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 13 May 2010

Sailing in circles waiting for Arrival Day

At least it's sunny out there  .
With only two days to go before still-sixteen-year-old Jessica Watson arrives Sydney to a fan fare the like of which Sydney has never before given to an arriving sailor, one has to feel for the girl.

Why? Because, like Kay Cottee (first female solo non-stop unassisted circumnavigator) before her, she has to time her arrival to the weekend suit the sponsors and media. Kay was worse off though, because after her circumnavigation, which also took around 200 days, it was raining heavily in the two days she sailed in circles, waiting.

The PR company is refusing to tell the media precisely where Jessica is, and at least this week it's sunny out there.

In the meantime, Californian teen Abby Sunderland is still in Cape Town having her autopilot repaired and other maintenance done, before she sets off again on her own circumnavigation quest.

Your weekly fix of news for the cruising sailor is packed again this week. The ARC Europe Rally has set off for Europe from Nanny Cay; a British family had a close call when their yacht sank after hitting an iceberg in the Southern Atlantic; some cruising sailors have come to the rescue of a starving island in the South Pacific; and Don MacIntyre and his crew have had some life-threatening near misses as they try to recreate Captain Bligh's amazing voyage in the Bounty Boat.

In a more practical vein, there's some good advice about insurance when you give your precious yacht to a shipyard, and Adam Loory goes into the fine techniques of how to reef efficiently and quickly.

Other stories too – the aftermath of the Jessica Watson record controversy, the amusing, the useful, the quirky and the cruising tales.

Browse down the headlines to read what interests YOU.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Family rescued from Oyster after hitting iceberg in South Atlantic
Nancy Knudsen,
In a rescue that showed again how important it was for minders to route Jessica Watson and Abby Sunderland around the Horn in full summer, an English family of four have been rescued after their yacht hit an iceberg and sank in the south Atlantic. The Falklands protection warship HMS Clyde sailed 200 miles to rescue them after their distress call was picked up by the Falmouth coastguard in the... [more]
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Lies, Damn Lies, and PR Spin
Bob Fisher,
I stand in awe at the achievement of Jessica Watson. That one so young has had the fortitude to withstand the elements of the oceans alone and unaided for the 200 plus-day duration of a voyage through some of the most hostile waters on the planet, should be more than enough to warrant our appreciation of her seamanship and raw guts. This is no easy voyage. It is one whose demands would leave th... [more]
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Aegean Yacht Rally gets under way again
Trevor Joyce,
The 2010 Mariner Boating Rally season gets under way in Turkey and Greece next week. The Aegean Yacht Rally will kick off from Kusadasi and cross immediately into Greece and Pythagorion on the Island of Samos.... [more]
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Bounty Boat adventure - one near miss, one knock-down
Nancy Knudsen,
Little more than a week after setting out to recreate Captain Bligh's voyage on an open boat, Don McIntyre and his crew of three have had a terrifying near miss with a reef at night and their first knock down. Using the GPS on board, they have now located themselves on a tiny island to dry out and recover for a couple of days.... [more]
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You, the shipyard and your insurance policy
Danielle J. Butler,
Maritime Law is slightly different according to the country in which you are located, but there are some common pitfalls to look out between your insurance policy and your shipyard contract when you give your precious yacht to a shipyard. Here maritime lawyer Danielle J. Butler examines some of them:... [more]
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38 days at sea - Plastiki claims it's proof for 'PET'
Nancy Knudsen,
Plastiki, the 60ft sailing catamaran made from 20,000 plastic bottles is on its way again from Kiribati to Sydney, and its skipper says that the catamaran has already served one of its purposes. The yacht left San Francisco on March 20 this year to call attention to issues like bottled water and plastic waste, the expedition being a brain-child of banking heir David de Rothchild.... [more]
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The Lure of Barbados and earning The Hat
Cap'n Ir Gaffin,
If the limpid blue waters and vibrant culture don't make Barbados alluring enough as a destination for cruising sailors, then earning The Hat between May 20 and May 23 this year should make a visit to the island almost impossible to resist, as Cap'n Irwin Gaffin tells:... [more]
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Cruising sailors rescue hungry islanders
Sail-World Cruising,
Some British cruising sailors who stopped off at a remote island 'because they liked the look of it' instead found the islanders in a state of stress because of the lack of food supplies. The island, Kanton, is part of the Kiribati group of islands in the South Pacific. Skipper Alex Bond is now helping co-ordinate an international rescue for the inhabitants.... [more]
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A Mediterranean legend for sale
Des Ryan,
There's a Mediterranean Legend for sail. But if you can't come up with the listed 1.45million Euros to own her, then you might like to gloat over the classy, sexy lines of sailing yacht Agneta.... [more]
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Coastguard after rescue: Use the VHF, not the phone
Sail-World Cruising,
Coast Guard officials have warned sailors that a satellite phone does not substitute for VHF as a method of summoning aid, after a yacht had to be rescued and towed when 18 miles off shore this week... [more]
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Reefing - Efficiently, quickly, and EARLY
Adam Loory, UK-Halsey Sailmakers/Nancy Knudsen,
If your boat is overpowered, it is slower because it is heeling too much. Excess heeling increases leeway and reduces the efficiency of your boat's keel and rudder. The boat goes slower because the rudder is fighting increased weather helm. To get the boat back under control, sail area has to be reduced.... [more]
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Hot tips on getting the best from a boat swap
Sail-World Cruising,
First it was home swapping that swept the world - an inexpensive holiday by swapping your home with another in an exotic country. Now it's boat swapping that's burgeoning in popularity, and Sea My Sea, one of the world's leading companies offering organised boat swapping offers some tips about how to get the best of your boat swap... [more]
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Sick gray whale 'Waylon' visits San Diego Harbour to recover
The Log/Nancy Knudsen,
Sailors may have sighted the gray whale first in San Diego Harbour, but soon there were other boaters, tour boats and media helicopters, as a sickly whale took residency in the Harbour for a week during its migration, apparently to recover. After a week of eating on the Harbour seabed and then surfacing for eager locals, the whale left to continue its migration.... [more]
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Dinner for two on Lord Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory
Donald Forbes,
If you are, or can be, anywhere near Portsmouth in the UK around the end of June, you could have a chance to dine in Lord Nelson's flagship the HMS Victory, best known for her role in the Battle of Trafalgar. Her Majesty's Ship Victory is the only surviving naval warship that represents the skill of naval dockyard shipwrights and ship designers of Britain during the mid 18th century.... [more]
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ARC Europe 2010 - Transatlantic Rally sets sail from Nanny Cay
Jeremy Wyatt,
Perfect conditions greeted the start of World Cruising Club's transatlantic sailing rally ARC Europe yesterday, as the fleet crossed the start line just off Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, at midday local time.... [more]
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Jessica Watson – no criticism of Jessica – just her PR Team
Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team,
The Sail-World team has attracted a lot of criticism for our coverage of the claims being made by Jessica Watson's PR team, while she is still battling the southern ocean. The three main threads of criticism have been as follows.... [more]
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OceansWatch Project Lead Boats Head for the Islands
Rachel Ward,
OceansWatch's project lead-boats, Moksha and Magic Roundabout, set sail from Opua, New Zealand on Monday 5th May. The yachts are first bound for Port Vila, Vanuatu where they will begin their six month expeditions to Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea (PNG). They will be working alongside coastal communities providing marine conservation and sustainable livelihoods guidance.... [more]
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Inflatable Life Jacket World Record Day- North America promotes safety
Sail-World Cruising,
The Safe Boating Councils of North America are combining to try to get more boaters to use life jackets and promoting the comfort of the inflating jackets. On Thursday May 20 at 11 AM Eastern Daylight Time they want boaters to participate to heighten public awareness of boating safety issues and pre-launch National Safe Boating Week.... [more]
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Cruising boaters could find tax bills under the welcome mat
Staying too long in one place can ruin a good thing. At least that's the case with boaters making lengthy journeys, who are finding themselves targets of cash-hungry U.S.A. states looking to balance their budgets.... [more]
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