Airforce praises rescued yacht crew...Record circumnavigator wants to talk to YOUR club...measuring your leeway...Summer Sailstice in Shanghai...Dinghy Danger Mark II...and much more...

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 01 Jul 2010

This week's cruising stories- vital, interesting, or merely intriguing

Summer Sailstice 2010 - in Shanghai  .
From our coastlines and the world's oceans again come stories that are vital, interesting, or merely intriguing – stories to make you envious (if you're not already out there cruising while reading this), stories to learn from, stories to warm your heart.

Ian Thomson, who has just sailed around Australia 26 days faster than anyone else before him, wants to talk to your yacht club with a couple of goals: First, he's raising money for his 'no plastic bag' campaign, and secondly he wants to get more kids away from their playstations and out there sailing. Read the story and contact him for an inspirational speech.

Two of the best known rally organisations in the world have united, although it looks to me more like a takeover by the World Cruising Club of Steve Black's Caribbean 1500 Rally. Steve Black is to 'continue cruising and racing on his 42ft Simonis Sloop', so I wonder who has the better outcome, Black or World Cruising Club's Andrew Bishop? The cruising sailor in me it's Steve Black!

Summer Sailstice is over, but the word is spreading and they even celebrated it in Shanghai this year. Two Australian cruising yachts share their lives – La Boheme has been sailing round Corsica, and Crystal Blues is in Borneo, and the contrast in experiences shows just what how good life can get when you throw off those dock lines.

For Sydney-siders, the highly successful - and vital - Medical Management for Mariners is on again - 6th of July the new session begins at the Cruising Yacht Club in Rushcutter's Bay. Read all the details below

A record 98 leisure craft were booked for many types of misdemeanour on the water recently, and some of them were for speeding. When you're drifting along in light air there's very little you can do to avoid a speeding motorboat, but it's not often that you end up with half the motor boat's deck attached to the large hole they've just made in your hull. See the picture...

There's another Dinghy Danger reminder, and Grant Headifen is back with another sailing tip, so browse through the headlines to see what interests you

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Save Our Seas Australia campaigner Ian Thomson to tour yacht clubs
Media Services,
Having smashed the record for the fastest solo circumnavigation of Australia by 26 days, Ian Thomson, skipper of Save Our Seas Ocean Racing, is embarking on a tour of Australian Yacht Clubs from September to December. After his local regattas at Meridien Marinas Abel Point Race Week and Audi Hamilton Island Race Week Ian will head off on a tour to promote his no plastic bag campaign.... [more]
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Air Force praises well equipped yachties after South Pacific rescue
New Zealand Defence Force.,
The crew of an Air Force Orion aircraft from No 5 Squadron have successfully located a yacht after a distress beacon alert was received by the NZ Rescue Coordination Centre (NZRCC). The Orion crew launched from Auckland Air Force Base during the early hours of this morning and arrived on station just before 10am..... [more]
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Dinghy Danger Mark II
Sail-World Cruising,
Last week we published the story of the near tragedy when several small children were swept out to sea in a dinghy in a sharp off-shore breeze. A child who had been holding the painter let it go. Now a man's body has been found after the dinghy in which he and his friend were travelling - a rubber inflatable (RIB) - overturned in a river in Norfolk in the UK.... [more]
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Win an Opti for the Kids and One for the Club &,
The winner of the OziOPti Sail-World competition will receive an OziOpti ‘Regatta Mark IV' GRP racing boat complete valued at AUD$3,950 (or NZ$5,135). AND They will ALSO win for their chosen sailing club an OziOpti ‘Tacker' Poly training boat valued at AUD$2,395 (or NZ$3,200). There will also be prizes of 10 x $100 ‘The Boatyard' vouchers.... [more]
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Drifting sailing boat T-boned by motor cruiser
Bruce Burdett/Sail-World Cruising,
There but for the Grace...A yacht in drifting air has no chance against a motor boat at speed, and the Beneteau that was T-boned by a motor yacht last week in Bristol UK, ended up with a large hole and a piece of the motor boat that hit them attached to the hull of the yacht.... [more]
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Medical Management for Mariners - a vital course for a longer voyage
Sail-World Cruising,
The next CYCA Medical Management for Mariners course commences on Tuesday 6th July and there are still places available in this course. This is a comprehensive course of vital importance for those who sail longer voyages.... [more]
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Cruising Rally Association and World Cruising Club join forces
World Cruising Club,
Cruising Rally Association (CRA), best known as the organiser of the annual Caribbean 1500 Rally from Hampton VA to the British Virgin Islands, and World Cruising Club (WCC), organizers of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia, are joining forces to become the largest global organisation dedicated to the sport of passage-making.... [more]
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Somali pirates move north towards the Red Sea
Sail-World Cruising,
Once cruising sailors had sailed the Gulf of Aden and reached the vicinity of the Strait of Bab el Mandeb, in reach of Red Sea waters, they would sigh with relief, as this was the sure signal that they had passed the dangerous pirate zone... but no more.... [more]
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Hamilton Island Outrigger Canoeing - Images from Andrea Francolini,
Hamilton Island Australia - Outrigger Canoeing - Images from Andrea Francolini... [more]
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Cruising with La Boheme - the Island of Corsica
Anna Haremza on La Boheme,
Cruising sailors Anna and Gregory Haremza here describe their cruise around Corsica, sailing on their 53ft ketch Amel Super Maramu 2000, La Boheme. Coming from the Ile de Porquerolles on Cote d'Azure, we sailed into Calvi, Corsica. We had left our yacht for winter in Guissan, so we thought that this would be a very convenient and pleasant stop over.... [more]
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Summer Sailstice in Shanghai
Alistair Skinner,
While some in Europe and the US were still thinking about going to bed the day before the Sailstice (the wonders of time zones!) a small but intrepid band slipped out of the marina at Saimeng Water Sports Club on Dianshan Lake, Shanghai, with nav lights glowing.... [more]
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Measuring your leeway for better sailing
Grant Headifen,
Leeway is just one of those things that is a law of the universe, just like gravity. Still with gravity – the advantage is that it's highly predictable. And so then is leeway. You will already know that leeway is the sideways slip motion of our sailboat down wind from the pressure of wind against our boat and sails, and always has to be taken into consideration.... [more]
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Report of Chandler ransom part-paid, British Somalis to pay balance
Des Ryan,
An unconfirmed report says that a clan chief of the pirate gang holding kidnapped sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler has claimed that they have received over half the ransom being demanded.... [more]
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Australia's first climate change adaptation conference opens next week
first international conference held in Australia to discuss the science and options for adapting to climate change begins on the Gold Coast on Tuesday 29 June... [more]
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A thank you from Burke Marine
Colin Burgess,
We have had a fantastic response to the recent Bosun chair recall resulting in a large amount of items returned to our factory for intensive load testing and inspection. Your cooperation has been very much appreciated and we hope that any inconvenience was limited.... [more]
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Crystal Blues - tales from the Sungai Tulia River in Borneo
Ley and Neil Langford,
Neil and Ley Langford continue with their tales of cruising in Borneo on their yacht Crystal Blues:Crystal Blues is anchored on the very peaceful Sungai Tulia, and the sun is just peeping through the open hatches.... [more]
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Fines for 98 leisure craft, with hypothermia warning
Neil Patchett, NSW Maritime,
Minister for Ports and Waterways Paul McLeay says the chill in the air hadn't turned people off boating, but people in leisure craft needed to be aware of safety, and particularly hypothermia, at this time of year.... [more]
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New marina enhances services for Turkish cruising waters
Lisa Mylchreest,
Cruising in Turkey has long been one of the highlights of any cruising sailor's dreams. Whether you sail your own boat there, keep it there, or merely charter occasionally, there are endless opportunities along the coast for idyllic cruising. However, the further north west you sail, the fewer the full service marinas. Now Camper and Nicholson have remedied that, with a marina in the delightful... [more]
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Deep thinking on the world's oceans
The world's deep ocean researchers – scientists whose field of interest extends into the uncertain world below about 2000 metres – met in Hobart this week to discuss deep ocean changes, their causes and their implications.... [more]
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Abby Sunderland, the end of one dream but maybe on to the next...
Sail-World Cruising,
Sixteen-year-old Californian sailor Abby Sunderland has finally been reunited with her brother Zac on Saturday on Reunion Island. Zac was substituting for her father, who has remained by his wife's side as she expects their eighth baby any time soon. On arrival in Reunion, she defended her family against criticism that she had been too young to try to sail around the world alone.... [more]
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Truplug - better option than a softwood plug
Melissa Yeomans,
Forespar Win's the SAIL Magazine Innovation Award for the TruPlug. Thanks to Forespar's new TruPlug, a product produced by TruPlug a division Artelier Studios LLC, sailors have a better option for plugging a leak than a softwood plug.... [more]
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Set sail this winter with Queensland's Season of Sailing
Adrienne Costin,
Queensland's new Season of Sailing brings together a calendar of spectacular sailing events and great holiday packages to get you out on the water this winter. Whether you're a keen sailor or just up for some family fun in the sun, the Season of Sailing highlights Queensland's fantastic winter sailing events along the state's coast from August 6 to September 7.... [more]
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