It's huge, it's bewitching, it's a canary...

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It's huge, it's bewitching, it's a canary...

This is why we snorkel - Seychelles zebra fish  Rolf and Irene Fricke
I guess it shouldn't be surprising that the news from the world's oceans is always so captivating – first it covers over 70% of the planet, is a canary of sorts for the planet's health, and holds a bewitching allure for the many of the world's sailors, whether we sail for a day or a year.

The allure isn't much good without the expertise, however, and this week there are are two interesting practical articles: facts about your old acid battery, and on a new book: all you need to know to do your own fibreglassing.

Many tales in this issue too about those out on the oceans – unlike the Sarasota-Havana Rally which has been stopped in its tracks, the Treleavens have been sailing in Cuba, and Frickes on their catamaran tell stories of the Seychelles.

Polish sailor Natasza Caban is featured in a new series on the solo circumnavigators – she's just finished hers in Hawaii; down in Tasmania a couple of amazing 'old geezers' have just made landfall again; a superyacht describes its close shave with Somali pirates; and that old-money environmental adventurer David Rothschild is now joined by new-money celebrity Lizzie Jagger for their 'plastic-bottle' sail across the Pacific.

As for the solo sailing 16-year-olds Abby and Jessica, it's going so well for both of them this week there's nothing much to write...

Neither is there word of rescue for the tragic British cruisers Paul and Rachel Chandler captured by Somali pirates, only word of their dramatically declining health, with one of them approaching blindness.

It's all there below, and much more, so let your mouse do the browsing to find the articles that interest you.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

France's yachts and marinas devastated as Storm Xynthia kills 47
Sail-World roundup,
France is seeking emergency aid from the European Union after Xynthia, the fiercest storm in a decade, left 47 people dead. Among the devastation, on the foreshores and in marinas across the country, dozens of yachts were destroyed.... [more]
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Cruising the Indian Ocean with Ketoro - the Seychelles
Rolf and Irene Fricke,
Rolf and Irene Fricke are cruising the Indian Ocean in their 40ft Admiral Catamaran, Ketoro. Here they describe their experiences in visiting the Seychelles: The Seychelles ... steep-sided granite islands with fascinating runnels in the boulders peculiar to this island group... amazingly and surprisingly covered with dense luxuriant growth...... [more]
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Ancient Corals hold new hope for Reefs
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
ossil corals, up to half a million years old, are providing fresh hope that coral reefs may be able to withstand the huge stresses imposed on them by today's human activity.... [more]
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All you need to know about doing your own Fibreglass Repairs
Sail-World Cruising,
Doing your own fibreglassing has in the past an exercise that many an otherwise handy yacht owner has shied away from. However, a new publication just might contain all you need to know to carry out a repair to that latest fibreglass damage on your boat, instead of calling in the professionals.... [more]
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Superyacht tells of close shave with pirates in Gulf of Aden
Nancy Knudsen,
Getting to the second Abu Dhabi Yacht Show last month, populated almost exclusively by superyachts and megayachts, was not for the faint-hearted. Coming from the Mediterranean, they had to brave the pirate-infested Gulf of Aden to put in an appearance. On arrival, the crew of the stunning four-year-old Linda Lou told fellow attendees of their close shave while on their way to the show.... [more]
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My acid battery - will it be any good after long storage?
Canadian Yachting/Sail-World Cruising,
I've never seen an official survey on this, but I'll bet one of the primary reasons sailors wind up poking around in the bowels of their boat is because they have battery problems. Your battery only needs to crank the engine over a couple of turns and it starts up, running happily, alternator charging and all systems go. The boat starts, but are you really testing the efficiency of the battery?... [more]
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Montenegro - set to flourish for sailing
Montenegro, once the stylish playground of Hollywood icons Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loran and Kirk Douglas, is due to flourish again. For years locked in as part of Yugoslavia, now the independent nation, with its deep waters and beautiful coastline, is attracting the attention of sailors - and developers.... [more]
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Rich and Famous gather to sail plastic-bottle-boat across Pacific
Lisa Mylchreest,
When the Rothschild heir David Rothschild departs San Francisco next month in a boat constructed of 12,000 plastic bottles, Mick Jagger's daughter Elizabeth(Lizzie) Jagger will be with him. The oldest daughter of the legendary rock bank Rolling Stones' lead singer and the scion of the famous English banking family will together sail Plastiki across the Pacific from San Francisco to Sydney.... [more]
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Whitworth and Crozier on Berrimilla about to make landfall
Nancy Knudsen,
Some cruising sailors race a little, and some racing sailors cruise a little, a couple of self-styled 'old geezers' have racked up the most amazing record of long cruising voyages and the world's famous races. Veteran yachtsmen Alex Whitworth and Peter Crozier, in their sixties, will arrive in Tasmania after another incredible voyage, this time across the Southern Ocean from Cape Town to Hobart.... [more]
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Family of kidnapped sailors refuse politician offer to pay ransom
Nancy Knudsen,
In an extraordinary rejection, this week relatives of cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler, refused the offer of a politician to pay the ransom to free the Chandlers and implored instead that he 'Wait and pray.'... [more]
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Giant Floating Garbage Patch - confirmed in the Atlantic too.
Sail-World/Daily Mail,
Polystyrene, thongs, bottle tops, and shotgun caps: There has been much publicity about the 'North Pacific Gyre Garbage patch', but now scientists have confirmed the existence of a giant garbage patch in the Atlantic Ocean as well.... [more]
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Solo Circumnavigators and the trouble they get into - Natasza Caban
Nancy Knudsen,
Among solo sailors are some of the sailing world's legends - Bernard Moitessier, set to win the world's first great solo race, but sailed on; Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, who won that race; Minoru Saito - still on his eighth circumnavigation at the age of 75. In this series we bring you stories of the current crop and the trouble they can get into - or not. This week, Natasza Caban... [more]
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Sailing with the Treleavens - Isla Mujeres, Mexico and Havana, Cuba
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Ian and Andrea Treleaven continue with their new tales of cruising the Caribbean: When we left the south coast of Cuba eight months ago, we asked a Cuban couple if they had one wish left in life what would it be...... [more]
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Phoenicia braves the Cape of Good Hope
Alice Chutter,
A primitive sailing vessel, based on designs of Phoenician cargo ships from circa 600 BC, will soon face its biggest challenge yet as the international crew members onboard attempt to navigate a stretch of the worlds most dangerous coast line; Cape Agulhas on the southern tip of Africa, and its more famous brother, the Cape of Good Hope.... [more]
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Hopes dashed for Rally from USA to Cuba
Nancy Knudsen,
In spite of the purported warming up of relations between the USA and Cuba and months of effort by the organisers, the Sarasota-Havana Regatta, a rally which would have allowed American yachts to sail to Havana in Cuba, will not take place in 2010.... [more]
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Adventurer set to re-create Captain Bligh's 4,000nm Bounty Boat voyage
Emily Dwiar,
This morning, one of Australia's great adventurers, Don McIntyre, formally announced his most recent expedition – to re-create one of the most extraordinary stories of survival and determination, Captain William Bligh's 4,000 mile open boat ‘Mutiny on the Bounty' voyage.... [more]
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Twenty years since the discovery of the Ozone Hole
British Antarctic Survey,
It's over twenty years since the discovery of the ozone hole drew world attention to the impact of human activity on the global environment. In the 1970s concern about the effect of man-made chemicals, especially chlorofluorocarbons, on the ozone layer were raised by Paul Crutzen, Mario Molina and Sherwood Rowland. Their pioneering work was recognised in 1995 by the award of the Nobel Prize in Che... [more]
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Photo editing – life has become a Picnik,
In this digital world, we find there are lots of people who just don't have a handle on cropping and editing images. We cut our teeth on the 1990's industry classic graphic software Photoshop, so we've tended to say to everyone - well that is what you need. The problem is it is an expensive piece of software and it's really not easy to use. Now there is a free online solution. It's called P... [more]
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