India's first ever world circumnavigator...freak yacht incident and rescue 1400 miles from Mexico...Abby Sunderland on her way again...Product of the Week: GPS boat tracking system... ARC Europe Rally on the way... and much more...

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 27 May 2010

Dilip Donde's circumnavigation makes him India's latest hero

Dilip Donde arriving Mumbai at the end of his circumnavigation  .
In sailing adventure news this week, Dilip Donde, an Indian naval officer, has just completed the first complete world circumnavigation by an Indian national.

There's no doubt that the country, with its fast improving standard of living, is becoming more yachting conscious, and the purchase of yachts by the newly affluent is growing. Kochi has just opened India's first full-service marina and there are more planned. With a long luscious coastline and fascinating culture on land, it could soon be a very attractive cruising ground for wandering yachts.

One of the best arts of seamanship is anticipation and preparation, and this week's thoroughly grim story of the flying gybe that caused the freak injuries to a sailor 1400 miles out from Mexico in the Pacific is worth reading for the lessons we can all use.

With dozens of cruising sailors now negotiating the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, ISAF is taking seriously its efforts to let all sailors thinking of making the passage the dangers and recommended protocol. We publish another guideline this week.

If you've ever considered getting your boat to a dreamy cruising destination without having to sail there, read Ian and Andrea Treleaven's experiences with Dockwise – it's all good.

In practical news our Product of the Week is a GPS boat tracking system that's now affordable, and there's a new book out from Wiley on 'The Rules of the Road' – something more attractively presented than your normal COLREGS publication.

More too, so browse down the stories to see what interests you.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Dilip Donde completes first solo circumnavigation for India
Nancy Knudsen,
If you think Australia was excited about sixteen-year-old Jessica Watson's voyage, India has proved ecstatic about their own sailor this week, as a naval officer completed the first-ever solo circumnavigation of the globe by sailing boat by an Indian national... [more]
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Iridium announces 'Test your Satellite Phone Week', May23-29
Sail-World Cruising,
Iridium Communications Inc., has announced the launch of its fourth annual “Test Your Satellite Phone” (TYSP) Week initiative, reminding users to make sure their satellite phones are ready to deploy at a moment's notice by dialling a toll-free number during the week May 23-29.... [more]
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Remote Pacific rescue after freak gybe - read the story
Nancy Knudsen,
Sailor Mike Kalahar was rescued from a Beneteau 36S7 about 1,400 miles southwest of La Paz, Mexico, when he sustained head and larynx injuries after an accidental gybe. The gripping story might keep you awake at night, would be good material for a lesson on the number of things that can go wrong in an emergency at sea, and will make any sailor pay more attention in their next First Aid course:.... [more]
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Teen circumnavigators - one on the water again, one preparing
Nancy Knudsen,
With Australia's Jessica Watson on land again safely, there's only one well-publicized teenager out there sailing the oceans solo at the moment, Californian teen Abby Sunderland, but she'll soon be joined by her even younger Dutch counterpart, Laura Dekker.... [more]
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The Dockwise experience
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Thinking of shipping your yacht somewhere instead of sailing the long passage? Andrea and Ian Treleaven, who have entertained us for years with their tales of both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, have just shipped their yacht Cape Finisterre across the Atlantic with Dockwise. Here they tell their experience:... [more]
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Learn the Nautical Rules of The Road - new book from Wiley
Sail-World Cruising,
If you are studying for a commercial mariner's qualification, Yachtmaster or Coastal Skipper - or even if you're not - this publication, Learn the Nautical Rules of The Road, is a straightforward way to study the COLREGS that ever sailor needs to know.... [more]
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Rally Portugal - Biscay bound from Mayflower Marina, Plymouth
Andy Sinclair,
The sailing season gets under way this Saturday (29 May) when Plymouth's Mayflower Marina hosts a party for crews taking part in the 2010 World Cruising Club Rally Portugal.... [more]
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Product of the Week: GPS Boat Tracking System
Des Ryan,
If you are concerned about your yacht's security while your boat is unattended, a comparatively low-cost system can give you some peace of mind and also maybe reduce the cost of your yacht insurance. You can even have update notifications sent to you via your Blackberry.... [more]
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HMS Bounty and Gypsy Moth IV, both for sale
Sail-World Cruising,
One is a tall ship and one is a ketch, but this month two vessels with some of the most famous names in modern sailing history have a lot more than you would think in common. HMS Bounty, square-rigged replica of the original Bounty of 'Mutiny on the Bounty' fame, and Gypsy Moth IV, Sir Francis Chichester's yacht that took him around the world and into the history books in 1966, are both for sale... [more]
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Sailing safety - the good old fashioned way...
Canadian Yachting,
MOST OF US who are beyond our teens or early twenties, will pick up a cell phone and marvel at its capability to do what we saw as futuristic science-fiction only a few of decades ago. This incredible technology can easily transfer to the boat and along with all those other “doohickeys”, but, do we ever wonder what happened to the “basics” on board our boats?... [more]
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Leopard 38 wins Asia Multihull Award
Sail-World Cruising,
Leopard Catamarans' new Leopard 38 won the prestigious Asia Boating Award for Best Production Multihull at the 2010 Asian Boating Awards dinner. Asia Pacific Boating and China Boating magazines presented the award during the Gold Coast Hong Kong Boat Show.... [more]
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ARC Europe Rally - now for the Atlantic crossing
Jeremy Wyatt,
It was smiles and waves of farewell and thanks from the ARC Europe crews this week as the transatlantic cruising rally to Europe set sail for the longest leg of the journey - the 1800nm passage from Bermuda to the Azores. Gentle weather conditions meant that a start could be held inside St.George's Harbour, providing a spectacle for crews, visitors and local well wishers as the fleet headed th... [more]
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WHOI Study calculates volume and depth of the World's Oceans
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
How deep is the ocean? Thanks to new work headed by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), they are closing in on the other half of that age-old query. They're also tackling an even more intriguing—if less romantic—question: What is the volume of the Earth's oceans?... [more]
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Enter NOW to win a PredictWind Professional subscription
Richard Gladwell,
Ten Sail-World readers will win a PredictWind Professional forecasting package for one year, valued at almost $1,000 per subscription. Enter NOW!! COMPETITION CLOSES SOON!! There are ten annual subscriptions of the just released new version of PredictWind's Professional Forecast Package top be won in Sail-World's competition.... [more]
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ISAF repeats anti-piracy recommendations
Military Authorities have issued further warnings of piracy attacks in the Gulf of Aden and the Northern Indian Ocean region. As a result the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has re-issued advice on guidelines.... [more]
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