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  02 Jul 2010


Here we go again, another edition of Powerboat-World when we reveal all the powerboat news worth knowing.

Believe me, this week there's plenty.

Up in the north of the great state of Queensland, the Qatar 96 team comprising Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani and ace British throttleman Steve Curtis, MBE, have shown the Aussies how it's done with two clear-cut victories in round two of the Offshore Superboat Championships.

We were lucky enough to have two of the sport's best photographers, Andrew Gricks and Reg Blunt at the races; don't miss some of their outstanding action shots.

Can the locals reverse the trend this coming weekend off the North Queensland city of Townsville?

Check in with Powerboat-World over the weekend and next week, it's almost as good as being there.

In other news, we briefly visit with Sydney's Premier Marine, authorised distributor of two of boating's best-known names, Chris-Craft and Regal; Premier Marine will be unveiling some new models of both at the forthcoming Sydney International Boat Show, so be there or be square!

Regal Marine's all-new Sport Yacht, scheduled for release by Premier Marine at the approaching Sydney International Boat Show.   Premier Marine

If you easily amused look at the recreational versionof the German battleship the Tirptz

If you want to feel extremely jealous or just take a look at how that fabled 'other half' lives, join us aboard $4,050,000 worth of boat in the shape of the magnificent Hampton Endurance 750.

It will also premiere at the Sydney International Boat Show. Incidentally, colleague Jeni Bone presents another preview of Australia's largest show, scheduled for its traditional Darling Harbour venue, July 29 to August 2.

Good news in general for the boating industry in that Riviera has declared itself 'free' and ready to do business.

And take a close look at the ‘Adventure Package' being offered by Honda.

A note for Queensland anglers, too; Australian Bass are to become a protected species to allow time for breeding and a replenishment of stocks, while offshore the annual migration of the mighty whales is taking place.

Like I said, it's all happening, enjoy the read and stick with us, there's plenty more in the offing.

Bob Wonders

Sydney Boat Show stands proud on the world's stage
Jeni Bone,
Domenic Genua, Marketing & Events Manager for BIA NSW and organizer of the Sydney International Boat Show, has just returned from the IFSBO conference in Chicago, where he heard opinions and shared experiences of the world's leading boat show organizers. Here he shares some of the trends, themes and insight into the means of weathering tough times.... [more]
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Chris-Craft and Regal, iconic names in the ‘Sunshine State'
Bob Wonders,
Sydney's Premier Marine represents two of the boating industry's most famous names. Of course, Chris-Craft and Regal, along with many (too many!) other manufacturers were ‘slam dunked' by the global financial crisis of recent years.... [more]
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Clipper expands to Victorian with Jacksons Marine
Imprint Media,
Renowned Melbourne marine dealership Jacksons Marine, based in Sandringham has joined the network of Clipper Motor Yachts agents in Australia.... [more]
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The Tirpitz goes yacht racing
Guy Nowell, Editor Sail-World Asia + Photographer,
What on earth is going on here? What's the strange blocky pattern on Chris Opielok's Rockall 3, seen here competing in the recent RORC IRC Nationals in the Solent, sailing under Hong Kong colours?... [more]
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Aussie bass are off the hook
Australian bass are off limits in Queensland waters from June 1 to midnight, 31 August 2010, to allow them time to breed and replenish their numbers.... [more]
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Whale watching tourism a solution for whales and fishers
Jeni Bone,
New research into the whale-watching industry shows the prehistoric mammals are worth many times more alive and well than served on a plate.... [more]
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Sea mullet's age-old beach fishery still going strong
Along the coast, from the Queensland/NSW state border and up to Fraser Island, sea mullet are currently travelling hundreds of kilometres on a breeding migration.... [more]
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Spinlock launches the Zero
Daniel Johnston,
Spinlock UK have just released the new ZERO floatation vest. The new standard in floatation vests has already had a positive reception in Europe with many dealers pre-selling the new model prior to the release date. Targeted at the sports boat market the ZERO offers all the benefits of a deck vest with the fit and performance of much bulkier jackets.... [more]
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A spare $4 million lying around? Then here's the boat for you
Bob Wonders,
This magnificent motor yacht is really 'the stuff of dreams.' Built in Shanghai, but designed by the United States firm, Apollonio Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, headed by Howard Apollonio and imported by into Australia by Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales, this gorgeous 75-footer (22.86-metres) is a definite class act.... [more]
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Get outdoors with Honda!
Sandman PR,
Retail customers who purchase a Honda four-stroke EFI outboard from 1 July through to 31 August 2010 will receive their choice of an outdoor adventure package valued at up to $900, along with a bonus offer of $350 free fuel. This exclusive Honda offer is aimed at complementing the personal interests of Honda Marine customers – from mountain biking to hiking, and everything in between... [more]
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SKIPPER! Visibility's poor, can you plot us a course home from here?
Coastguard Boating Education .,
If you're an experienced skipper you'll appreciate the value of knowledge at sea, especially when situations change. On the Coastguard Boating Education Service's Boatmaster course you'll develop skills for sail navigation by day or night, strengthen your knowledge on dealing with emergencies, boat handling, and the rules and regulations. This comprehensive 30 hour course is also very flexible,... [more]
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AHOY SKIPPER - Which knot won't tighten?
Coastguard Boating Education .,
Join a Coastguard Boating Education Services's Day Skipper course and you'll find the best knots to use, the equipment you need, the rules of the road at sea, essential boat handling tips, what to do in an emergency and much more to assist you in having an enjoyable time at sea. The Day Skipper course is only 15 hours and you can choose from tutorials, CD-ROM, or correspondence to suit you... [more]
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Qatar 96 claims two from two in Offshore Superboat Championships
Bob Wonders,
Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani (driver) and crack throttleman Steve Curtis, MBE aboard ‘Qatar 96' have dominated Class 1 in the second round of the Australian Offshore Superboat Championships by winning both races in the two-race format staged off Mackay, North Queensland.... [more]
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Big BRIG to launch at Sydney Boat Show
Harbourside Media,
Boating enthusiasts will be watching the Sydney International Boat Show in 2010 with the worldwide launch of the new Eagle 780, the largest Brig inflatable boat ever built. Brig has been two years developing the Eagle 780 and the company isn't taking this global launch lightly, flying in four heavyweights from Europe especially for the occasion.... [more]
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North Rip 21 labeled a pocket-battlewagon
Scott Kinney,
North Rip 21, the first in new line of serious sportfishing boats, is labeled a pocket-battlewagon. Display of this design's prototype at shows earlier this year built interest and orders not only for the NR21 but for three additional larger North Rip models which are already in development.... [more]
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Fishers receive a pat on the back in South West NSW
NSW Government,
A compliance operation conducted over the June long weekend in south west NSW has indicated that fishers are starting to get the message when it comes to complying with fishing rules and regulations, the Minister for Primary Industries, Steve Whan said. 'More than 850 fishers were checked by fisheries officers in south west NSW to ensure they were following the rules,' Minister Whan said.... [more]
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Noakes Youth apprenticeship program shapes young Australians
Lisa Ratcliff,
Noakes Group is offering up to 12 places across the Sydney, Newcastle and Nelson Bay regions to suitable applicants intending to complete the Marine Craft Construction Certificate III TAFE course, as well as those interested in undertaking a traineeship in marine painting.... [more]
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Fishing trip turns out to be a costly affair for two Melbourne anglers
Department of Primary Industries,
In March the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Fisheries Officers inspected the two men whilst fishing the Little Steavenson River, one of the men had in his possession 22 trout and other man had eleven – over three times the daily bag/possession limit. Both men were also using trout ova as bait.... [more]
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Melbourne Boat Show, one day away!
The 50th anniversary Melbourne Boat Show is just one day away, and organisers are promising a fun-filled, activity-packed show that will appeal to the whole family.... [more]
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Barz Optics' record sales fuelled by show circuit
Jeni Bone,
The decision to hold two stands at the Sanctuary Cove boat show this year paid off for Kevin Barr from Barz Optics, who reports record sales of his unique eye protection range at the event and a couple of new retailers.... [more]
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Riviera Exits Administration
Stephen Milne,
Riviera has received written notification on Friday June 25, 2010 from the company's Deed Administrators that the Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) established in conjunction with Riviera's creditors on January 22 this year has now been completed and thus Riviera has now officially exited from Administration.... [more]
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WHOI Scientist takes look at Human Impacts on Ocean Chemistry
A marine geochemist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) has published a report in the latest issue of the journal Science that evaluates the total impact of such factors on the ocean and considers what the future might hold.... [more]
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Hamilton Island Cup 2010 Outrigger Championships images
Hamilton Island Cup 2010 Outrigger Championships images by Andra Francolini... [more]
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Hamilton Island Outrigger Canoeing - Images from Andrea Francolini
Hamilton Island Australia - Outrigger Canoeing - Images from Andrea Francolini... [more]
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New regulations to help UAE yacht industry
Derek Baldwin, Gulf News,
New UAE regulations to help the domestic yacht-building industry compete at a global level will help large manufacturers seek out new designs for release on to the world market that are safe, environmentally-friendly and in demand. The regulations will come into effect on July 1... [more]
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Xiamen yachts sales boom in first half of 2010
What's On Xiamen,
Xiamen's Wuyuan Bay International Yachts Exhibition & Trade Centre has sold 21 yachts in the first half of this year, with the total value exceeding 200 million yuan, according to the Centre. The Centre was officially launched at the opening ceremony of the 2009 Xiamen International Yachts Show.... [more]
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The Rendezvous at Monaco
Boat International Media,
The Port of Monaco may be considered the European home of superyachting, but even this glittering Principality had never witnessed the spectacle of 10 superyachts representing nine of the world's largest shipyards motoring across the sea in beautifully orchestrated formation.... [more]
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