Whale dismasts yacht, see the pictures...Plastiki arrives Mooloolaba...Dutch authorities disagree on teen sailor...Bavaria cruiser in top award...and much more...

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 22 Jul 2010

No pirate attacks, but busy oceans...

Look what the whale did to my yacht! - Cape Town, South Africa (see the story below)  Captetownsailing.co.za
The International Maritime Bureau's report that there have been no pirate attacks against yachts this year was welcome news, but that didn't stop it being a week full of interest and activity around Australian coastlines and on the world's oceans.

As usual, the news is wildly varied. The crew of the 12,000 plastic-bottled catamaran Plastiki are all smiles after arriving Mooloolaba at the end of their Pacific crossing, denying that they had to be rescued in their final days (Read the conflicting stories).

Misadventures were the order of the week too - very embarrassing for the yacht that ended up in the dark on an oyster lease in Brisbane Water; but what a miraculous rescue it was of a sailor after a freak accident found her in the water, in the dark, in three metre seas, without her life jacket and fifty miles from land (and she HAD done everything right). It wasn't dark however, when the yacht drove straight into the path of a large ferry - see the video.

Holland is having a hard time knowing what to do with its own teenager sailor, Laura Dekker. The decision has been put off AGAIN as to whether authorities (and there are so many of them) will unite to agree to allow her to leave Holland solo on her Jeanneau Gin Fitz called Guppy.

The replica of a 600BC sailing ship, the Phoenica, has reached the Azores after circumnavigating Africa (almost). They've just been 82 days at sea, so it's just a short skip of a leg home now.

Lots of Green (or should we say 'Blue'?) news, some dreamy cruising stories, the latest yacht that is nominated as the European Yacht of the Year, and then there's the whale story....

Browse down the headlines and read what you fancy

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Whale dismasts yacht - investigation pending
Sail-World Cruising,
The advice to stay several hundred metres away from a whale took on new resonance after the latest incident in South African waters. The owners of a well known Cape Town Sailing Academy were dismasted this week by a whale who apparently didn't notice the yacht and breached virtually on top of them.... [more]
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Closed court hearing on 14-year-old Dutch sailor but no result
Nancy Knudsen,
On Tuesday a closed court hearing was held by the Children's court in Middleburg to determine whether Laura Dekker, 14-year-old sailor who wants permission to sail away from Holland solo with the intention of completing a circumnavigation, was to be allowed to depart.... [more]
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Bavaria Cruiser 45 nominated for European Yacht of the Year 2010-2011
Jamie Millar,
Bavaria Cruiser 45 has been nominated for European Yacht of the Year 2010/11. The Cruiser 45 will be tested by the international judging panel following the HISWA boat show in Amsterdam in September and the prestigious award will be presented for the eighth time in January 2011 at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, Germany.... [more]
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All 'by the book', but sailor has narrow escape
Nancy Knudsen,
She thought that she had done everything right - and she had. She was wearing a life jacket and harness, and was well tethered. But a freak incident still had a British sailor in danger of drowning this week, as she trod water for two hours 50 miles off Land's End after going overboard.... [more]
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German study to document effects of ocean acidification
Sail-World Cruising,
As a sailor, if you like cruising and diving in the sea you know now, you will be interested in ocean acidification** - the 'other' CO2 problem. The video is an inside view of the research that's being done on ocean acidification at the scientific research station at Ny Alesund in Svalbard, Norway.... [more]
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Perth Boat & Leisure Expo 2010 - coming soon
Sail-World Cruising,
Winter spawns them all. We've recently featured both the Adelaide and Sydney Boat Shows, and in a couple of weeks, if you are anywhere near Perth, you can take advantage of the Perth Boat & Leisure Expo 2010, 11th to the 15th of August... [more]
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Mike Harker tells of mugging in St Martin
Mike Harker,
Many readers will know the inspirational story of Mike Harker, the champion hang glider who had a near death experience, lay recovering for six years as a paraplegic, then became a long range cruising sailor, making popular documentaries while he sailed the world. Recently, as we reported earlier, the charismatic sailor was mugged on his sailing boat in St Martin, and here is his latest account:... [more]
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Win an Opti for the Kids and One for the Club
Sail-World.com & Powerboat-world.com,
The winner of the OziOPti Sail-World competition will receive an OziOpti ‘Regatta Mark IV' GRP racing boat complete valued at AUD$3,950 (or NZ$5,135). AND They will ALSO win for their chosen sailing club an OziOpti ‘Tacker' Poly training boat valued at AUD$2,395 (or NZ$3,200). There will also be prizes of 10 x $100 ‘The Boatyard' vouchers.... [more]
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Plastiki says no Distress Call: 'It was an arranged charter escort'
Natalie Laharnar/Nancy Knudsen,
The crew of the Plastiki were all smiles on arrival into Mooloolaba. Contrary to earlier reports, media representatives for the The Plastiki have denied vehemently that the catamaran was rescued as it approached Mooloolaba in Queensland. This conflicted with news earlier received and published in local media that the yacht had made a distress call picked up by Brisbane Water Police... [more]
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Sailing with Ketoro - Maldives to Thailand
Irene and Rolf Fricke,
Irene and Rolfe Fricke, cruising in their yacht Ketoro, bring us another tale of an ocean crossing, this time between the Maldives and Thailand. Thinking back on that 'peaceful and graciously xenophobic Muslim country' the Maldives (quoting Fran, a sailing friend), we remember...... [more]
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Did he freeze? Was he not looking?
Sail-World Cruising,
Did he freeze? Was he not looking? Was it rattled nerves that made him give the 'V' sign? It was a close call between a private yacht and a pleasure cruise ship when this near collision was caught on video at Watchet Harbour, in Somerset, UK last weekend. The encounter, which involved the Balmoral ship, was filmed by local resident Gerry Lowe on Saturday. See the video below.... [more]
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Investigations, compliance training tackle illegal poaching of dugong
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Chairman Russell Reichelt said this combination of investigative and educational avenues would help ensure all bases were covered in addressing the issue of illegal poaching of dugong.... [more]
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Yacht aground in Oyster Lease
Ron Cole - Marine Rescue NSW,
A phone call early on Sunday morning July 18, alerted the volunteers on duty at Marine Rescue Central Coast to the predicament of a 50' yacht and its crew of five.... [more]
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Plastiki sends out PAN PAN, rescue underway
Nancy Knudsen,
Water police based in Brisbane have picked up a distress call from Plastiki, the eco-friendly 60 ft catamaran made of 12,000 plastic bottles, which was on the last leg of her journey from San Francisco to Australia, heading for Coffs Harbour. Plastiki was 200 nautical miles off the coast, her engine was disabled and she was being driven helplessly north by strong tradewinds.... [more]
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82 days at sea, and Phoenicia reaches the Azores
Nancy Knudsen,
It has been the longest and most challenging leg of their journey, but the Phoenicia, the replica of a 600BC Phoenician vessel which it is believed circumnavigated Africa, has reached the Azores. The journey covered over 3500miles, with eight crew members, and proved that the sturdy vessel could withstand the challenging conditions of the Atlantic Ocean.... [more]
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Urgent Message for Northwest Passage sailors
Lisa Mylchreest,
If you are not thinking of transiting the Northwest Passage above Canada this year, this message won't concern you. If you are, it's urgent! There is to be no propane in Cambridge Bay... [more]
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Sailing Tip of the Week: Green Shopping Bags to the rescue
Grant Headifen,
Do you have one of those top loading deep freezes that reach down into the bowels of the boat so far you can hardly reach the bottom? Or risk falling in headfirst when you try? Or maybe the yacht you are just about to charter is like that? (warning: many are.) Well here is yet another use for the ubiquitous Green Shopping Bag.... [more]
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Mother gives 14-year-old sailor last minute blessing as court meets
Nancy Knudsen,
Just three days before a Dutch Court will meet to consider the case of a fourteen-year-old girl who wants to sail solo round the world, her mother has published a letter giving the voyage her support.... [more]
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IMB reports: Zero pirate attacks against yachts this year
Nancy Knudsen,
It's official. According to the International Maritime Bureau(IMB), a non-profit organisation which acts as a focal point for the global war against piracy, and report regularly on pirate attacks and attempted attacks against ships, no piracy against yachts has been recorded in the first half of 2010. Paul and Rachel Chandler, however, kidnapped in 2009, are still held hostage.... [more]
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Yachting NSW and Steve Jarvin Motors announce continuing partnership
Andrew Cribb,
Yachting New South Wales and Steve Jarvin Motors have announced that their partnership to promote the sport of sailing will continue.... [more]
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Doyle Australia announces a major expansion in Sydney
Guy Waddilove,
Doyle Sails Sydney is to undergo a significant transformation with the announcement of a strategic partnership with Doyle Sails New Zealand and the re-opening of its Rushcutters Bay loft. The partnership will see Doyle's presence in Sydney grow considerably enabling the company to give better service to its customers and direct access to Doyle's patented Stratis laminated sails.... [more]
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Beneteau First - A formula that works
Beneteau-Vicsail Sydney,
No other range of production yachts has had such affirmed success racing and dually been able to answer the cruising needs of discerning yachtsman. It is with intent that Beneteau FIRST models are highly adaptable for racing but principally pointed towards fast cruising.... [more]
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Burke Marine One Design range newest addition - E50 Buoyancy Aid
Burke Marine,
Burke Marine has been developing their One Design range over the past few years and is pleased to release the newest addition to the range the Burke E50 Buoyancy Aid.... [more]
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