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 15 Sep 2010
Welcome to Sail-World Canada

Great News for Spirit of Canada

Derek Hatfield has left Nova Scotia and is currently south of Newfoundland on his way to La Rochelle; he can now totally turn his focus towards the racing aspect of the Spirit of Canada campaign after securing a title sponsorship from Active House. They are a global alliance of companies, research institutions and other organizations promoting sustainable buildings which dovetails nicely with the Eco 60 class and Derek's commitment to circumnavigate the world without using fossil fuels. The Velux 5 Oceans exposure they will gain over the next nine months will offer them an opportunity to raise global awareness about their program.

It is now official! It will be multihulls for the 34th edition of the America's Cup. The much anticipated announcement sounds very promising; other than the new wing-sailed AC72 boat, it also includes the prospect of a new annual World Series starting as early as 2011 and a Youth America's cup series on smaller AC 45 yachts. The entire program will be backed with a comprehensive communication and broadcast package and should be attractive to sponsors; the racing will also be tailored to shorter formats suitable for a wider audience. While a specific location has not been identified yet, we know that the AC34 will take place in March 2013. The future of the America's Cup looks enticing again!

Toronto's Richard Reid, on Zingara, will be leading the Canadian contingent at the upcoming Melges 24 North American Championships at the Rochester Yacht Club, NY starting on September 23rd. The competition promises to be very interesting with 8 of the top ten ranked Melges 24 teams already scheduled to participate in the event. Other Canadian teams include Rob Butler (the Beaver), Dave Black (Black Dog), Peter Hansen (Byrr) and Uri Saks (723).

See you on the water!

Guy Perrin
Sail-World Canada Managing Editor

Canada's Premier Ocean Racer Secures Title Sponsor
Velux 5 Oceans,
Canada's top ocean racer Derek Hatfield is heading full speed for the VELUX 5 OCEANS start line after securing a title sponsor for his campaign. For the forthcoming race the 57-year-old solo sailor will be sponsored by Active House, a global alliance of companies, research institutions and other organisations promoting sustainable buildings. This is the last piece in the puzzle for Derek.... [more]
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Melges 24 North American Championship - Impressive talent
Fiona Brown,
The cream of the North American Melges 24 Fleet will gather at the Rochester Yacht Club on Lake Ontario to vie for the title of 2010 Melges 24 North American Champion. As always at International Melges 24 Championships the depth of talent will be impressive... [more]
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US Sailing President Gary Jobson talks - where to from here? Part 1
David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor,
Gary Jobson interview part one - But all is far from doom and gloom: day-glow green shoots abound with the Cup, US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics has been on a roll recently, and while we're still looking at an alphabet soup of rating rules, US Sailing, the national governing body of sailing in the States, is looking strong.... [more]
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Results of Cornish Hen Regatta held at RHYC
Linda MacDonald,
Optis, Lasers, 420s and 29ers competed in the Cornish Hen regatta held at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, the final qualifying regatta for competitors in the Ontario Sailing Provincial Championship Series. This year, the RHYC's Cornish Hen is also one of the select regattas for the lasers District 3 Gold Cup series. 2010 Cornish Hen Regatta Results:... [more]
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Audi MedCup Circuit - Overall victories are still open in both Series
Audi MedCup Circuit,
Audi Medcup Circuit update: It may seem like Emirates Team New Zealand head to Sardinia with a simple matter of counting down the races and points to victory, while the smaller 42 footers have a real final battle brewing... [more]
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Gladwell's Line: Hit in the face with a wet fish or a hot cat?
Richard Gladwell,
After the shock of last night's announcement on the three elements of the 34th America's Cup, we spent an hour at the Emirate's Team NZ base this morning talking mainly with skipper Dean Barker, as to the team's initial take on the changes. First reaction from several, is that the claims of cost reduction don't stand up. See video of the AC45 under construction and Grant Dalton's interview.... [more]
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Canadian Opti Champion now sailing 420s at RHYC's Cornish Hen
Linda MacDonald,
Optis, Lasers, 420s and 29ers are all set to launch for the second day of the Cornish Hen regatta being held at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club. It is the final qualifying regatta for competitors in the Ontario Sailing Provincial Championship Series. Of note, Meredith Megarry reigning Canadian champion in Optimist racing has transitioned to the 420s.... [more]
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Fisher's View: It's catamarans in 2013
Bob Fisher,
There was very little beating about the bush at the BMW Oracle Racing headquarters when the announcement concerning the 34th America's Cup was made. Russell Coutts was positive and clear – the next America's Cup would see sweeping changes. The first of these was that it would be held in 72-foot catamarans with wing rigs.... [more]
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Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup - Images by Carlo Borlenghi
Carlo Borlenghi,
Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup images by Carlos Borlenghi.... [more]
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Gladwell's Line: America's Cup Venue is San Francisco's to lose
Richard Gladwell,
The Venue is the third element in the formula for the 34th America's Cup. The first two - the Protocol which governs the conditions under which the Match and its preliminaries will be conducted; and the Boat to be used for the Match will be announced in Valencia in Monday at 1300CET. As for the Venue, there are three options, but maybe more.... [more]
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