New Round Britain/Ireland sailing record, under five teen sailor starts solo circumnavigation...RNLI heroes recognised...Yarmouth sailors to get away from the dock when the wind is screaming... and much more...

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 26 Aug 2010

The youngest, the oldest, what's next?

Laura Dekker - heading for the Canary Islands  .
Laura Dekker, 14-year-old Dutch sailor off on her quest to be the youngest ever circumnavigator, brings to mind the promise made earlier this year by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and British sailing journalist Bob Fisher.

They told North American Scuttlebutt they would set off on a circumnavigation to make the oldest combined age to circumnavigate.

'We're fed up with all these 12-year-olds getting all the publicity – we want some of it,' said Knox-Johnston; but Fisher reckoned one of their major problems, when they woke up in the morning, could be 'remembering where we are and why.' Their major sponsor was announced as Vestas Beef Curries to aid their light air performance. We're still waiting...

Nice to see the RNLI volunteers, who so often risk their lives in difficult sea conditions to save others, recognised for heroism. This week's was interesting in that it involves a male sailor going overboard, tethered on, and not being able to get back on board even with his female sailor's assistance. This will resonate with all couples who sail together, and it's a reminder to us all to keep that tether at half-length whenever possible.

Along with the nine teens who are circumnavigating Ireland, Frenchman Sidney Gavignet has just sailed round Britain and Ireland in under five days. An amazing record, but one is forced to ask - how much faster technology can take us?

Rich and varied news from the world's oceans and coastlines this week – two sailing tales, one from the Med and one from the newly named Salish Sea – Where's that? Read the story...

The Australian invented Seascoopa is making news; there's a superyacht on a three-year world voyage to solve some of our biggest ocean mysteries; over in Yarmouth in the UK boaters are telling the world in no uncertain terms that they don't want their harbour ruined by commercial marinas; and Grant Headifen brings us a sailing tip about a foolproof way of getting off the dock when the wind is screaming.

Browse down the stories to find your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

New solo Round Britain and Ireland record set at under five days
Sail-World Cruising,
Frenchman Sidney Gavignet has set a new single-handed Round Britain and Ireland record on the 100 foot trimaran Oman Air Majan, and also took the record for the fully-crewed Round Britain record.... [more]
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Teen solo sailors team up for a holiday in the sun
Lee Mylchreest,
They both became famous for sailing around the world alone. However now Britain's Mike Perham and Australia's Jessica Watson, whose romance started on a satellite phone and progressed when Mike flew to Australia to greet Jessica on her arrival back after her solo round world journey, have become crewmates for their first holiday together.... [more]
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No marina for us! - Yarmouth protests
Sail-World Cruising,
Marinas breed like rabbits in all the sailing nations of the world, and they all look much the same, but some boat owners love their charismatic waterways and don't want them changed. In Yarmouth on the UK's Isle of Wight, more than 50 boaters gathered last weekend for a floating protest against proposed changes to their unique harbour... [more]
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Weekend Sailing the Great Lakes and Straits of Mackinac - a tale
Daily Tribune/Sail-World Cruising,
Bob Ortlieb's invitation to sail the Great Lakes on his fabulous teak-trimmed Morgan was also extended to Jared Berousek, 30, and Matt Howell, 47., both of Royal Oak, a little north of Detroit in Michigan. They were to sail through Lake Huron before reaching the mighty Mackinac Bridge to pass into Lake Michigan... [more]
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RNLI volunteer heroes receive two awards for dangerous rescue
Richard Smith, RNLI/Sail-World Cruising,
The heroes of the sea are usually portrayed as the adventure sailors who sail how and where most wouldn't. So it's always good to see those other, less honoured heroes receive the recognition they deserve. In the UK, in Kent, a lifeboat crew will receive a second award for an outstanding rescue of two sailors after one of them fell overboard and was trailing by his tether.... [more]
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Sail Nelson - NZ RYA School of the Year Award 2010
Coastguard Boating Education .,
Sail Nelson is the deserving recipient of the NZ RYA School of the Year Award, presented at the RYA Forum 2010, held at the Richmond Yacht Club in Auckland last month. The award was presented by James Steven (RYA UK Training Manager & Chief Examiner) to the Nelson based training centre, in recognition of their dedication and delivery of internationally recognised RYA courses.... [more]
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Dutch Teen starts her circumnavigation
Nancy Knudsen,
Fourteen-year-old Laura Dekker departed the port of Portimao in Portugal Saturday 21st August to commence her two year solo circumnavigation on her Jeanneau Gin Fizz ketch called Guppy. She had been relishing the sunnier and warmer weather in Portugal while preparing her boat in company with her father for her sail south... [more]
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Seascoopa: the MOB retrieval system
Sail-World Cruising,
If one innovative Australian sailor has his way, soon rescue boats round the world will have a piece of equipment, nattily called the Seascoopa, which will make their job of rescuing overboard sailors much, much easier and safer. Here's why:... [more]
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Super yacht set to solve key ocean mysteries
Des Ryan,
A 36metre superyacht is set to change the way we view the world's oceans. The French-flagged Tara, a 120 ton aluminium hulled schooner, is embarked on a three year scientific voyage, that wants to find the answers to some key questions about our oceans, with concentration on ocean plankton.... [more]
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Sailing Holiday of the Week: The Salish Sea
Sail-World Cruising,
Love sailing but don't want to bare boat charter? Want to combine a sailing holiday with a magnificent nature experience that ISN'T the norm? Think about sailing the remote areas of Salish Sea on the west coast of North America on the splendid 92ft schooner, the Maple Leaf. .... [more]
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Sailing the Med in Eye Candy - the Island of Elba
Andrew and Clare Payne,
Andrew and Clare Payne, cruising the Mediterranean in their yacht Eye Candy, have reached Portoferraio, in the province of Livorno, on the edge of the Elba Harbour of the island of Elba, where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled for a time.... [more]
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Sidney Gavignet to go for solo Round Britain and Ireland record
Sail-World Cruising,
Circumnavigations are popular, at the moment, particularly to break a record. Ian Thomson recently broke a record for a round Australia solo circumnavigation, nine teenagers are attempting to circumnavigate Ireland, 14-year-old Laura Dekker is setting off to solo circumnavigate the world, and Sidney Gavignet, started on Thursday to solo circumnavigate Ireland and Britain - and break the record... [more]
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Sailing Tip of the Week: Getting away from the dock in a tricky wind
Grant Headifen,
There are lots of tricks for getting a boat away from a wharf in an onshore wind. The situation can be exacerbated by a bad wave motion, or limited space either end of the boat, or by both. When adverse conditions apply, it's important to have a fool proof method for getting away from the dock. The following is shown for a catamaran, but a similar technique, adjusted, would apply to a monohull... [more]
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Boat names forever
Sail-World Cruising,
There's always some wag who can come up with a name to set you chuckling - have you seen these on the water?...... [more]
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