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 09 Sep 2010

The amazing survival of Monnerat Cedric

Mea crew rescue  .
A wealth of news and stories for the cruising sailor again this week – from the technical to the cruising tales, from the amazing feats to the mid-sea dramas.

The most gripping story of the week comes from French sailor Monnerat Cedric. He tells his personal miracle tale of being dismasted and holed by one ship while sailing near Cape Hatteras off the east coast of the USA, and then being rescued by a second ship, who, by the finest shave of luck, saw their flares. The first ship sailed away, probably without ever knowing they had run down a yacht.

There are always some interesting craft on the world's oceans, engaged in sometimes extraordinary missions. This week we report on the 600BC replica sailing vessel that has just circumnavigated Africa, and the superyacht Tara, once owned by Sir Peter Blake, that's just departed Cape Town in a three year scientific mission to find out more about plankton.

Holding tanks are a growing issue round the world, with harbours and anchorages getting more aggressive in their search for those who pollute. Read how, in California, they have found the answer – embarrassment. They put dye in your holding tank. Emptying it in the wrong place would be like peeing in your pants in public.

In Cuba they are gearing up to attract more cruising sailors. I haven't been there, but they say it has beautiful cruising grounds and is well worth a visit. Our sailing tale this week is not of the Med or the Caribbean, but Maine; the product of the week is a natty idea to keep precious things secure on the deck; and if you're thinking of transiting the Gulf of Aden any time soon, there's a London meeting you'll want to know about.

Browse the stories to see what interests you, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Crew of Mea rescued in the Atlantic - the skipper tells
Nancy Knudsen,
At the end of last year we told the story in Sail-World Cruising about the Swiss yacht which was hit by one cargo ship off the Atlantic coast of the USA and then rescued by another. Now the skipper has come forward to tell their amazing story of survival against all odds.... [more]
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Cruising sailors invited to piracy meeting in London
Sail-World Cruising,
Cruising sailors interested in sailing the Gulf of Aden any time soon, or those who have recent experience, are invited to participate in a unique meeting at the London headquarters of the Maritime Security Centre, Horn of Africa (MSCHOA). The meeting is to take place on the 19th October, at 2.00pm in the suburb of Northwood, London.... [more]
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Award winning Nazenin V - on display at Monaco Yacht Show
Lee Mylchreest,
The Monaco Yacht Show has always been the most prestigious event in the boat show calendar. On show at the show will be some of the finest yachts in the world. Of special interest to sailors is the award winning Sparkman & Stephens superyacht Nazenin V... [more]
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Lighthouse Day - lighthouses open to the general public
US Coast Guard/Sail-World Cruising,
Lighthouses, those solid symbols of security for generations of sailors, hold a fascination for many, but mostly it's a distant love affair. Can YOU tour your local lighthouse? In Maine, USA, they have recently recognised the value of opening their lighthouses for public inspection.... [more]
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Product of the Week: V-Lock, securing gear, but only when needed.
Sail-World Cruising,
Being able to secure an item in or around the cockpit is a frequent requirement for the cruising sailor. Be it a piece of maintenance equipment, a barbecue, a camera or just the beer, there are many times in the ocean or the bay that a secure attachment would be a boon, BUT you probably don't want it there all the time! V-Lock have come up with this natty invention as Product of the Week... [more]
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Ocean science yacht Tara departs Cape Town
Des Ryan,
The French-flagged 36metre superyacht, Tara, once owned by murdered New Zealand yachtsman Sir Peter Blake, has just left Cape Town as part of her three year world voyage. The Tara, a 120 ton aluminium hulled schooner, wants to find the answers to some key questions about our oceans, with concentration on ocean plankton... [more]
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Phoenicia, 600BC ship replica - successfully to Gibraltar
Nancy Knudsen,
After 27 days at sea since departing the Azores, Phoenicia, the replica of a 600BC Phoenician vessel, has been experiencing a warm welcome from the local media, staff and public at Ocean Village Marina, Gibraltar.... [more]
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Dye in holding tanks - coming to a harbour near you?
The Log/Sail-World Cruising,
The routine is spreading, and is it a sign of things to come the world over? - California's Log reports that, beginning this month, visiting boats on Newport Harbor guest moorings will be inspected by Harbor Patrol officers and have a dye tablet placed in their holding tanks, to indicate leaks or illegal dumping of sewage.... [more]
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Sailing Maine with Sula
David and Heather Churcher,
David and Heather Churcher are cruising on their 2001 Discovery yacht Sula, currently on the coastline of Maine, in the USA. Each brings us their version of their experiences with lobster feasts and classic wooden yachts regattas:... [more]
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Cuba to attract more cruising sailors with new marinas
Des Ryan,
Cruising sailors are being sought as part of Cuba's push to increase its tourism income. New rules governing the building of marinas by foreign investors promise an upgrade to the available facilities along the coastline of the island country.... [more]
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The tough EPIRB that fooled them all
Nancy Knudsen,
It was just after 1300 when the distress call came in last week - a good time, given that there were still some hours of light for a search. For the Coastguard station, monitored by volunteers, an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) distress was a signal to spring into action, adrenaline up. Half drunk coffee was forgotten, all knew their jobs... [more]
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USA's Atlantic Coast and Hurricane Earl
US Coast Guard/Sail-World Cruising,
As Hurricane Earl approaches New England, the Coast Guard is actively tracking the storm's progress and urging caution and preparedness for mariners and storm watchers. Hurricane force winds, heavy surf, strong storm surges, rogue waves, rip currents and coastal flooding are predicted.... [more]
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British Antarctic Survey - Evidence for a trans-Antarctic seaway
BAS/Heather Martin,
British Antarctic Survey - A tiny marine filter-feeder, that anchors itself to the sea bed, offers new clues to scientists studying the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet — a region that is thought to be vulnerable to collapse.... [more]
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Coastguard Boating Education Day Skipper Experience down South
Elwing Discoveries .,
Elwing Discoveries is an outdoor adventure programme operating at Stewart Island, onboard ‘Elwing' our 14m (46 foot) yacht. The programme is often used by schools and has been very successful in all aspects, plus encouraging voyagees to appreciate, respect and enjoy being in the wilderness.... [more]
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Barz Optics returns to the Annapolis Sail Show
Jeni Bone,
After an absence of five years Barz Optics, 'The Australian Sunglass Co', will again be exhibiting their new highly developed polarized sunglass range at the Annapolis Sail Show, Maryland October 7-11.... [more]
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