American solo sailor lost...20 cruising sailors survive the Gulf of Aden...why boaters need towing...solo circumnavigator Jeanne Socrates...Najad scoops the pool... and much more...

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Cruising sailors brave the Gulf of Aden

Scene in the Port of Aden - taken by a recently arrived cruising sailor  .
The good news this week is of a convoy of 20 cruising yachts which, undeterred by the advice to stay clear of the pirate waters off Somalia, have successfully sailed the Gulf of Aden to arrive into Aden in Yemen, headed for the Red Sea.

Sailing solo can be one of life's great experiences, but the lack of another person on board makes the enterprise more challenging when it comes to safety – there's no-one to see you fall overboard, no-one to assist if you injure yourself.

While our hardy 16-year-olds Abby Sunderland and Jessica Watson and are both doing well in their non-stop circumnavigation attempts, and have undoubtedly been grilled in safety measures by the clutch of advisors who surround them both, others are not so fortunate. Two South African solo sailors have struck trouble this week, one drowned off Cape Town when he fell overboard without a life jacket, and there's a wide search out for the other who is well overdue off the east coast of New Zealand.

It's a news magazine bulging with news for the cruising sailor again, – some top tips for cleaning your boat (maybe you know most of them...), the top five reasons why boaters need a tow (make sure it's not you...) as well as tales of the adventure sailors of the world.

Finally, if you are a yacht owner somewhere in the South Pacific, or a sailor anywhere in the world and have some time to spare, OceansWatch needs you to go sailing and whale watching around the Polynesian island of Niue. What an opportunity!

There's much more in this issue too, so browse through the headlines to see what interests you.

Sweet Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Solo Circumnavigators and the trouble they get into - Jeanne Socrates
Nancy Knudsen,
Jeanne Socrates, 60-something, and the female answer to Japan's eight-time-circumnavigator and 76-year-old Minoru Saito, has been forced to postpone her bid to sail solo around the world non-stop after being hit by engine problems. Jeanne is no stranger to disappointment, nor to triumph... [more]
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American solo sailor drowns after falling overboard off Cape Town
George Thomson, IOL/Sail-World Cruising,
A 36-year-old yachtsman who went sailing solo without a tether or a life jacket has been drowned in calm waters. Russell McKay went sailing from the False Bay Yacht Club in waters off Simon's Town near the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa on Saturday, but didn't return.... [more]
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Seven top tips for cleaning your boat
Martin Flory.,
Here are seven top tips from Shurhold Industries Inc. to keep your boat cleaner, easier to keep clean and more valuable when you come to sell:... [more]
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Top five reasons why boaters need a tow - and the rise of the battery
Sail-World Cruising,
BoatU.S., the Boat Owners' Associatioin of the United States, keep a great count of what they do. The result is statistics which tell a story that probably applies to the rest of the boating world. This time it's about why boaters - yachts and powerboats, need a tow. As many yachts cannot reach their mooring or dock without the help of their engine, yachts are well included in these numbers... [more]
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Cruising sailors successfully brave the Gulf of Aden
Sail-World Cruising,
In spite of all the warnings against transiting the Gulf of Aden, a convoy of 20 boats has just sailed into Aden after transiting the pirate riddled Gulf, arriving into the Yemeni port on 11th March.... [more]
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South African sailor missing off New Zealand
Sail-World Roundup,
Mystery surrounds the search for a sailor missing off East Cape on the North Island of New Zealand. Solo sailor Paul Van Rensburg has not been sighted since leaving Tauranga in his 11 metre yacht Tafadzwa heading for Gisborne last Friday 12th March. He is well overdue as the trip normally takes 32 - 36 hours, but none of his emergency apparatus has been set off.... [more]
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Two lost in Mediterranean yacht tragedy
The Independent/Sail-World Cruising,
A Cypriot policeman died and the mother of two children is missing after a yacht capsized in rough seas off the coastal resort of Paphos on Cyprus. The yacht, with a Russian couple and two young children on board had sailed 150 miles from the Turkish port of Finike, a popular destination for yachts and a Sunsail charter base. The policeman had been making a rescue attempt.... [more]
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Cruising Club of America's Annual Awards presented in New York City
Dana Paxton, Media Pro Int'l,
On March 5 2010, the Cruising Club of America presented its annual awards at a dinner held in New York, N.Y. at the New York Yacht Club. The Cruising Club of America is dedicated to offshore cruising, voyaging and the 'adventurous use of the sea' through efforts to improve seamanship, the design of seaworthy yachts, safe yachting procedures and environmental awareness.... [more]
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9th Century sailing ship reaches India from Oman
Sail-World Cruising,
The replica ninth century ‘Jewel of Muscat' square rigged sailing ship has completed the first leg on its way from Oman to Singapore, triumphantly arriving into the Indian port of Kochi to a great welcome..... [more]
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Lloyd's Maritime Atlas - 25th Edition
Sail-World Cruising,
Cruising Guides do a magnificent job for the cruising sailor, but how can you get adequate and up-to-date information on the world's busy commercial ports. If you are to carry an atlas on your boat, why not carry one which gives you the kind of information you can use? - Lloyd's Maritime Atlas... [more]
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Pioneering Deep-Sea Robot lost at sea
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
pioneering deep-sea exploration robot—one of the first successful submersible vehicles that was both unmanned and untethered to surface ships—was lost at sea Friday, March 5, on a research expedition off the coast of Chile. The vehicle was designed, built and operated by scientists and engineers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).... [more]
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OceansWatch wants volunteer yachties for South Pacific whale project
Sail-World Cruising,
Are you longing for a sailing adventure and would love to be involved in a worthy cause? OceansWatch, the organisation of sailors who are dedicated to assisting scientific ocean research projects reach remote areas, is looking for enthusiastic yachties, skippers with yachts and those who wish to crew, wanting to participate in a whale research project in Niue between August and September 2010... [more]
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Najad sailing boats scoop the pool in Swedish environmental awards
Nancy Knudsen,
If you are searching for a yacht that is environmentally the best, it seems that you may have to consider the Najad. The Swedish Yachting Association has selected the Najad 355 in the sailing boat category for the award Environmental Boat of the Year 2009, and the yacht has also received the award as Swedish Boating Association's Environmental Sailing Boat of the year.... [more]
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50 days around Australia with a message: Eliminate plastic bags!
Save Our Seas,
There's always another record to break, and Save Our Seas wants to make the world plastic-free. Put these two facts together, there's a winning project. Ian Thomson, Save Our Seas member, will set off in late April to break the world record for sailing non stop solo unassisted around Australia, to raise awareness of the damage that plastic bags do to our environment... [more]
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Henri Lloyd to provide official technical clothing to F1 team
colin burgess,
Fresh from their successful partnership with Brawn GP, winners of the 2009 Formula One Constructors' and Drivers' Championships, Henri Lloyd have now applied their knowledge and experience to develop team clothing for the team in its new guise as Mercedes GP Petronas... [more]
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Mauri Pro Sailing – The global online chandlery from Texas
John Curnow,
These Dallas based international, online chandlers are anything but cowboys. Mauri Pro Sailing has been around since 2003 and was the brainchild of South American sailor Juan Mauri. There is a dedicated and passionate band of multi-national sailors behind the brand and online shop who can assist you find the right clothes to wear, arrange your deck gear and virtually anything in between.... [more]
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New West France Cruising Guide
Neville Featherstone, Wiley Nautical Almanac editor and cruising author, returns to West France to produce this revised and updated pilotage guide to one of Europe's most popular cruising areas.... [more]
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