1152 continuous days at sea...'Inside scoop' on Abby Sunderland...court extends ban on Dutch teen for a month...Jessica and cargo ship both guilty...Gibraltar to Morocco Rally...and much more...

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 24 Jun 2010

ATSB Report: Jessica Watson and cargo ship share blame
Sineva Toevai/ATSB,
Teenage sailor Jessica Watson and the watchkeepers of a Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier were both to blame for a collision between their vessels in Queensland last year, an Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) investigation has found.... [more]
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Abby Sunderland, the 'inside scoop'
Pete Thomas,
Web reporter Pete Thomas has been in close communication with the Sunderland camp for some time now, and sailed with them on crucial legs during the preparation of her yacht. Here, for the Abby Sunderland news junkie, he gives his 'inside scoop' of life in the Sunderland Camp, after Abby's dismasting and rescue.... [more]
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Court extends ban on Dutch teen sailor
Nancy Knudsen,
After a new case brought by Dutch child care authorities, judges in a Dutch court have extended a ban on a 14-year-old schoolgirl's bid to do a circumnavigation by long range cruising by one month.... [more]
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Sailor achieves 1152 continuous days at sea for new record
Nancy Knudsen,
A long long range cruising sailor is back on dry land after more than three years continually at sea. Artist and adventurer Reid Stowe had been 1152 days at sea without stopping and without being re-supplied with either food or fuel, establishing a new world record. .... [more]
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Learning to sail as a family - great solution
Dave Caldwell, NY Times/Sail-World,
The sun cast a dreamy orange glow as it settled toward the horizon, and a parade of pristine sailboats began slipping back into the marina at Liberty State Park after a spin around New York Harbor. The Gonzalez family of Chatham, N.J., was on one of those boats, and Tony and Maryury Gonzalez and their three children were more than just passengers..... [more]
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New Luxury European Superyacht arrives from Australia
Media Services,
There is a new arrival in Europe. Having waited for her to travel halfway around the world from her birthplace in Australia the anticipation of her owner is tangible. Singularity is no ordinary cargo and she is no ordinary yacht. At 24.5 metres (80-feet) with a maximum beam of 5.33m (17.49-feet), the Lutra 80 Singularity is a slender thoroughbred, conceived with performance and luxury in mind.... [more]
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Gibraltar-Morocco Yacht Rally - 'the most sociable'
Sail-World Cruising,
Up to 50 yachts sailed from Gibraltar to Morocco last weekend in what has become THE yacht rally in the western Mediterranean. The Gibraltar-Morocco rally has grown in popularity every year.... [more]
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Dinghy Danger
Nancy Knudsen,
When used the wrong way, dinghies can be dangerous vessels, as many incidents over the year have demonstrated. This was underlined again last week when Falmouth Coastguard were called upon to rescue five children, aged from four to eight when they were blown out to sea. However, some of the previous incidents were more serious...... [more]
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Boats collide, but life saved because of life jacket
Sail-World Cruising,
'Another example of an incident that may have had a much more serious outcome had he not been wearing a lifejacket.' It was just 10 minutes past noon, when Britain's Humber Coastguard received a VHF call from the six-metre vessel ‘Emma', reporting he had been knocked into the water following a collision with the 16 metre Shepherd Lad.... [more]
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New research sheds light on Antarctica's melting Pine Island Glacier
British Antarctic Survey,
Thinning ice in West Antarctica is currently contributing nearly 10 per cent of global sea level rise and scientists have identified Pine Island Glacier (PIG) as a major source. Using Autosub (an autonomous underwater vehicle) to dive deep and travel far beneath the pine Island Glacier's floating ice shelf, scientists captured ocean and sea-floor measurements.... [more]
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Sailing Tip of the Week: Weather Helm vs Lee Helm- and how to use them
Grant Headifen,
Here Grant Headifen continues his sailing tips, this time considering Weather Helm vs Lee Helm: During the Americas' Cup campaign in New Zealand in 2003, I saw one of the best explanations of this on a TV interview with the Greg Butterworth, the Tactician for the Alingi Team, but the concepts are very useful for the cruising sailor.... [more]
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Cruising with Eye Candy - Vulcano to Mainland Italy
Andrew and Clare Payne,
Andrew and Clare Payne continue their tales of sailing in the Mediterranean in their yacht Eye Candy, at the moment in Italy...When motoring the three miles from Lipari to the Island of Vulcano we had a radio call inviting us, on our arrival, to join the other cruisers in a mud bath.... [more]
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Yacht rescue after - Ouch!
NZ Herald/Sail-World Cruising,
It wasn't the wind or the the seas, it wasn't the loss of steering and GPS, it wasn't even the Skipper's broken wrist. No, it was the fish hook in the right buttock...Two people are in hospital - one with a fish hook in her right buttock - after being rescued from a stricken yacht off the west coast of New Zealand's South Island.... [more]
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Swiss Sailors in Russia - the voyage which became a message of hope
Julia Slater, swissinfo/Sail-World,
A voyage planned three years ago simply as an adventure for two, last summer brought a message of hope to hundreds in Russia and Switzerland..... [more]
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Navimo recalls XM Far Eastern built liferafts
Navimo will replace the XM liferafts with European manufactured products free of charge. The problem is confined to a limited batch of XM liferafts manufactured in the Far East carrying part numbers 53871 to 53876. This batch of rafts was manufactured from early 2006 onwards and were probably sold after June 2006.... [more]
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Boaters urged to observe voluntary no anchor zones in Studland Bay
The RYA is urging boaters to observe the Voluntary No Anchor Zone (VNAZ) that has been set up in Studland Bay, Dorset by The Crown Estate and Natural England as part of the ‘Studland Bay Seagrass Project'.... [more]
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Fishers caught between degradation and development
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studie,
The livelihoods of tens of millions of fishers in the world's richest coral reef region, the Coral Triangle, are at risk from the combined impact of collapsing fish stocks, environmental decline and coastal development... [more]
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