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 22 Apr 2010

Rescued because they were miserable...

rescued Dawn Glory - rudder and one engine lost, but sails intact and not sinking  .
'We're very happy to be here. It wasn't really a worry but the rudder was broken and it's just been miserable. We're going to have a beer just now.' These were the words of a rescued sailor this week.

The Dawn Glory is a 12 metre catamaran caught in a storm just 36 nautical miles off the coast of Western Australia, who called for rescue. Wait a minute! They called for a rescue because they had lost their rudder and were MISERABLE? A couple of years ago a yacht I was sailing with sailed 1400 miles across the Atlantic without a rudder, using their sails to steer.

Ok it was a storm, the seas were bad, they'd been at sea a long time. The Dawn Glory was not taking on water, they were not in danger of hitting rocks, they still had all their sails and one engine, but they were MISERABLE? Even if they couldn't steer their boat, they couldn't wait until the seas abated?

In the meantime after one rescue team tried to reach the catamaran but were forced to turn back, three volunteer rescuers on a larger boat battled seas for 13 hours to rescue the miserable sailors and tow them into shore. Give me a break!

This week the biodiesel advocates of the world are disturbed by the recommendation by Northern Lights that cruising yachties (who are likely to keep their fuel in jerry cans etc for long periods) shouldn't use biodiesel. In the same story there is a very useful piece of advice about how to use biodiesel and guard against any damage from long term contact with the fuel. Biodiesel is getting quite a lot of attention because in some parts of the world they are putting it in the fuel without any warning. Any other comments?

Highlights of the news this week are the latest on the teen sailors (New Zealand reckons that Jessica Watson is at least half theirs), lovely destination piece on Saba and Monserrat in the Caribbean, four new cruising rallies in South East Asia, some good practical articles including on on AIS-B, and some excellent advice from a veteran about how to sail the North West Passage. Wanting to sail that dreaded passage? Sail-World would like to hear from you.

Browse through the stories to see what interests you, and...

Sweet Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Alessandro di Benedetto - around the Horn with a jury rigged mast
Nancy Knudsen,
Alessandro di Benedetto, the young Franco-Italian who is attempting to sail around the world in the smallest boat ever, has successfully sailed around Cape Horn - under a jury rig. He has now passed well south of the Horn in his 21ft (6.5 metre) mini sailing boat, and is heading north up the Atlantic Ocean on the last long leg of his voyage back to Europe.... [more]
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South African catamaran in heroic rescue off West Australia
Sail-World Cruising,
A catamaran on a voyage from Durban in South Africa to Fremantle in Australia has had to be rescued in dangerous seas when just 36 nautical miles from its destination. The rescue was excessively dangerous for the volunteer rescuers, and at one point the command post wanted the operation called off.... [more]
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NEW ZEALANDER Jessica Watson to be the youngest ever circumnavigator?
Nancy Knudsen,
There's a bit of a war going on in the South Pacific that looks as though it could get serious. Now that 16-year-old Jessica Watson is getting closer and closer to the end of her circumnavigation, a voyage that will make her - for a little while anyway - the youngest ever non-stop unassisted circumnavigator, New Zealand is claiming she is really a New Zealander!... [more]
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North West Passage - the greatest adventure of them all
Des Ryan,
Cameron Dueck, skipper of Silent Sound, one of only six sailing boats that sailed the Northwest Passage last summer, has some advice for those who want to sail there. 'Patience,' he told me, 'Patience....you will never beat the ice. It will always beat you.' If YOU intend to sail the Northwest Passage this summer, Sail-World would like to hear from you...... [more]
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'Missing' skipper to be investigated by Britain's MCA
Des Ryan,
The skipper of a yacht that caused an false international search by being 'missing' for seven weeks is to be investigated. Britain's Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is reported to have launched an investigation into the the SS Columbia and its skipper Boguslaw (Bob) Norwid, after they were 'missing' off the coast of Chile for seven weeks with an Australian and two Canadians on board.... [more]
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Caribbean Secrets - Saba and Monserrat
Canadian Yachting,
The longer we sail, the more we realize that some of our most treasured cruising experiences are often in places that are a challenge to get to or stay at. It seems that if a destination is tricky to reach navigationally, has few harbours with good all around protection or is off the main cruising route because of distance or prevailing winds then often that place is really special...... [more]
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Maine's US Coast Guard going green
Sail-World Cruising,
When some US Coast Guard members aren't out saving sailors' lives, they have been well occupied, 'going Green'. Coast Guard members in Maine have been working to implement ‘greener' energy resources that capitalize on the benefits of renewable energy resources including wind energy, photovoltaic cell technology, solar thermal panels, and wood pellet burners, and they are hoping others will follow... [more]
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Five Earth Day tips for boaters that keep the green in your wallet
Boat US,
Being good to the environment doesn't have to cost money. With Earth Day coming Thursday, April 22, these five clean boating tips from the BoatUS Foundation will improve stewardship of the waterways without breaking your bank... [more]
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Grant's Tip of the Day: Handling the Lazy Jacks on a charter yacht
Grant Headifen,
Traditional mainsails are rigged on about 60-70% of most charter boats and are most commonly flaked along the boom when not in use. Lazy Jacks are lines extending from about 1/3 or 1/2 way up the mast down to various positions along the boom, and they are most useful for short-handed sailing. These are a great invention.... [more]
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GV-Ropegripper makes stern-to mooring a pleasure
A British inventor has finally found the answer to the difficulties of mooring in the Mediterranean and UK, with an ingenious new product that is guaranteed to turn any crew member into a mooring expert.... [more]
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AIS: NOT the one-stop-shop anti-collision tool
Ian Heffernan,
Ian Heffernan is a Master Mariner with many years experience as a Mate on British Antarctic Survey ships He has also done an 18 months stint on the Antarctic research station on Adelaide Island. While he is also a keen sailor planning his own long range cruise, the advice and opinions he gives here are as a result of his years of professional experience:... [more]
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The biodiesel bottom-line: No good for cruising yachties
Bob Senter,
Regardless of people's personal opinions whether Biodiesel is a good thing or a bad thing, one thing is for sure. It will attack normal gaskets, hoses, o-rings, and possibly synthetic fuel tanks found on many vessels. This is the official position of Northern Lights, a world leader in marine diesel engines, regarding Bio Diesel as written by Bob Senter, and published here with his permission... [more]
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Another yacht driven ashore, skipper saved by harness.
Sail-World Cruising,
Last week we reported on a yacht which had been intentionally run ashore on a beach to prevent it running onto rocks. That was in Bass Strait south of Australia. Now in another incident which demonstrates the value of a harness, a yacht has been run aground to safe the life of the skipper, hanging overboard, this time in South Africa.... [more]
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Cruising rallies a draw-card to Equator Asia
Sail-World Cruising,
There are many reasons why cruising rallies are burgeoning in popularity - the good company, the collaborative rather than competitive atmosphere, the safety, the security, to name just a few. This year there are four new rallies announced to the exotic cruising grounds of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines(BIMP) - otherwise known as Equator Asia... [more]
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Jessica Watson's mainsail ripped in storm
Sail-World Cruising,
Jessica Watson's mainsail is reported ripped in several places as she has just endured the worst storm of her voyage so far... [more]
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