Miracle dog survives after master falls overboard...sailing sweet and safe at Easter...classic Herreschoff sails again...the Hanse 430 profiled...sailing on the Gold Coast... and much more...

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Sweet sailing at Easter...

Sweet sailing at Easter  .
Easter is coming and the sailing should be sweet. The waters will be crowded - read Marine Rescue's safety tips for enjoying the best of cruising on your waterways.

There's good news for those running rallies this week. Sail-World, the largest online sailing news source in the world, is waiting for your rally or similar event to be listed. Soon every reader will be able to source, at the touch of a button, every rally in any part of the world. Want to list YOUR rally or other event? Just click on 'Submit News/Pics' in the top right hand corner of the website, and you'll find an 'Event' option.

... and do you have some sailing news? We are waiting for your story, and, to help you, Richard Gladwell has written a comprehensive guideline for contributors. It's our mission at Sail-World to go on sourcing the very best in news, information and tales from the world of the cruising sailor.

A wide spectrum of news again this week – from the tragic yet touching story of the Juanita, the dog who survived for 16 days on their yacht after her master fell overboard off the coast of New Zealand, to the most practical of stories – information about new iPhone applications for sailors, and this week's profile of the Hanse 430.

Read how piracy is down in numbers but spreading geographically, how the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers goes from strength to strength, and about the latest excellent Cruising Yacht Club course for sailors on LOVING your diesel engine.

Much more too so browse on, enjoy, and...

Sweet sailing for Easter!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sail-World.com - Contributors Guidelines
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World.com,
Whether its information about yachts, catamarans or dinghies, or tales of your adventures on the water, there is always a story waiting to be told. Sail-World is happy to receive your articles - be it profiles of people and boats, techniques, safety or seamanship. Read on for the guidelines for submitting an article, including commercial articles - if the information is of value to our readers... [more]
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Dog survives 16 days on yacht after solo sailor falls overboard
Sail-World Cruising/stuff.co.nz,
Juanita was sailing with her master Paul van Rensburg when the yacht they were sailing on disappeared during what was meant to be a two night sail along the New Zealand coastline. Sixteen days later the yacht has been located, without Mr van Rensburg on board, but Juanita safe and sound. Distraught friends have vowed they will continue the search for their mate.... [more]
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Top three Easter Boating Safety tips from Marine Rescue NSW
Ken McManus - Marine Rescue NSW,
Marine Rescue NSW offers three Safety Tips for safe boating over the Easter break. The Easter period is often the last chance for many skippers to get in some boating before the days get shorter and the seas become colder. Marine Rescue has over 2,400 trained members and proven boating safety procedures ready to help keep every skipper, boat and their passengers in the marine rescue Safety Net.... [more]
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Destination of the week: Gold Coast to Moreton Bay
Robin Roots,
'What, cruise in the Broadwater and in Moreton Bay' exclaimed old Salty,' It's fine if you are a turtle on a sailboard. Don't you know the Broadwater is a sandpit and Moreton Bay the Devils cauldron?' Listening to old Salty one would think that there is no pleasure in cruising here at all. Yet these two areas can be the most beautiful sailing areas for those who know... [more]
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Learn to love your diesel engine - Cruising Yacht Club Seminar
Sail-World Cruising,
...and have it love you back. That's the theme of the next cruising information night to be held at Sydney's Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA)... [more]
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Sail Timer now for iPhone, iPod or iPad AND with a waterproof bag
Sail-World Cruising,
The SailTimer app - a quick and simple way to get your Tacking Time to Destination - from iTunes can now be used on the new iPad tablets, in addition to iPhone and iPod, and currently comes at a marked-down price of US$3.99. Ordinary GPS units do not account for the fact that sailboats zig-zag, when calculating ETA. The SailTimer app does, and can also show you the optimal tacking angles.... [more]
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Invader Sea Squirt no joke for NSW Far South Coast
Dept Primary Industries NSW,
Industry & Investment (I&I) NSW officers have launched an investigation into a suspected outbreak of a devastating exotic marine pest on the NSW Far South Coast.... [more]
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Rookie sailors relish rallies
Kim Silcock,
Following the exceptional success of 'Rallies for Rookies' in previous years, two new routes have been introduced for Sunsail Sailing School's rallies around the Whitsundays. Designed to improve sailing skills in a fun, sociable environment, the popular rallies, which commence from Sunsail's Hamilton Island base, combine expert supervision with enjoyable sailing around beautiful tropical islands.... [more]
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Classic Herreshoff yacht sails again - and she's for sale
Sail-World Cruising/Luxist,
One of the most elegant racing yachts of all time has been rebuilt and relaunched in all her original splendour, and is now for sale in the south of France. It's Elena, and she's a Herreshoff!.... [more]
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Hanse 430 - Performance and function by design
Canadian Yachting,
Thinking of a new boat? Here's a positive review of the Hanse 430 from Canadian Yachting: What we like about Hanse is – first, performance – and second, price. The Hanse 430, like its siblings, tends to have a large sail area to weight ratio and a sense of simplicity few have been able to even consider. But I sense that it's the performance moniker that drives the Hanse team every day.... [more]
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Are your flares out of date?
NSW Maritime,
Distress signalling flares can help save lives in an emergency but are only as good as their use-by date. Minister for Ports and Waterways, Paul McLeay and Member for Wyong, David Harris, today visited Norah Head's popular coastal boat ramp to raise awareness to the issue of out-of-date flares. Flares are classed as explosives and expire after three years then they need to be disposed of properly... [more]
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Henri Lloyd introduces the Flare Half Zip
Burke Marine,
Henri Lloyd's technical clothing range introduces a new range of lightweight warm wear options in the Knitted Insulation category. One of these is the Henri Lloyd Flare ½ Zip, a light weight, high performance insulation without the weight or bulk of traditional fleece style jackets... [more]
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Sailing with the Treleavens: USA 'Welcome' after sailing from Cuba
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Australian sailors Andrea and Ian Treleaven continue with their sailing tales of the Caribbean. Our last stories from them detailed their many and varied experiences sailing the coastlines of Cuba. Now read what happened when they arrived in the good USA:... [more]
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Riggtech – Build it -Rig it -Sail it
John Curnow,
It's impossible to talk about Riggtech without first looking at its founder, Phill Bate. As Phill, himself explains, 'I've been at it since I was a kid. Dad and I built boats, rigged them and then sailed them. I was always sailing, but it was at this time that I got very interested in the rigging. It was a great grounding for understanding loads....... [more]
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NSW Maritime patrols to target speeding over Easter long weekend
NSW Maritime,
NSW Maritime patrols will be targeting speed on the water during the Easter long weekend, one of the busiest periods of the boating season... [more]
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Seychelles fights back - daring raid releases fishermen from Somalis
Sail-World Cruising/AFP,
While the stories emanating from the Somali pirate region are peppered with accounts of Somali pirates being captured and then released again, the tiny nation of Seychelles has decided that enough is enough. A Seychelles coastguard vessel opened fire on Somali pirates holding six of its nationals and 21 Iranians during a daring high-seas military raid in the Indian Ocean Monday... [more]
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Growing Somali piracy zone - east to India, south to Madagascar
Dick Moore, ISAF,
The forces now patrolling the Gulf of Aden have been unquestionably effective, as evidenced in the decrease in the ships held for ransom. However, the wide ranging Somali piracy has recently dramatically increased in range(east to India, south to Madagascar) and force, causing the International Sailing Federation to issue a new statement and Guidelines for the benefit of cruising sailors:... [more]
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Swan tests the water in India
Jeni Bone,
Ferragamo may be among the myriad of luxury brands making a splash in affluent and avaricious circles in India, but a new product line from the Italian fashion group is about to launch in India, luxury yachts under the brand Swan.... [more]
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Teen sailor Abby Sunderland to round Cape Horn Tuesday
Nancy Knudsen,
16-year-old Californian sailor Abby Sunderland, following Jessica Watson in her attempt to be the youngest non-stop circumnavigator, is only a couple of days away from sailing around her first big milestone, Cape Horn. Her father has flown to the most southerly city in the world, Ushuaia, on Argentina's island of Tierra del Fuego to try to make contact with Abby as she passes the infamous Horn.... [more]
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Innovative product of the week: A spinnaker image
Nancy Knudsen,
Imagine sailing your local waterway with a spinnaker distinguished by a huge image - one that makes a bold statement, cheeky, innovative, or the picture of a loved one. Imagine the first time you set that spinnaker as a surprise for the person in the picture!... [more]
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'Protect your yacht club!' leading sailor advice
Charles Zusman, nj.com/Sail-World,
One of the world's leading sailors has sounded a warning about protecting yacht clubs against issues of today that threaten - economic difficulties, environmental concerns, insurance hikes, litigation, shorelines eaten away by development. He offers a five point plan to protect your own yacht club.... [more]
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Aust seabird ecologist wins prestigious marine conservation award
Australian Antarctic Division,
Seabird ecologist, Dr Ben Sullivan, has won a $150 000 PEW Fellowship in Marine Conservation to continue his work on seabird bycatch mitigation and reduction, and safer fishing practices, in pelagic longline and trawl fisheries.... [more]
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