Solo sailor against plastic bags sets out to circumnavigate Australia today...Jessica Watson update...sailing sunglasses the truth on Harbour speed limit...and much more...

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 06 May 2010

Jessica Watson to arrive Sydney Harbour 15th May

Jessica Watson - soon she'll be here again, just 209 days after she departed on her round the world voyage - and she'll still be 16  .
It's quite a relief that Jessica Watson's PR company has now admitted what astute navigators always knew for many months, that she wouldn't be eligible for a world record when she arrives in Sydney on the 15th May. (Sail-World will be issuing a detailed statement later in the day)

This leaves her adventure, unclouded by doubt, as one of the most remarkable feats of our time, and the young lady as an inspirational role model for young Australians.

Aspiration, dedication, discipline and courage – these are the qualities that all parents must wish for in their teenagers, and that Jessica has showed in bucket loads. There was just no need to gild such a magnificent lily..

When she arrives, teen sailing circumnavigators British Mike Perham and round world record holder Jesse Martin will be there to welcome her, along with thousands of Australians who have followed her voyage avidly through the 209 days of her voyage.

In the meantime Californian teen sailor Abby Sunderland has arrived into Cape Town to mend her autopilot before continuing her own round world adventure.

Plastiki, that yacht made of 20,000 plastic bottles has arrived in Kiribati on its way to Sydney from San Francisco, and in another environment-inspired journey Ian Thomson is setting out to be the fastest yacht to circumnavigate Australia commencing this week from Airlie Beach. Apart from his record, his goal is to draw attention to the damage that plastic bags do to our environment.

There's a great variety of other news. The ever-successful Beneteau has just held a successful rally regatta in Pittwater, and for Sydney sailors there are new speed regulations to watch for at the Spit in Middle Harbour. The bar at the mouth of the Tweed River on the Queensland New South Wales border has showed its treachery again, and there's an amusing story about a navigator-not who tried to sail round Britain using a road map.

Grant Headifen has a new valuable sailing tip for those who take rookies on their boats for the day, and can you separate a modern lawyer from his Blackberry? Maybe, if you take him sailing in the British Virgins...

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Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Solo sailor circumnavigation of Australia - he's off today
Ian Thomson,
Ian Thomson is about raising awareness of the damage plastic bags do to our environment, by setting a new record for solo non-stop circumnavigation of Australia, hopefully in 50 days. He wants to raise awareness to make the everyday Australian think before they use plastic bags, to reduce the usage if they can; and if they can't, to reuse and eventually recycle them. He departed this morning.... [more]
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Jessica Watson: Keeping the Record Straight
Nancy Knudsen.,
As a publication for sailors, not the general public, it behoves us to be accurate about 'round the world' records. When Jessica sails into Sydney Harbour in May, she may have survived her voyage with bravery and skill, and be on her way to fame and fortune, but she will not have taken Jesse Martin's round-world record from him.... [more]
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Tweed Bar damages VMR vessel during yacht rescue
Patrick Williams, Tweed News/Sail-World Cruising,
A rescue vessel trying to negotiate the Tweed River bar, known as one of the worst on the east coast, has been damaged during the rescue of a yacht. Point Danger Volunteer Marine Rescue's main vessel was out of commission after taking on 'monstrous conditions' on the Tweed River bar early Tuesday morning.... [more]
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Forgetting the Blackberry - sailing in the British Virgins
Jule Guaglardi,JustLuxe/Sail-World Cruising,
He arrived looking ready for island life however underneath his wrinkle-free surf trunks and faded Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt was the presence of a man who had not a minute to spare, a man whose Blackberry and briefcase were as much an appendage as his arm or leg. It was his first vacation in six years.... [more]
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Régates Royales - Trophée Panerai - Jürg Kaufmann exhibits in Cannes
Soazig Gueho,
For the past three years, the official poster of the Régates Royales – Trophée Panerai has been chosen through a competitive selection process. Painters and photographers from all over the world have submitted their pieces to a jury.... [more]
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New speed limit for The Spit in New South Wales
Paul McLeay MP,
Minister for Ports and Waterways, Paul McLeay said the new speed limit, taking effect immediately, would apply to an area bound by Clontarf Point and the Middle Harbour Yacht Club on the east and d'Albora Marina and the Seaforth shoreline on the western side of The Spit Bridge.... [more]
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Beneteau Pittwater Regatta celebrates 10th anniversary in fine style
Lisa Ratcliff,
Fathers and their young sons, husbands and wives, and friends who have been sailing together for eons came together with sailing's elite for a day of camaraderie and good times, with only the faintest whiff of competitiveness blowing about.... [more]
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Overboard - nightmare sail to Bermuda, a book review

Two days after Captain Tom Tighe, first mate Lochlin Reidy and three crewmembers on the Almeisan set sail from Connecticut to Bermuda, they pass by another sailboat heading in the opposite direction. The captain aboard that boat warns them they're heading straight into a developing low-pressure system. Tighe, 65, who has made the voyage more than 48 times, says, “We'll take the good with the bad.”... [more]
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Upgraded pirate warning for Paria Peninsula Venezuela
Sail-World Cruising,
An upgraded pirate warning has been issued by the Caribbean Safety and Security Net after more facts have been released about the recent death by pirates of a cruising sailor and the rescue of his wife from a life raft: The north coast of Venezuela, the Paria Peninsula in particular, continues to be the single most dangerous cruising grounds in the Caribbean...,... [more]
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Moored sailor sparks massive Coastguard search
Maritime Coastguard Agency/Sail-World,
In a call that echoes the sentiments of Coastguards round the world, an officer of the Thames Coastguard has pleaded with all sailors to set out with a working VHF, navigation equipment, up-to-date charts, flares and life saving equipment... [more]
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Land Ho! Plastiki Makes 1st Landfall!
The Plastiki has reached its first stop off after 39 days at sea! Having travelled from San Francisco, covering 3600 nautical miles, the crew are overjoyed to reach dry land, not to mention excited for the chance to sleep in a real bed that doesn't rock and roll all night!... [more]
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Yacht pirates and how they hoodwink the media
Nancy Knudsen,
'The fate of some cruising sailors has been exacerbated by the world's mass media - they play into the pirates' hands by printing anything they are told, thus making their rescue more difficult.' These are the words of a source close to the family of some cruisers who have been in pirates hands for many months.... [more]
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Have you booked your Hamilton Island Audi Race Week accommodation?
Kristie Kaighin,
Have you booked your Hamilton Island Audi Race Week accommodation? Several great options to choose from. Ranging from a 1 bedroom apartment through to luxury homes. Contact us on 1300 653 997. The private apartments on offer are filling up fast. We suggest you look through the available options and book your preferred option soon! See our full range on Or ca... [more]
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Extended range hurricane forecast bodes ill for 2010
Sail-World Cruising,
As if the Gulf of Mexico didn't have enough problems right now, atmosphere scientists from the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University have issued an extended range forecast which heralds an above average activity for the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season.... [more]
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Yachting Australia announces Structure Review headed by Malcolm Speed
Yachting Australia,
In a major development for sailing in Australia, Yachting Australia will review its organisational structure in order to strengthen the future of the sport in this country.... [more]
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Sailing Tip of the Week - short, but a lifesaver
Grant Headifen,
Grant Headifen from Nauticed brings you another Tip of the Week: Some tips are long and some are short – this one is short, but it's a potential life saver! - the smart way to avoid potentially life-threatening head injuries from a swinging boom.... [more]
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A novice sailor? Boy, they got that right
Bob Wonders,
His name has not been made public, but his chances of winning a role as a navigator are down to two – incredibly slim and none!... [more]
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Sail Port Stephens-Do a 5 minute survey to assist the Regatta's growth
Event Media,
Five minutes of your time will go a long way to helping the Sail Port Stephens Organising Committee prepare for 2011. It's a quick online survey and we need your responses now ! 2011 will be the fourth year of the regatta and there are a selection of things, both on and off the water, that are on the white board to be tweaked, changed, improved and modified... [more]
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Good sunglasses for sailing - more important than you think
Canadian Yachting,
It goes with the territory. Whether we go on a day sail or set out to cross an ocean, there are some things we don't forget. We usually think of the sunscreen with the best SPF money can buy, and perhaps a long as it doesn't cramp our style, and sunglasses...again something stylish. But little thought goes into why these are necessary.... [more]
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