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 16 Sep 2010

Admiralty Charts to be discontinued

Is it the first sign of the end of paper charts for the leisure sailor?  .
Our article about the discontinuation of some Admiralty charts is a heads-up for all cruising sailors.

We are used to the idea that charts are more accurate when the charted area is being used by commercial craft, but even electronic charts are only a copy of the Admiralty charts.

If the Admiralty charts are to be reduced in number, eventually the electronic charts will be missing vital information as well.

With non-competitive leisure sailing increasing dramatically around the world, augmented by newly affluent sailors from such countries as China, India and the United Arab Emirates, the call for detailed accurate cruising charts will be increasing, not decreasing, and it's important for cruising sailors to make our voices heard.

What a wide variety of sailing news again this week. There's important information you may need to be aware of, tales from those lucky enough to be out there sailing and stories about the Green advances being made. For those thinking of a new boat, read a profile article about another finalist in the European Yacht of the Year awards, and if you prefer a classic yacht with an amazing history, Gipsy Moth IV is for sale again.

Many many more articles too, so browse down the headlines to see what interests you.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

European Yacht of the Year Nomination: Dehler 32
Des Ryan,
If you're wanting a small boat that will be good for cruising but also competitive if you want to join the occasional race, it might pay to look at the new Dehler 32. The new Dehler 32 has been nominated in category performance cruiser for the prestigious international award of European Yacht of the Year. The yacht is a both a comfortable cruiser and a successful racer.... [more]
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Admiralty chart cut - does it signal the end of paper charts?
Sail-World Cruising,
Could the high use by leisure sailors of electronic charts eventually spell the end of paper charts as we know them? In a move that has alarmed and disappointed the UK's Royal Yachting Association(RYA), the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has announced the discontinuation of some Admiralty charts, citing expense as the reason.... [more]
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Cruising sailors invited to piracy meeting in London
Sail-World Cruising,
Cruising sailors interested in sailing the Gulf of Aden any time soon, or those who have recent experience, are invited to participate in a unique meeting at the London headquarters of the Maritime Security Centre, Horn of Africa (MSCHOA). The meeting is to take place on the 19th October, at 2.00pm in the suburb of Northwood, London.... [more]
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International Award for vessels with hybrid propulsion launched
Sail-World Cruising,
Have you or your organisation invented an environmental vessel that you want recognised? Since 2007, The Royal Thames Mansura Trophy has recognised hybrid propulsion solutions for the maritime world, and the launching of the 2010 award took place this week at the Southampton Boat Show.... [more]
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Unmanned yacht sets out to cross the Atlantic
Des Ryan,
They have been working on the project since 2006, and it's finally happened. An unmanned robotic yacht called Pinta has launched off the Irish coast as part of the 'Microtransat Challenge'. Pinta is 3m long and was built by scientists at Aberystwyth University, who have carried out sea trials and taken part in competitions with other organisations seeking the same goal since June 20... [more]
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Product of the Week: Gullsweep
Sail-World Cruising,
Seagulls, those beautiful, aggressive ubiquitous seabirds that yachties love to hate, are so smart that they usually see through poor humans' efforts to dissuade them from pooping and nesting all over their boats. Yacht owners try nets, old CD's, mirrors, wooden owls and any number of tricks, but according to the fans of Gullsweep, that product is the surest answer.... [more]
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See My Sea: The boat swapping holiday-makers
Sail-World Cruising,
House-swapping has attained its niche in the holiday market, as like-minded people get together to benefit from experiencing another country without the huge expense normally involved in travelling. Now boat-swapping is taking off in a similar fashion.... [more]
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Mine's Bigger again. Sheikh to add beach to get world's longest yacht
Lee Mylchreest,
'Mine's Bigger', in spite of its cliche status, seems to be still the modus operandi for the world's mega-rich. It seems that one modern Sheikh will add a 'beach' to his mega-yacht to make it the world's longest again.... [more]
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Meeting George...
Captain Jack Binder,
Jack and Jude Binder, sailing on their yacht Banyandah, tell their yarns about circumnavigating Australia in their book 'Two's a Crew'. This is one of 'Cap'n Jack's' tales:... [more]
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Treleavens back in the Med - the drama, the beauty, and Schengen news
Andrea and Ian Treleaven/Sail-World,
Andrea and Ian Treleaven have a world of experience in sailing. They have written two books on their adventures, and know the art of cruising like very few other sailors - but even the most experienced get caught in difficult situations, as described below. In this account they also report on their latest experiences in the Med, including enforcement of the new Schengen rules for cruising sailors... [more]
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RYA launches the hugely popular Sail Trim Handbook for Cruisers
PSP Southampton Boat Show - Today (Sunday 12 September) marked the official launch of one of the RYA's newest publications, the Sail Trim Handbook for Cruisers.... [more]
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Putting a boat away for the winter - E-10 gas
Boat US,
Boaters and anglers will soon be putting away their boats for the season. But before they do, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has some tips learned from fuel industry insiders on how to store a boat with E-10 gasoline (containing 10% ethanol) over the winter.... [more]
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Calypso - the greenest sailing boat of them all
Sail-World Cruising,
She looks like - and is - a traditional Contessa 32. But she has a deck of the new greener Kebony, a hybrid engine, solar panels and recycled fixture and fittings - and that's just the beginning. She's the greenest sailing boat in the world, and she's been finished just in time for the Southampton Boat Show.... [more]
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Steve White - solo round the world the 'wrong way'
Nancy Knudsen,
Dee Caffari has done it, now Steve White is setting out to do it too. He's going to sail solo, round the world, non-stop and unassisted, AND the 'wrong way', AND break the current record.... [more]
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Dehler Yachts - A new Dehler 41 is shaping up for 2011
Jorn Bock,
Dehler Yachts - A new Dehler 41 is shaping up for 2011 - At seventh of September 2010, the Dehler-Race-Day of the ORCi World Championships in Flensburg, North Germany, Dehler Yachts of Freienohl and the design-office Judel/Vrolijk & Co took the opportunity to present the latest project to engaged international competitors: The new Dehler 41.... [more]
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A piece of sailing history for sale - Gipsy Moth IV
Des Ryan,
A piece of sailing history is for sale - and you get a pretty good yacht as well. Gipsy Moth IV', the 54 ft (16.2 m) ketch built by Camper and Nicholson, and made famous by Francis Chichester when he became the first man to circumnavigate the globe single-handed in 1966/7, is again for sale.... [more]
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Dave Ullman - yachting's elder Statesman (Pt.I).
John Curnow,
A lengthy and distinguished career has afforded Dave Ullman one formidable insight into both the art and business of sailing. As a direct result of his many achievements, Dave has a genuine interest in ensuring that future generations have access to the experiences and learnings of the past.... [more]
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