San Francisco sea tragedy...Scottish hero honoured...Jessica Watson at sea again...two collisions at sea with unknown objects...sailing Tip of the Weelk... and much more...

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 03 Jun 2010

Pirates, sea dramas and practical news...

The two crew both fell overboard  .
Again from Sail-World Cruising we swamp you with news from the coastlines and oceans of the world. Luckily you can browse quickly through the headlines to see those that interest you.

After our keeping silent for many weeks on the situation of cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler in the hope that behind-the-scenes negotiations with Somali pirates would be successful, the change of Government in Britain precipitated an interview on British television. Read the result.

There were a couple of sea dramas to report again this week, one tragic in San Francisco, one with a happy outcome in the Caribbean. I find reading them keeps me aware that even after so many thousands of miles cruising, one can never take the sea for granted.

In happier news Australia's new darling Jessica Watson has taken to the seas again – this time north to her home port of Mooloolaba in Queensland, and a Scottish hero has been honoured for an amazing rescue in the North Sea last year. It's a ripping story!

Rallies are growing in popularity around the world, and this week Rally Portugal is featured and a remote rally from Cairns to the Louisiades. Numbers just seem to keep on growing, and more rallies are starting each year.

In practical news, anyone with a berth in Spain or thinking of having one needs to read how an old law is now being implemented; the Royal Yachting Association has changed its tack on flares; Grant Headifen brings you another quick Tip of the Week, and we feature the new Alerion Express 33, because of its all-electric saildrive system.

Read on, enjoy, and....

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Collision with unknown object - ARC yacht Setantii abandoned
World Cruising Club,
The crew of the yacht Setantii, a 2004 Sweden 42 en route from the Caribbean to Horta, Azores were successfully evacuated this morning (28 May 2010), following a collision with a submerged object 600 nautical miles west of the Azores.... [more]
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'Old Fart' to attempt to topple one of Minoru Saito's records
Nancy Knudsen,
While Minoru Saito, that legendary 76 year-old Japanese sailor on his eighth circumnavigation is making his way through the Doldrums in the North Pacific on the last leg of his eighth circumnavigation, a self-proclaimed 'old fart' has announced that he will attempt to beat Saito-San's 'oldest non-stop unassisted circumnavigation record', a record that he achieved in 2005, when he was 'only' 71.... [more]
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Scottish RNLI hero honoured after North Sea rescue
Nancy Knudsen,
In May 2009 Jonas and Ingrid Akerblom were sailing on their yacht Oumh from Denmark to the Firth of Forth on what was supposed to be the first leg of their 14 month trip when their 24-foot yacht lost its steering and got into difficulties about 20nm off the East Lothian coast of Scotland. Amid a force eight gale and rough seas, Akerblom issued an urgent call for help on his VHF radio.... [more]
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Sailing Tip of the Week
Grant Headifen,
Ever had trouble when you must slide the genoa car forward or back whilst it is under load from the sail? Here's a handy tip that goes one past the most obvious and safest, which is is to do the lazy side first then wait till you tack over.... [more]
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Cruising sailors kidnapped by Somali pirates make TV appeal
Sail-World, Guardian report,
After Sail-World Cruising's many weeks of staying silent to assist the negotiations that we were told were in progress for the release of Paul and Rachel Chandler, the British couple held hostage by Somali kidnappers for more than seven months, have now been interviewed for British television. In it they have just made an appeal to the new prime minister David Cameron.... [more]
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Strong Entries for remote Rally in the South Pacific
Louisiades Yacht Rally 2010,
By the end of May there are 17 entries for the 2010 Louisiades Yacht Rally from Cairns in Australia to the Louisiades, a string of islands at the tail of Papua New Guinea. Organiser Guy Chester said that there is still stong interest and there are many more entries expected in coming weeks.... [more]
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Not clipped on, all crew lost overboard
Lisa Mylchreest,
No matter how many Safe Boating Weeks are held, no matter how strong the campaigns to wear life jackets and stay clipped on, still tragic incidents happen which could have been avoided. Last week yet another double sailing tragedy occurred which will never be fully explained - two sailors fell overboard and their sailing boat sailed onto a beach.... [more]
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Rally Portugal - Cruising rally departs Plymouth heading for Portugal
World Cruising Club,
Rally Portugal crews had the weather gods behind them this year as they blew away earlier rain and south-westerly winds, to bring sunshine and a comfortable west-north-west 15 knot breeze for the start yesterday (Sunday 30 May 2010). There were 19 yachts on the start line off Plymouth Hoe... [more]
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China as a cruising destination? - new marina announced
Sail-World Cruising,
China is not known as a cruising destination, but that could all change in the near future as China becomes more and more interested in yachting. Camper and Nicholsons Marinas, one of the world's most prestigious marina operators, has just been commissioned to design and operate a marina in Sanya, in Southern China.... [more]
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Two crew rescued from life raft after Swan 48 hits mystery object
Nancy Knudsen,
Two crew have been found floating in the Caribbean in their six-man life raft more than 24 hours after they broadcast a distress signal that their yacht, the 48ft Swan Victoria, a Club Swan yacht member, had sunk after hitting a submerged object. Her crew, Skipper Klaus and Chef Martha, who took holidaying sailors for charters around the Caribbean, were experienced professional sailors... [more]
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Sailing in Sicily with Eye Candy
Andrew and Clare Payne,
Andrew and Clare Payne are cruising the Mediterranean on their yacht Eye Candy, their Bavaria yacht they have been sailing there since 2005. Here they tell a snippet of their blissfully easy sailing experiences in Sicily:... [more]
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Electric Sail-drive - New Alerion Express 33 silent, pretty and green
Sail-World Cruising,
Rhode Island based Pearson Composites, llc., whose Alerion Express range is widely credited with creating the popular category of 'gentlemen's daysailer,' has just launched an Alerion Express 33 with a Mastervolt Lithium-Ion electric saildrive system. This maintains the blissful silence that sailors appreciate even when motoring if the breeze fails or docking in close quarters.... [more]
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Borneo Cruising - not a bad life...
Neil and Ley Langford,
Neil and Ley Langford have been cruising for over ten years now on their yacht Crystal Blues, and they send us this tit-bit from their experiences in South East Asia - if you're not out there cruising, just think, you could be doing this:... [more]
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'Little Ships' in reenactment of Dunkirk sail the English Channel
Sail-World Cruising,
In 1940, a fleet of small boats, sailing boats, pleasure cruisers, fishing boats, anything that could float, was called to save thousand of British soldiers trapped on the wrong side of the English Channel. This year, as every five years, this amazing rescue is reenacted, and a fleet of 'Little Ships' that took part in the Dunkirk evacuations gather in Ramsgate... [more]
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Winner of 25 year Meridien Marinas Free Berthing Competition announced,
We have just spoken to the still shaking long time Sail-World Cruising reader from South East Queensland who has just been announced the winner of the Meridien Marinas Free Berthing for the next 25 years competition. A prize conservatively valued at AUD$300,000... [more]
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UK's Royal Yachting Association (RYA) changes tack on flares,
UK's Royal Yachting Association (RYA) changes tack on flares. In what could be a pointer for things to come world-wide in the use and carriage of flares as distress signals at sea, Britain's peaking boating organisation has revised its recommendations as it says more robust and technologically advanced alternatives have been developed.... [more]
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Rally Portugal - Biscay bound from Mayflower Marina, Plymouth
Andy Sinclair,
The sailing season gets under way this Saturday (29 May) when Plymouth's Mayflower Marina hosts a party for crews taking part in the 2010 World Cruising Club Rally Portugal.... [more]
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Jessica Watson heads home to Mooloolaba
Ian Grant,
Jessica has plans to sail a ‘lap of honour' just beyond the shore dump off Mooloolaba Beach then head along the shore to enter the Mooloolah River to finally step ashore in familiar surroundings for the first time in almost 9 months. She can expect to be the focal point of a tumultuous welcome from the proud Sunshine Coast community with many planning to head to sea in dinghies and yachts while... [more]
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'Law of the Coast' - not pirates' law, it's the Spanish Government
John Sharp,
'Law of the Coast' - not pirate's law, it's that of the Spanish Government. Owning a marina berth in Spain or other Mediterranean countries has long offered a good investment and an attractive lifestyle for sailors who enjoy cruising the beautiful waters of the Med. But recent implementation of Spain's 'Law of the Coast' puts this in jeopardy.... [more]
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