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 23 Sep 2010

How you should never never give up

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Life on the ocean is always amazing, and this week was no different.

Just when you think you've seen everything.... We'd been following the adventures of Donna Lange, whose tragic car accident in South Africa caused her to turn to the sea and a new life, ending up becoming the fastest American woman to circumnavigate the world solo.

However, her latest feat, turning potential tragedy into triumph shows just what sort of mettle makes up Donna Lange, and is also a lesson in how one should 'never give up'. Read what happened after her yacht was accidentally beached on a surfing beach.

It's catamaran week. There are opportunities for you to try out the Seawind catamaran - Australia's great local and export success story, and Lagoon is introducing the Lagoon 560. Great reading, even if you're a single-hull sailor.

They say you shouldn't abandon ship too easily, but see the video of the helicopter rescuer who had to almost drag his 'rescuee' off the boat to save his life. Then there's a strange story of the sailor who sank his yacht and ended up overboard clinging to his dinghy but can't remember how it happened.

There are useful stories too – how to increase your cruising skills in any area by accessing live webinar seminars from the Seven Seas Cruising Association, some anchoring Etiquette rules to make sure you keep on good terms with your anchorage neighbours, and for the curious souls, a fascinating article on the tides that rule us, by Grant Headifen.

Two books featured this week, Sailor's Wisdom: Day by Day a brilliant book of photography, and 'Two's a Crew', the story of a couple circumnavigating Australia. This week's cruising tale is of the first half of a flotilla sailing voyage in Croatia – makes me want to head for that country at the first possible moment!

Much more too, so browse down the stories to find what interest you.

Sweet Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Cyber – attacks with fake antivirus message repelled by Marine sites
As the Internet becomes the entertainment news and commercial focus worldwide, attempts by cyber-criminal groups continue to disrupt business.... [more]
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Medical Management for Mariners - a vital course for a longer voyage
Sail-World Cruising,
Thinking of going on a longer sail in the future? Normal First Aid courses do NOT cover what you need when there's an emergency on your boat. The next CYCA Medical Management for Mariners course commences on 5th October and there are still places available in this course.... [more]
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Set sail with Seawind this Sunday
Sandman Public Relations,
Seawind Catamarans, the 2010 Australian Marine Exporter of the Year, will have on display three of its production models – the 1000XL, 1160 and 1250, conduct test sails and host several information seminars highlighting the many benefits of Seawind ownership.... [more]
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The amazing 'unbeaching' of Donna Lange's boat
Sail-World Cruising/James Wieland,
Usually, when a boat ends up on a beach, it has to be removed, piece by piece, by truck. That was until resourceful solo circumnavigator Donna Lange came along. We followed Donna's inspirational journey around the world, and now she is the face of OceansWatch in America. But her successful 'unbeaching' of her yacht must top everything. Most people would give up, not Donna. Here's the story:... [more]
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Why did the Grizzly Bear sink? - yacht mystery
Sail-World Cruising/NZ Herald,
Was it shock after some traumatic incident? or had he had a heart attack? Mystery still surrounds the sinking of the yacht Grizzly Bear, 35 nautical miles off the Queensland coastline last week.... [more]
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'Seven Seas U' - adding to your cruising knowledge by WEBINAR
Des Ryan,
One of the world-wide organisations that the new cruising sailor quickly gets to learn about is the Seven Seas Cruising Association. But are you aware of the 'Seven Seas U', their online teaching arm? This is the place where you can add to your cruising knowledge at home, through the miracle of the webinar. All you need is the internet.... [more]
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Meeting George...
Captain Jack Binder,
Jack and Jude Binder, sailing on their yacht Banyandah, tell their yarns about circumnavigating Australia in their book 'Two's a Crew'. This is one of 'Cap'n Jack's' tales:... [more]
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Near tragedy as man resists rescue
SAil-World Cruising,
They say you should step upwards when abandoning your ship, but one Croatian man this week took that so seriously he was in danger of losing his life.... [more]
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Yachting gains momentum in Vietnam
Lee Mylchreest,
Malaysia started upgrading its yachting infrastructure years ago. Then it was China, catering for the rising rich in that country. India has become very conscious of the yachting scene, with its first marina in Kochi and recently the Indian Navy welcomed back India's first circumnavigating Indian sailor. Now it's Vietnam who has a new rich class who want to go boating, but it's not so easy ye... [more]
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Anchor Etiquette, Nine Rules to keep friends in the anchorage
Nancy Knudsen,
Anchoring is certainly a matter of skill - there are many yachts which have been lost because their anchoring skills were not up to the job. But it's also a matter of b>Etiquette /b>. You might have the skills, but do you know the etiquette of anchoring with due consideration for the other yachts in the anchorage?... [more]
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Book of the Week - Sailor's Wisdom: Day by Day
Rob Tickner,
Wanting a great book for a present for a sailor? You couldn't go past the wonderful book to dream by, 'Sailors' Wisdom: Day by Day' from world class photographer, Philip Plisson..... [more]
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Lagoon Australia introduces you to the New Lagoon 560
Lagoon Catamarans Vicsail,
The New Lagoon 560 made her debut at this years Cannes boat show and was a great success. Now, Lagoon Australia would like to introduce you to he New Lagoon 560s special features.... [more]
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Sailor's aid or sailor's nightmare - the tides explained
Grant Headifen,
As sailors, we all know that tides come twice a day, vary according to the moon, and, depending on where you are sailing are either unimportant, reasonably important, or critically important to a successful completion of your voyage. But why the moon? and if the moon only circles the earth once a day, why are there two tides? Here, Grant Headifen of Nauticed, explains... [more]
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Flotilla sailing in Croatia
Meghan Cleary, American Sailing Association,
i>The American Sailing Association is flotilla sailing in Croatia. Here Meghan Cleary describes their experiences as they prepare for sailing: /i> Croatia is a stunningly beautiful country. Decades of time here are layered in clear relief: Renaissance structures sit atop pre-Roman ones and graceful Gothic windows are built into rough-hewn fifth century walls...... [more]
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Ending the Oceans Tragedy of the Commons
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Leading international marine scientists are proposing radical changes in the governance of the world's oceans to rescue them from over-fishing, pollution and other human impacts. Based on a successful experiment in Chile, the researchers say a new approach to marine tenure could help to reverse the maritime ‘tragedy of the commons' which has led to the depletion of fish stocks worldwide.... [more]
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Body parts found in shark belong to missing boater who swam for shore
Des Ryan,
It happened to a fisherman, but it could just as easily have been a sailor, and the message is clear. In times of trouble, stay with the boat and don't be tempted to swim for shore. Two fishermen who disappeared while trying to swim for shore were almost certainly both taken by sharks, after some body parts found in a 3.6metre (12ft) shark appear to belong to one of the men.... [more]
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Four tall ships will star at 2010 Classic Wooden Boat Festival
Shirani Aththas,
Four tall ships will star at 2010 Classic Wooden Boat Festival - Themed Old is New, the festival will look at various ways boat owners and enthusiasts can recycle, reuse and restore. There'll be talks and demonstrations on solar power for boats, vessel restoration, past sailing traditions, sustainability and much more....... [more]
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Monaco Yacht Show - see the images
Lee Mylchreest,
The yacht show to end them all, the fabulous Monaco Yacht Show, starts tomorrow (22nd to 25th September). If you are not far away, you can still make it, but if you can't be there, you can at least drool over some of the images of this year's better-than-ever show.... [more]
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Sunferries Magnetic Island Race Week 2010 Survey - Have your say!!
Sunferries Magnetic Island Race Week,
Sunferries is conducting a short online survey to get your feedback about the fourth annual Sunferries Magnetic Island Race Week event. Just by completing the survey, those who competed in the race week will have the chance to win FREE entry into the Sunferries Magnetic Island Race Week 2011.... [more]
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Advanced Marina Management applies its expertise internationally
Creating Demand,
Australia is leading the way in the efficient management of marinas, and this is being further enhanced with the efforts of Sydney based company Advanced Marina Management.... [more]
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