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 02 Sep 2010

The news, the books, the adventurers, the smart advice

Dekker sees the sights on Lanzarote  .
14-year-old Laura Dekker, escaped from mainstream media attention (read the story), is getting ready to cross the Atlantic, and faced with replacing a damaged bearing in Guppy's rudder.

She is also effusing about the clear water and exploring the scenery of the volcanic island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, and artist Cesar Manrique's unique guidance of the architecture there.

Regardless of her critics, she is already having amazing experiences.

Two opportunities for sailors now in regional Australian waters this week: If your yacht is heading for Europe, there's a convoy/rally forming to go through the Red Sea at the beginning of next year, Thailand to Turkey. Then there's OceansWatch, who are looking for crew volunteers to sail from Cairns to Mooloolaba and/or to Sydney.

There are several practical and useful stories – one from the Australian Hydrographic Service, reminding us about the danger of believing that your yacht is where the electronic chart says it is, another about maximising your satellite coverage at sea within your budget, and then, from Smart Boating, there's anchoring 101 – which you'll need if you're a racing-turned-cruising sailor.

World Cruising Destinations, Jimmy Cornell's new companion to his navigation bible, World Cruising Routes is also reviewed, and it might be just in time for Father's Day!

More too - a great range of non-racing sailing articles for a great range of cruising sailors, so browse the stories to see what grabs your eye.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Laura Dekker departs secretly, gives Press the slip
Nancy Knudsen,
She gave them the slip. 14-year-old Laura Dekker has attracted so much publicity - almost all of it negative - that she and her father slipped away from the Portuguese port of Portimao - her stated point of departure for her circumnavigation - without a word to anyone, leaving the Portuguese and international press still waiting and bitterly disappointed when they found she was gone.... [more]
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OceansWatch looking for crew for Australian coastal passage
Nancy Knudsen,
OceansWatch, the not-for-profit sailing organisation that works to help coastal communities conserve their marine environments, develop sustainable livelihoods and ensure access to primary schools, is looking for crew to sail from Cairns to Mooloolaba and/or to Sydney, on Moksha, a lovely 54ft Hanse yacht.... [more]
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Yachtsman dies after yacht scaffolding fall
Sail-World Cruising,
You don't have to fall from the top of the mast to lose your life when working on your boat. A sailor from Lyttelton, just south of Christchurch in New Zealand has died from head injuries received when he fell from scaffolding while working on his yacht.... [more]
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Rally/convoy heading to the Red Sea
Rene Tiemessen/Sail-World Cruising,
The Tiemessen family, sailing in their Phillip Rhodes designed sloop Alondra, a 60ft classic yacht, are heading from Thailand to Turkey via the Red Sea, and organising an informal rally or convoy for the journey, beginning the transit in early 2011.... [more]
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Satphone at sea: The How When Where and Why
Georgie Roberts,
Deciding you need satellite communications on a boat is a no-brainer - great to stay in touch with loved ones, and another vital safety link when you go to sea. But deciding the best solution in terms of cost and value is a little trickier. NOT getting it right can be very expensive. Here Georgie Roberts, of British satellite communications provider, MailASail, offers some smart advice:... [more]
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Electronic Charts - great but dangerous to rely on
Sail-World Cruising,
The introduction of electronic charting has been a boon to all leisure sailors, but caution needs to be exercised. The Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS) says that mariners may be putting their lives at risk by relying on electronic navigation charts that are not up-to-date..... [more]
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Anchoring 101 - Smart boating tips
Smart Boating,
Let's face it. Most of us who cruise around well serviced local areas, be it Pittwater or Airlie Beach, tend to pick up a mooring buoy when we stop for lunch or overnight. But what if there are no moorings free in your favourite sunset spot? Are you confident you can anchor for the night instead? And what if your engine fails and you find yourself drifting towards a lee shore?... [more]
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The stunning new Jeanneau 57 now in Australia
Mainsheet Media,
The Jeanneau 57 is a must see yacht for the discerning owner looking to cruise in great comfort and style. Using a wealth of superyacht experience, designer Philippe Briand has created an extraordinary yacht that is elegant, sophisticated and will exceed every expectation.... [more]
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World Cruising Destinations - new book by Jimmy Cornell
Nancy Knudsen,
Every sensible long range cruising sailor has onboard Jimmy Cornell's World Cruising Routes, and now there's a fitting and charismatic companion - World Cruising Destinations. Just as World Cruising Routes tells you the best sailing routes round the world, so World Cruising Destinations is there to tell you what you'll find when you get there.... [more]
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A circumnavigation with a mission
Des Ryan,
Circumnavigation has a fascination for sailors, be it round the world, the Americas, Australia or Britain. So what do you do when you are told that you only have months to live? Why, you go sail a circumnavigation...or maybe only heroes do. Dr Josie Phillips, 27, was used to being in contact with terminally ill people, but that didn't prepare her for her own diagnosis with a brain tumour... [more]
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Three more sailors' lives saved by EPIRB
Sail-World Cruising,
It's happened yet again. The lives of three French sailing crew have been saved by their EPIRB - and a friendly passing container ship. The yacht, 500 nautical miles off its expected course sent the emergency alert this week while were sailing in the Atlantic Ocean.... [more]
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Warming waters send tropical fish species south
Media Services,
Scientists from various research organisations report that climate change is turning the environment upside-down, with fish species from Queensland waters migrating south to escape the ever warmer waters.... [more]
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First circumnavigating Lithuanian family sails home
Linas Jegelevicius, Baltic Times/Sail-World i,
They are the first Lithuanian family to do a cruising circumnavigation of the world, and they have just returned to Lithuania to a hero's welcome, singling out Australia as a stand-out destination. Andrius Varnas, from the Lithuanian village of Minija, his daughter Rasa and her Basque boyfriend, Egoi, have just finished their round-the-world sailing voyage on their yacht, Ragaine II.... [more]
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ARC Centre of Excellence - Coral's dangerous childhood
ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies,
ARC Centre of Excellence - Coral's dangerous childhood - A team from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (CoECRS) at James Cook University and CRIOBE, the French Research Centre and Observatory for Island Environments, used terracotta tiles to study and count survival in minute and juvenile corals on the Pacific island of Moorea, French Polynesia.... [more]
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Bavaria and Salona – Racing a Cruiser
John Curnow,
North South Yachting is supporting their 14 vessels at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week with a full service team. Bob Mulkearns has been going to Hamilton Island for 20 years. Whilst the majority of the vessels from Bavaria and Salona are in the cruising divisions, Bob is quick to point out that ‘Racing a cruising boat, is as much fun as anything else.'... [more]
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Researchers find widespread floating plastic debris in North Atlantic
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
A previously undefined expanse of western North Atlantic has been found to contain high concentrations of plastic debris. More than 64,000 individual plastic pieces were collected at 6100 locations that were sampled yearly over the course of the study. A surface plankton net was used to collect plastic debris as well as biological organisms at each station.... [more]
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