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 29 Jul 2010

Another solo teenager to set sail

Laura Dekker at the helm of her ketch, a Jeanneau Gin Fizz called Guppy, in which she will cruise the world  .
The Sydney International Boat Show starts today, with a great line-up of sailing celebs - Don McIntyre (the Bounty re-enactment man), Jessica Watson and the ubiquitous Mike Perham. If you're anywhere near Sydney, don't miss it, it's on until Monday.

The biggest news of the week is that, whether we like it or not, another teenager – at 14 the youngest ever - will set off on a world circumnavigation in a couple of weeks.

Before you put your good parenting hat on, her journey in NO WAY resembles that of Abby Sunderland who was dismasted in the south Indian Ocean, or of Jessica Watson, who has become Australia's darling after an eight month marathon through the Southern Ocean.

No, Laura Dekker, Dutch 14-year-old born on a sailing boat in New Zealand (she carries both passports), is setting out on a cruising journey to see the world, a repetition of her earliest memories, when she sailed the world with her parents in the first four years of her life.

Her plan is similar to many cruising sailors. She's travelling through tropic zones, one leg at a time, staying out of both the hurricane seasons and the Southern Ocean, and the longest time she will probably be at sea is 21 days. Still wouldn't let your daughter do it? No, probably neither would I.

There are lots of sailing adventurers out there having the time of their lives. (If you're not, what's keeping you?) More than 100 yachts have just set off for the annual Sail Indonesia Rally from Darwin. One Italian sailor Alessandro di Benedetto, who has just completed a non-stop solo circumnavigation on a 6.5 metre yacht, has an amazing tale to tell. He was dismasted just before he rounded Cape Horn – and just kept sailing! Now that requires good seamanship.

Plastiki crew are welcomed ashore in Sydney, bringing a damning message about plastic  BW Studios
Plastiki, that plastic bottle catamaran being sailed by David di Rothschild and a stalwart crew, have crossed the Pacific to reach a media storm in Sydney.

He is now effectively directing that storm of that publicity at the damage that plastic is doing to our oceans, poisoning the fish and those who eat them. If that's you, you need to heed his warning. The saddest thing about this message is that it could all be fixed with the stroke of a politician's pen.

Valuable information in this issue includes tricks about heaving to, a warning about stoves on boats, and some solid information about permanent preventers.

So many more stories too, you probably can't read them all, but browse down the headlines and choose your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Jessica Watson, Don McIntyre, Mike Perham - all at Sydney Boat Show
Nancy Knudsen,
Jessica Watson, who thrilled sailing and non-sailing Australians alike with her around the world exploits. Adventurer Don McIntyre, who recreated the voyage of the Captain William Bligh. The Norris family, who spent five-years sailing around the world....and now Mike Perham, who became the youngest circumnavigator - they'll all be at the Sydney International Boat show (29 July – 2 August).... [more]
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Dutch teen solo sailor gets green light from court
Nancy Knudsen,
'I was so happy I almost jumped into the water,' were the words of Laura Dekker, 14-year-old would-be sailing circumnavigator, describing how she felt when a court in Middleburg, Netherlands, gave her the green light to begin her world sailing voyage.... [more]
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Sail Indonesia Annual Rally off to a good start
Nancy Knudsen,
Sail Indonesia, the annual yacht rally that leaves Darwin in July of each year and is followed by a three month program of linked events across Indonesia, got off to another great start yesterday (Saturday) with 100 yachts departing.... [more]
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Yacht Blessed Be inquest - muddled name delayed search
Nancy Knudsen,
Two experienced sailors had been dead for up to 12 days by the time a search party was sent to find them, after a radio operator muddled up similar-sounding yacht names, a coroner has found.... [more]
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Plastic bottle yacht Plastiki on view at National Maritime Museum
Shirani Aththas,
Plastiki, the remarkable ocean-going yacht made from 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles, will be on view at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, for a full month after its arrival in Sydney today.... [more]
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Permanently installed preventer - The case for (and a cautionary tale)
Edwin G. Fischer, MD/ Bob Hickson,
The incidence of injury from accidental or premature jibes is unknown but the problem is not insignificant...I have assembled an incomplete list of 18 fatal head and/or neck injuries that occurred on 'offshore' yachts during accidental jibes.... [more]
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Plastiki arrives Sydney with a bottled message
Nancy Knudsen,
After a small near-collision with a large black submarine, and a quick save by Rothschild Banking heir David de Rothschild, sporting a bright pink fender to match his bright pink beanie, Plastiki, the catamaran made of 12,500 plastic bottles successfully docked and ended her eighteen week journey from San Francisco to Sydney.... [more]
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Portable gas stove SAFETY ALERT for boaters
Sail-World Cruising,
If you have the kind of yacht which does not come with a pre-installed marine stove, or if you like taking a portable stove with you for picnics, this warning will have special relevance:... [more]
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Steve White to set sail Around the World non-stop and the wrong way
Andi Robertson,
It's not only the teenagers who are doing it - sailor Steve White from Dorset in the UK last week announced his intention to break the current world record for circumnavigating single-handed, non-stop the 'wrong way', against the prevailing winds and currents. Steve will be sailing a Volvo Open 70, which would usually be crewed by ten people... [more]
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Whale dismasts yacht - investigation pending
Sail-World Cruising,
The advice to stay several hundred metres away from a whale took on new resonance after the latest incident in South African waters. The owners of a well known Cape Town Sailing Academy were dismasted this week by a whale who apparently didn't notice the yacht and breached virtually on top of them.... [more]
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Internet Images Rules for Events, Sponsors and Event Photographers
Brendan Maxwell - TetraMedia,
Sailing is one of those sports which is much more followed on the Internet, than in magazines, newspapers or on television. It is therefore vital that marine events and marine industry professionals pay careful attention to the needs of Internet consumers.... [more]
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Australia's rock art discovery - sailing vessels visit in mid-1600's
A team of researchers from The Australian National University and Griffith University have discovered evidence of Southeast Asian sailing vessels visiting Australia in the mid-1600s – the oldest contact rock art in Australia.... [more]
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Heaving-to - with a little trick
Grant Headifen,
Grant Headifen again brings this week's sailing tip: If you already know how to heave to, here's the small tip that could come in handy if you are, for instance, simply stopped for lunch. Heaving to instruction follows...... [more]
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Circumnavigator Mike Perham: 'Now I'll fly around the world.'
Sail-World Cruising,
Following in the footsteps of Sir Francis Chichester, who combined flying and sailing into an extraordinary and adventurous career, 18-year old British sailor Mike Perham has announced plans to become the youngest person to fly solo around the world.... [more]
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Sailor on 6.5 metre yacht circumnavigates non-stop in 268 days
Nancy Knudsen,
It took him 268 days, but Franco-Italian Alessandro Di Benedetto has just completed his circumnavigation - his own 'Vendee Globe' - of the world in a 6.5 metre yacht. Returning to Les Sables d'Olonne, where he started nearly nine months ago, on 26th October, hundreds of his family, friends, fans and followers were there to welcome him home.... [more]
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Doyle Sails offers a 20% discount on sails at Sydney Boat Show
Guy Waddilove,
Doyle Sails Australia is offering visitors to the Sydney Boat Show a 20 per cent discount on sails ordered with deposits paid at the show. Additionally Doyle will be offering Bamar furlers and vangs and Leisure Furl booms at a 20% discount when purchased with a Doyle sail at the show.... [more]
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Windcraft -Twelve new yachts, Fjord 40 Motorboat at Sydney Boat Show
Team Windcraft,
At the Sydney International Boat Show starting today, the Team Windcraft in-water display features twelve new yachts and the Fjord 40 Motorboat.... [more]
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Whale of a Sail with Whitsunday Rent a Yacht
Toni Lucke,
Sailing the Whitsundays promises holidaymakers the chance to get up close and personal with spectacular island vistas, warm waters and – between now and September – many of the 13,000 humpback whales heading north to calve and breed during this year's predicted bumper whale season.... [more]
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SIBS – nearly there
Bob Wonders,
Boats, marine engines, electronics, fishing tackle, nautical clothing, general boating accessories, it will all be there for the outdoors enthusiasts over the five action-packed days that comprise the Sydney International Boat Show.... [more]
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British Classic Yacht Club Panerai Cowes Regatta - Ingrid Abery images
Ingrid Abery images,
Everyone loves the elegant sight of a classic yacht under full sail and doing what she loves best. For those of you who weren't able to be there yourself, photographer Ingrid Abery has sent this gallery of images from the British Classic Yacht Club Panerai Cowes Regatta, on the Solent.... [more]
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