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  09 Jul 2010

Editorial, July 9 2010

Want to keep up with all the power boating news worth knowing?

Well, guess what? You have arrived at the right place, whether it happens in Australia or around the world, the Powerboat-World team will chase it down and present it right here.

This week, the so-called capital of North Queensland, Townsville, played host to round three of the Offshore Superboat Championships and again we've been fortunate in having Andrew Gricks, Reg Blunt and, for the first time, Jodie Jellick on hand for some great action images.

We can also report on a record field for the forthcoming Australian Superboat V8 (jet boat) championships and if you've never seen these wickedly-fast rigs in action, then you're in for a treat.

It's now less than three weeks to the 43rd Sydney International Boat Show and just to increase your interest we reveal here some unusual facts and statistics related to the Southern Hemisphere's largest recreational boating exhibition.

Lots happening with Honda Marine, too, firstly in the form of a brilliant Loyalty Program being introduced and also an insight into the Honda RIB Youth Championships now under way in the United Kingdom.

And the Queensland Gold Coast's 1 sunglass designer/manufacturer, Barz Optics, has linked up to be a part of the travelling Yamaha Fishing Show.

All the news from the P1 powerboats as well and some good news from Japan; Pete Bethune, the man who raced around the world in the innovative trimaran ‘Earthrace' (later named Ady Gil) and emerged as an anti-whaling campaigner, has escaped jail time with a suspended sentence

Way across the world, in Russia, to be precise, the Formula One is in action racing in front of the legendary ‘Winter Palace'.

No question about it, it's all happening and it's all here.

Finally, letting you all know I'll be on the road next week; on Tuesday (July 13) I make a quick trip to Sarasota and an up-close look at the 2011 range from legendary manufacturer Chris-Craft.

And where will you find the latest information on the Chris-Craft range?

Surely you're kidding, where else but right here on Powerboat-World.

See you next week,

Bob Wonders

Charges highlight drink driving dangers
Media Services,
A 37-year-old man was charged with drink-driving yesterday after a boating accident on the Gold Coast. A 43-year-old woman suffered extensive leg injuries when she fell off a jet ski and was hit by a cruiser on the Southport Broadwater on Sunday afternoon.... [more]
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Ady Gil skipper anti-whaler Pete Bethune, gets suspended sentence
Environmentalist and anti-whaling campaigner, Pete Bethune, gets suspended sentence. 'All I wanted was justice for the loss of my boat, the Ady Gil, and the attempted murder of my crew.' The trial in Japan of environmentalist and anti-whaling campaigner, Pete Bethune, 45, reached its conclusion today... [more]
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Barry Jenkins: the showman departs the local marine scene
Jeni Bone,
The final curtain has not fallen on the Sanctuary Cove stalwart – 22 boat shows under his belt – and all rounder in the Australian marine industry, but last night, some of Barry Jenkins' closest colleagues and friends joined him for a toast and a tinkle on the ivories, before he departs for Asia and new marine horizons.... [more]
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WWF call to lock up 30% waters would kill fishing industry
Senator Ron Boswell,
'The World Wildlife Fund's call to close 30% of Australia's waters to fishing, oil and gas, would be the end of Australia's fishing industry,' said LNP Senator Ron Boswell.... [more]
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New PFDs for Australian Boaters
Ursula Bishop,
Personal flotation devices made to the new Australian Standard AS 4758 can now be sold and worn around the country. The NMSC has produced a point of sale brochure for retailers, dealers and the general public explaining the PFDs made to the new standard and what they mean. Copies can be attained from marine safety authorities or the NMSC.... [more]
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Suncoast was inappropriately named for Grand Prix Offshore
Bob Wonders,
Rough seas and rain welcomes offshore racers in Florida. Organisers, Super Boat International, said the rain 'danced around' the bay area, but said the cooler temperatures it generated excited fans and teams and led to some race day excitement.... [more]
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'Qatar 96' again shows out in Offshore Superboat Championships
Bob Wonders,
Class 1 beset by numerous mechanical failures. One Supercat Lite boat, ‘The Good Guys', lost control coming into a corner at more than 100km/hr and went over in a spectacular roll; fortunately, the crew, brothers Brendan (driver) and Christopher Frier escaped uninjured.... [more]
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Barz Optics signs up with Yamaha Travelling Fishing Show
Jeni Bone,
Barz Optics the Gold Coast based polarised sunglass company have just signed a sponsorship agreement with the Yamaha Australian Travelling Fishing Show.... [more]
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Walcon Marine floats Sydney's soccer pitch
ClearLine Communications,
Walcon Marine's experience in creating floating structures of all types has gone one stage further with the creation of a floating football pitch in Australia for the Sydney International FIFA Fan Fest, which reaches its climax this week with the final of the World Cup.... [more]
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Nationwide sea-floor ecology study starts off Western Australia
The first stage of a long-term observation study of the ecology of Australia's sea-floor was recently launched off Western Australia's Rottnest Island.... [more]
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Australian Superboat Championships - Record Superboat entries
Sean Henshelwood,
Australian Superboat Championships - Round Mountain Raceway at Cabarita Beach will come alive this weekend to the sound of the biggest field in V8 Superboat history as 47 teams from all over the country converge on the sleepy coastal hamlet for what promises to be one of the best events on recent record.... [more]
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Team Honda Marine – get onboard!
Sandman PR,
Honda Australia has launched the marine industry's first customer loyalty program, Team Honda Marine (THM). Promoting environmentally-friendly fishing and boating, THM brings together like-minded anglers from all over the country via its interactive website and encourages their active participation through fishing photo competitions, member blogs, special offers and much more.... [more]
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P1 SuperStock Championship returns to Pwllheli
Sam Feasey,
P1 SuperStock Championship. Beginning at 10:30 AM on Saturday morning, spectators can enjoy six enthralling races over the weekend with the gripping entertainment closing at 16:30 on Sunday after the podium celebrations. Local interest will focus on 23-year-old adrenaline-junkie, Andy Musgrave.... [more]
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Honda RYA Youth Rib Championship - Henry roars to four
Honda RYA Youth Rib Championship saw young powerboaters battle it out in the North West Regional Final. The best young RIB drivers in the North West went head to head on Saturday 3rd July at Torside Reservoir, Glossop, by Stockport, at the North West Regional Final of the Honda RYA Youth RIB Championship.... [more]
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Waikato Boat, Fishing & Leisure Show: Building up the boating business
Waikato Boat, Fishing & Leisure Show Media,
The Waikato Boat, Fishing & Leisure Show is the only marine exhibition in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty area. To be held on the 15-17 of October 2010, the event is on track for another successful year. Emerging out of an economic strain, the 2010 event is set to be paramount in paving the year ahead for the marine industry.... [more]
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Have your say on the Inland Waters Classification
Department of Primary Industries VIC,
Fisheries Victoria is seeking comments on a draft Inland Waters Classification that classifies all inland waters in Victoria as trout, native or mixed fisheries. Our goal is to promote and develop recreational angling opportunities for native, trout and mixed fisheries.... [more]
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School holiday trout stocking across Victoria
Vic Department of Primary Industries,
More than 25,000 'ready-to-catch' rainbow trout are being released into 54 small lakes across Victoria this school holiday, which is 10,000 more than corresponding, releases last year.... [more]
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Sydney International Boat Show – the facts and figures
Bob Wonders,
Southern Hemisphere's number one boat exhibition is a monumental undertaking. For five interest-filled days (July 29-August 2), Darling Harbour will present as the Australian boating industry's ‘shop window' as millions of dollars worth of boats and assorted marine equipment goes on display.... [more]
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SKIPPER! Visibility's poor, can you plot us a course home from here?
Coastguard Boating Education .,
If you're an experienced skipper you'll appreciate the value of knowledge at sea, especially when situations change. On Coastguard Boating Education's Boatmaster course you'll develop skills for sail navigation by day or night, strengthen your knowledge on dealing with emergencies, boat handling, and the rules and regulations. This comprehensive 30 hour course is also very flexible,... [more]
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AHOY SKIPPER - Do you know your knots?
Coastguard Boating Education .,
Join Coastguard Boating Education's Day Skipper course and you'll learn how to tie a range of knots and find out which knot to use in different situations, the equipment you need, the rules of the road at sea, essential boat handling tips, what to do in an emergency and much more to assist you in having an enjoyable time at sea. The Day Skipper course is only 15 hours... [more]
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Cholmondeley Pageant of Power – Racing takes to the lake of the Manor
Emma Slater / RYA,
Cholmondeley Pageant of Power will be showcasing a wide variety of RYA powerboating disciplines, from monohulls to Supercats and junior races to senior classes, this years' pageant is set to leave competitors and spectators in awe.... [more]
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Operation Cold Water wrap up
NSW Maritime,
NSW Minister for Ports and Waterways Paul McLeay said the chill hadn't turned people off boating.... [more]
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Grand Prix of Russia - Oil Spill Disaster motivates Ex-World Champion
Philippe Stiernon,
Grand Pix of Russia 2010 - For last years Grand Prix of Russia winner and 2008 UIM F1 H2O World Champion Jay Price of the Qatar Team, the demands of the upcoming second round of the 2010 calendar don't seem so extreme this time around. He's got other things on his mind, like trying to save his families way of life with the growing two month struggle facing them with the ongoing BP oil spill disast... [more]
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Fringe dwellers hold secrets of survival
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Corals right out on the exposed edges of the world's great coral reef zones may hold an important clue to the survival of coral ecosystems facing intensifying pressure from human activities and climate change.... [more]
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Sharks sniff out their prey, one nostril at a time
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
It turns out the old saying is right — the nose really does know. And when it comes to sharks, the nostrils are particularly discriminating. Combined with the ability to detect underwater vibrations, sharks are able to zero in on the location of their prey by smelling in stereo, according to a new study by researchers... [more]
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