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 29 Apr 2010

A week of inspiration, disappointment, achievement...

Disappointment for Abby who has decided to stop in Cape Town  .
16-year-old Californian sailor Abby Sunderland, disappointed by her need to stop, still has almost 1000 miles to go before she reaches Capetown to have her autopilot repaired. Like Britain's Mike Perham, it is the boat, not the sailor, that is preventing her from sailing around the world non-stop.

In the meantime Australia's Jessica Watson is down in the Southern Ocean again to round the tip of Tasmania for her final run up the coast to Sydney. Although the world will applaud their bravery, the achievements of both girls won't matter much in the sailing world itself, as neither of them, gutsy as they, will have broken any sailing records, official or unofficial, when they complete their respective voyages.

If you accept Sir Francis Chichester's original definition of a circumnavigation – and all previous sailors going for records have, including Jesse Martin - you must 'girdle the earth' or reach an antipodal point on the globe.

The news from the oceans of the world is as fascinating as ever and it's a week full of inspiring stories. One is the account of how the Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans has rebounded from Katrina, and another is contained in the book by Ginni MacRobert who raised a family in Hong Kong and then set out with her dog and cat and occasional crew to circumnavigate the world.

Then there's the quad sailor who is circumnavigating Australia, and the Vasco da Gama Rally which is resting and sailing along the coast of India. They've just completed their voyage from Turkey through the Red Sea. Yacht Ketoro tells of their sailing from Chagos to the Maldives, and Pat Goldstiver tells of her sailing to one of the most remote parts of Polynesia – Pitcairn Island.

Much more too, so browse down the stories to see what interests you, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Gin's Tonic: Ocean Voyage, Inner Journey
Nancy Knudsen,
She was just a little girl when she began to dream, and it took decades to come to fruition. Ginni McRobert grew up, married, moved to Hong Kong, raised a family. But she never forgot. And one day she took Henry the Dog, Coco the Cat and sailed away solo to circumnavigate the world. 'Gin's Tonic: Ocean Voyage, Inner Journey' is the real story of her voyage with various crew members.... [more]
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Vasco da Gama Rally reaches India
Lisa Mylchreest,
The latest Vasco Da Gama Rally has left Mumbai on its way to Goa and Cochin after another successful journey from the Mediterranean through the Red Sea from Turkey.... [more]
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Abby Sunderland is sailing towards Cape Town, ending non-stop quest
Nancy Knudsen,
16-year-old Californian sailor Abby Sunderland is heading for Cape Town for repairs to her auto-pilot, thus ending her quest to complete a non-stop unassisted circumnavigation.... [more]
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New York, New York: A sailing summer for Manhattan
Lisa Mylchreest,
New York, New York. You think of Manhattan - forests of buildings, great restaurants, Statue of Liberty, amazing nightlife, Broadway, off-Broadway, the UN, the 24/7 buzz of the snazziest city in the world - you don't think much about sailing...but something HUGE is happening a the Manhattan Sailing School this summer.... [more]
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How the Southern Yacht Club rebounded from Katrina - lessons learned
Jake Fish / US Sailing,
The Southern Yacht Club (SYC) is the country's second oldest yacht club. Founded in 1849 in Pass Christian, Miss., the club relocated to the shores of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, La. in 1857. The clubhouse has been rebuilt four times since making the move. The most recent reconstruction was the most challenging and emotional transition the club has ever faced in its long, storied history.... [more]
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Quad sailor circumnavigating Australia.
Nancy Knudsen,
'I've been flying up the coast in 20 knot following winds, with sunshine on my face, and managing 6-7 knot speeds. In short, great sailing.' Sound familiar? - any solo sailor in love with the ocean. But there's just one difference. Jamie Dunross is a C5 quadriplegic solo circumnavigating Australia. He is scheduled to arrive Sydney on Thursday or Friday of this week.... [more]
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Your yacht insurance - two myths debunked
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
You can become a more informed consumer of yacht insurance and choose the right policy for your boat if you don't believe some of the myths. Here are two myths debunked by BoatUS, and the advice will apply no matter in which country you sail... [more]
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Massive Southern Ocean current discovered
A deep ocean current with a volume equivalent to 40 Amazon Rivers has been discovered by Japanese and Australian scientists near the Kerguelen plateau, in the Indian Ocean sector of the Southern Ocean, 4,200 kilometres south-west of Perth.... [more]
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On board the Jewel of Muscat
Himal Kotelawala, the Sunday Times (Sri Lanka),
Retracing an ancient maritime silk-route, an Omani sailing ship, built as a replica of a Ninth Century model, sailed into Galle harbour with its Lankan crew member on board. Standing on the bow of a Navy Water Jet, a kind of motorboat, riding the waves a mile out in the seas off Galle, feeling giddy and hazy with my insides threatening to come out any second, I couldn't help but wonder how the boy... [more]
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Yacht designers prepare for fossil-fuel-free future
Des Ryan,
While politicians wrangle about global warming and the lobbies on both sides of the Green fence battle for the world's attention in competing and contradictory science, yacht designers at many levels and of many flags are quietly preparing for a world without fossil fuel. Here's another - this time for the superyachties.... [more]
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Another knock-down for Jessica Watson
Sail-World Cruising,
Jessica Watson, on the home stretch of her non-stop unassisted circumnavigation, has had another knock-down as the first of several forecast systems pass. Jessica is roughly in line with Ceduna in South Australia and heading to round the most southerly tip of Tasmania. A Customs aircraft flew over just after the knock-down. What did they say? 'Don't forget to check-in on arrival Ms Watson.'... [more]
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Sailing with Ketoro: Chagos through the Maldives
Irene and Rolf Fricke,
Irene and Rolf Fricke are sailing the Indian Ocean on their catamaran Ketoro. Here is their tale of the leg from Chagos Archipelago and through the Maldives to the capital of Male. The grib files predicted light S/SW winds, so we saw in our heads gentle sailing under our beautiful code zero, a 'crossing the line' ceremony with swimming in the sea and then smooth passage north... [more]
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A Pitcairn sailing adventure in 2010
Pat Goldstiver,
It all started with a lady falling into a ditch. Her name is Chrissie and she is the partner of Paul who owns an elderly ketch called “Southern Cross” and the ditch she fell in just happened to be in Rikitea, the only town on Mangareva Island, the main island in the French Polynesian group called Gambier Islands, which are about as far away from Tahiti as you can get... [more]
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India welcomes first marina
Ocean Blue/Sail-World Cruising,
The good news for cruising and circumnavigating yachts is that India has finally finished her first marina - 37 berths in Kochi in the rich south western coastal state of Kerala. The bad news is that because of the piracy in the waters off Somalia not many sailors these days are heading to or from the Red Sea.... [more]
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