Macquarie, just south of Newcastle, NSW, a 24 hour race in which participants sail around the course as many times as they can over 24 hours, and a 'One Lap Dash' which finishes before nightfall.... [more]
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