Teen sailors to circumnavigate Ireland...tow or salvage, closer than you think...Seawind in another award...the argument for copper antifouling...sailing with Ketoro...and much more...

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 12 Aug 2010

New Inventions, new adventures, new cruising tales...

Ikaros filmed in space heading towards Venus  .
The world of sailing is never still. This edition is again an appealing mix of new inventions, new adventures, new tales of fascinating destinations, and always always always, new things to ponder or learn for even the most ancient of mariners.

Two tragic night sailing incidents this week, and three lives lost for the most frivolous of reasons, but thankfully none of them in Australia. In America, four went for a swim and the boat drifted away; in Europe, one merely stretched to recover a cockpit cushion and toppled into dark waters, never to be recovered. How I love my tether!

Sailing entrepreneur Fiona Harper, who already has a successful website which helps you find a marina anywhere in Australia, has now introduced another website to help you find a berth. Well done, Fiona!

Read Irene and Rolf Fricke's adventures sailing in Thailand. But if you decide to copy them and go sailing in coral waters, be careful to leave the coral where you find it. Read what happened to one Perth man.

In practical matters, there's another view on permanently installed preventers, important news for some about the difference between a tow and salvage (not as different as you would think, and expensive if you get it wrong), and the argument for copper fouling by science educator Bob Jenner.

In world news, teenager sailing adventures seem to be in vogue. Read how nine teenagers from Cork are circumnavigating Ireland; and fourteen-year-old Laura Dekker is on her way to Portugal, passing Cape Finnisterre, for the start of her solo circumnavigation. She has received so much hate mail they have turned off the system.

Jeanneau's new Sun Odyssey is declared a finalist in European Yacht of the Year, your GPS system seems safe for a while after an announcement by Iridium, and it's amazing, but the Japanese are really sailing in space (that's the picture above).

Much more too, so browse down the stories to check what's of interest to you, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Dutch teen solo sailor, 14, begins her voyage
Nancy Knudsen,
Laura Dekker, 14, finally allowed by a Dutch court to sail solo around the world, has only one regret - she will miss her dog, Spot. Yesterday she set off with her father on a test and delivery sail to Portugal, from where she will begin her great adventure. Laura was born during a circumnavigation, had her first boat at six, and began sailing solo aged 10.... [more]
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Jeanneau's Sun Odyssey 409, finalist, European Yacht of the Year
Sail-World Cruising,
The Sun Odyssey 409, Jeanneau's newest model, is one of the finalists in the European Yacht of the Year 2011, in the Family Cruiser category. These are the accolades that all yacht designers and shipyards can be proud to be awarded.... [more]
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Japan in first public presentation on sailing in space
Kieran Carroll, Space Review/Sail-World,
Sailing boats may have been around for thousands of years, and it might have been Brittannia who ruled the waves, but it is the Japanese who have successfully started sailing in space, the sails on their craft pushed by solar wind... [more]
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Australia's Seawind Catamarans awarded for global success
Sandman PR,
Seawind Catamarans has been named Australian Marine Exporter of the Year at the 2010 Australian International Marine Export (AIMEX) awards. Announced during the recent Sydney International Boat Show, Seawind was also awarded for the Best Marine Industry Export Marketing Strategy. Seawind Catamarans is Australia's largest designer and builder of ocean capable cruising catamarans.... [more]
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Newport Apartments, Mooloolaba waterfront views and hospitality
Jeni Bone,
Founding sponsor for the past 14 years of the Etchells Australasian Winter Championships at Mooloolaba, and excellent vantage point to enjoy uninterrupted views of the venue, Newport Apartments Mooloolaba looks forward to the 'annual northern migration' of the sailing fraternity.... [more]
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Help to get home - tow or salvage and what's the difference?
PRWeb News,
It pays to know, first the law that covers the area where you sail, and then, when you need assistance on the water, what's the deal? Is this a tow, or is this salvage? An American Marine Insurance Advisor warns that what you think of as a simple tow, could produce a salvage claim.... [more]
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Good news for sailors: Iridium Boeing courtship ends in wedding bells
Sail-World Cruising,
It was a ten year courtship that ended in marriage. The world-wide satellite communications network so important to today's sailors is ensured with the extension and redefinition of the relationship between Iridium and Boeing. The move makes Boeing an exclusive and long term partner of Iridium, whose early history had some checkered patches before the company was purchased by a new consortium in... [more]
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Reaching for cockpit cushion spells night death for Lake sailor.
Sail-World Cruising,
Reaching for a cushion blown overboard from his yacht has spelled death for a Swiss eco-businessman this week it has been confirmed, after his body was found in Lake Constance in Switzerland. Beda Murer, 49, CEO of the eco-friendly technology company Napac Schweiz, had sailed across Lake Constance with his girlfriend to a restaurant for a romantic dinner.... [more]
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Permanently installed preventer: Another view
Sail-World Cruising/Brian and Jill Golland,
Sail-World received an extraordinary quantity of mail after a recent article about permanently installed preventers, so it is obviously a subject of great interest to many sailors. At Sail-World we are a news outlet rather than a forum, but we here offer a system that works for a couple of our readers, Brian and Jill Golland... [more]
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Plastic in our Oceans, and what any sailor can do
Sailor for the Sea,
Imagine the massive breadth and spread of the country of France - or the state of Texas in the USA. Now imagine every milli-inch of that piled high with trash: bottle caps, cigarettes, cigarette lighters, tampon applicators, plastic nets, discarded flip flops, Frisbees, soda bottles, milk jugs, diapers, six-pack rings, busted tennis rackets, empty pens, shampoo bottles, you name it.... [more]
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New 'Berths for Sale' list makes it easy to find a berth in Australia
Sail-World Cruising,
Two years after launching her online Australian Marinas Guide, sailing entrepreneur Fiona Harper has launched a new product, her 'Berths for Sale'. The Berths and Moorings For Sale or Lease section was recognised by Harper as a gap in the market. There was currently not one single resource for finding this information.... [more]
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The argument for copper antifouling
Bob Jenner,
Bob Jenner, long time sailor, yacht owner and independent scientist, uses copper antifouling on his own yacht. Here he gives us the argument for copper-based antifouling: Much hot air is produced around the subject of us ‘boaties' polluting the oceans with our antifoulings and it is probably a good idea to put some facts in the way of the good story:... [more]
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Canadians warn sailors about Northwest Passage
Sail-World Cruising/National Post,
Freshly navigable after confounding sailors for centuries, the Northwest Passage has suddenly become a draw for the inexperienced, creating a dangerous and expensive burden for the Canadian Coast Guard, according to a spokesman for the organisation.... [more]
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Perth man fined for illegal coral consignment
Dapartment of Fisheries, Western Australia,
A Perth man was ordered to pay more than $900 in fines and costs, after Fisheries and Marine Officers intercepted two eskies of illegally collected live coral the man had sent to a Perth address from Broome.... [more]
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Sailing with Ketoro - Cruising Thailand
Rolf and Irene Fricke,
Irene and Rolfe Fricke, cruising in their catamaran Ketoro, bring us another tale about their life out of the fast lane, this time sailing in Thailand. Siam. A Kingdom. Romantic words conjuring exotic images. Warm and caring people with an intriguing language and script, fascinating and exotic architectural influences and temples. All of these thoughts come to mind on approaching Thailand... [more]
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Nine sailing teenagers to circumnavigate Ireland
Sail-World Cruising,
Are these teenagers inspired by earlier teen feats and failures, or is it just a coincidence that another crop of teenagers have announced a sailing challenge? A group of nine teenagers from the Kinsale area of southern Ireland is setting off on a Round Ireland Challenge this Thursday (12 August) in aid of the world's largest charity hospital ship... [more]
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AFTER a long-range cruising adventure - the hard part...
Sail-World Cruising/ Herb McCormick,
Around the Americas was a 25,000 mile sailing circumnavigation of the American continents, to inspire us all to to protect our fragile oceans. 64 ft steel cutter Ocean Watch departed Seattle on May 31st last year, completing the journey recently. However, we at Sail-World found the words of one of the crew, journalist Herb McCormick, particularly moving, on how difficult it is to return:... [more]
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Marine Industry promotes Optimist Sailing Boats for Kids Program
Ellen Pragnell-Raascg,
The Optimist Sailing Boats for Kids program was announced on Friday at the Sydney International Boat Show Breakfast by BIA's General Manager. This program offers businesses to participate by purchasing one or more Optimist dinghies, which will be allocated to successful sailing clubs which have tendered to part of the program and comply with YNSW guidelines to stage learn to sail activities.... [more]
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Both superyachts racing at Hamilton Island use Doyle Sails
Guy Waddilove,
Doyle Sails dominance in the superyacht (100ft+) sector is clearly illustrated by the fact that both of the superyachts racing at this years Hamilton Island Race Week have chosen to exclusively use sails from Doyle. Both Kokomo (58 metres) and Perseus (50 metres) have complete sets of Doyle sails onboard and can compete with the knowledge that they will receive full support from Doyle Australia.... [more]
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