Xc 38 nominated for European Yacht of the Year...Fijian wins top bravery award...sailing the Gulf of Aden - cruiser tells...Fifth Aegean Rally... Mike Harker's mugging in St Maartin... and much more...

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 15 Jul 2010

Inventors who just keep innovating

The ubiquitous RIB - invented by students  .
Just when you think that they had invented everything that ever could be invented for making sailing easier, safer, faster or more comfortable, along come some new inventions.

Our Product of the Week is a combined block and tackle, excellent for certain applications. Not only is it elegant in design, but cutting out one more connection that can come apart when under stress must be considered a bonus for any yacht.

Another article talks about how ultrasonic antifouling has just become more viable with the introduction of digitisation. Then there are the students who have won a NASA competition by designing a flying catamaran for rescues, and ultrasonic antifouling has just become more viable with digitisation. Ignore student inventers at your peril, as, in another story, we remind readers that it was students who first came up with the idea of the ubiquitous RIB.

It is a Fijian seaman - who saved the lives of two yachties by diving overboard from his container ship and bringing them aboard after their yacht sank – who has won the prestigious International Maritime Organisation's 2010 Exceptional bravery award. It's an awe-inspiring story, and both rescued and rescuers tell their versions.

Lots of other news too - the Fifth Aegean Rally is about to set off, and one sailor tells his tale of sailing the pirate zone this year through the Gulf of Aden.

They weren't pirates, just common thugs, but the thieves who bashed heroic paraplegic solo sailor and film maker Mike Harker are still on the loose in St Maartin in the Caribbean. Not a good place to anchor your boat any time soon...

Sweet, and safe, sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Fifth Aegean Rally to start with 55 yachts, 18-30 July
Nancy Knudsen,
If you hurry, you could just get to Turkey in time to participate in the Fifth Aegean Yacht Rally cruising through the pristine waters of Turkey and Greece. 55 yachts are currently registered for the 18-30 July Rally. The Rally is organised by Setur Marinas, the well-known chain of marinas that sprout around the coastline of Turkey.... [more]
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Xc 38 nominated for European Yacht of the Year 2011
Sail-World Cruising,
Anyone thinking of purchasing a new yacht, whether this week or anytime in the future, would have to consider those yachts which are at the cutting edge of yacht design - the prize-winners in their categories. 'The European Yacht of the Year 2011' will be presented for the eighth time in January 2011, and even a pre-nomination is a bonus for any new yacht design.... [more]
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Teacup storm as Sunderland quotes erroneous Coastguard report on TV
John Rousmaniere,
A storm - in a teacup rather than an ocean - occurred when Abby Sunderland's father quoted on National TV a Coastguard report that a yacht had been dismasted in the annual race from Newport to Bermuda. Calm weather in the teacup has returned the reputation of the Bermuda Race intact, after the Coastguard apologised for the mistake.... [more]
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Exceptional Bravery Award to Fijian for rescuing leisure sailors
Sail-World Cruising,
A seaman from Fiji has been awarded the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) 2010 award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea. The award goes to 30-year-old Fourth Engineer James Fanifau for his heroism in the rescue of two sailors in the Pacific Ocean last year.... [more]
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New Book, The RIB: Student experiment that spawned a new era in rescue
Daniel Fisher, Western Mail/Sail-World,
Next time you use your RIB dinghy, or have the misfortune to need a rescue craft, spare a thought for an innovative group of students who had a zany idea nearly 50 years ago that no-one believed would work. A student experiment with wood, rubber and 'whatever they could get their hands on' went on to help save thousands of sailors' lives, and end up as the ubiquitous yacht dinghy.... [more]
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Sailing the Gulf of Aden - One cruiser's account
Horace Costa,Yacht Online/ Sail-World,
While all authorities, including the ISAF, recommend that yachts stay away from the Gulf of Aden, hundreds of yachts are making the transit by staying close to the Yemeni coastline where the Yemeni Coastguard controls the waters. Here cruising sailor Horace Costa, aboard deciBel, a 39ft aluminium yacht, tells his story of transiting the Gulf of Aden's 'Pirate Zone' in March this year.... [more]
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Last minute EPIRB rental saves three lives
Boat US Foundation,
The day before departing Crescent City, California, on July 1 for an offshore passage bound for Alameda, California, the shore-bound father of one of three crewmembers aboard the 32-foot catamaran sailboat Catalyst wanted to ensure his daughter was safe.... [more]
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Mike Harker tells of mugging in St Martin
Mike Harker,
Many readers will know the inspirational story of Mike Harker, the champion hang glider who had a near death experience, lay recovering for six years as a paraplegic, then became a long range cruising sailor, making popular documentaries while he sailed the world. Recently, as we reported earlier, the charismatic sailor was mugged on his sailing boat in St Martin, and here is his latest account:... [more]
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Product of the Week: the innovative 'MX' - block and shackle in one
Ken Quant,
Wichard's new and innovative 'MX' line of halyard shackles are designed to allow lines to run through them without the need for a block. They offer a lightweight, low-profile option to traditional blocks whenever a static 2:1 purchase or line re-direction is needed.... [more]
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Rotorised catamaran wins NASA rescue competition
Sail-World Cruising,
The future for sailors who need to be rescued at sea could be very different if some extraordinary winning ideas by a group of innovative engineering students are adopted... [more]
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Digital Ultrasonic Antifouling - a Green game changer??
Des Ryan,
The introduction of digital ultrasonic antifouling may have changed the game for this green and simple method of antifouling. While the system was analogue, it was not only expensive, but chewed up much power. Digital is at least 20% lighter on power, and the price has reduced somewhat..... [more]
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RYA Multihull Handbook – Essential for people mad about Multihulls
Emma Slater / RYA,
The RYA Multihull Handbook – for cruisers, is the new and eagerly awaited title in the RYA Publications stable providing the reader with valuable information and advice on the complexities of multihull boating.... [more]
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Another cruising family completes another circumnavigation
Tom Evans/Sail-World Cruising,
Every day of every year there are brave cruising families setting out to sail unknown seas, many of them headed for circumnavigations, and many will exceed their planned voyage length. Every day of every year there are families returning home after life-enriching experiences, enjoyed as a family. The Hopkins family is one of these, as the following story by Tom Evans tells... [more]
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China Maritime Museum to weigh anchor
Shanghai Daily,
The spectacular China Maritime Museum, shaped like a billowing sail and housing a replica of an ancient junk, opens to all seafarers and landlubbers on Sunday in Nanhui of the Pudong New Area overlooking Hangzhou Bay. The museum features the history and the routes of famous Chinese navigator, explorer, diplomat and admiral Zheng He (1371-1435), and commemorates his voyages around 600 years ago.... [more]
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Famed adventurer and cruising sailor brutally bashed and robbed
Wanderlust 3/The Sailing Channel.TV,
Mike Harker, famed adventurer, film maker and solo cruising sailor, is recovering from a brutal beating last week by two men who bordered Wanderlust 3 during the night and demanded cash. It was originally reported that Mike was in Guadeloupe located in the Leeward Islands, in the Lesser Antilles, but it now appears he was in an anchorage in St Martin.... [more]
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Mauri Pro Sailing - The multi lingual online chandlery
David Schmidt,
Sourcing the right gear for your team and your boat can be tricky business. Proper experience can dictate the difference between an excellent choice and a poor finish on a racecourse or a lackluster cruising experience. Therefore, choosing the right chandlery quickly becomes as important as the equipment itself.... [more]
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Elan's Impression 444 - Refined elegance
Gael Moldan,
Elan's new cruising model, the Impression 444 is a robust fast cruising yacht design that speaks refined elegance . The new model offers the pleasures of deluxe cruising and entertaining for family and friends whether it be day sailing, extended cruising - coastal or offshore - in true comfort and quality assurance.... [more]
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