New Simrad software..Laanta Lanta Festival in pictures...Tasmanians talk cruising at the CYCA...Piracy hotspot in 2009...opportunity for adventurous sailors in the South Pacific...Chandler update...innovation awards for sailing products...and much more...

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Diary Dates


No America's Cup news here...

Taking control of autopilot functions is easier than ever. NSE 2.0 software combines the world's best performing autopilot system with the brilliant NSE displays, allowing users to combine charting, autopilot and vessel pages for unprecedented vessel control.  Navico
I was right the first time – the America's Cup was overwhelmingly a legal challenge – years in the courts and only two days on the water. Warning: There are NO articles about the America's Cup in this news magazine.

On the other hand, the new NSE 2.0 software from Simrad is really worth taking a look at - it gives such a complete control from one simple screen. The technology of sailing just seems to get better and better.

There's more news about the agonising trauma of the kidnapped cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler, with Rachel's story of her attempted rape and ill treatment...

In better news, three excellent new products for sailors have won innovation awards at the Miami Boat Show and are featured, and they're all soon available in Australia. In this issue there are some other interesting innovative gadgets you may want to know about – a new propeller, and the ultimate drink holder for thirsty sailors, invented in New Zealand.

For Sydney-siders there's a free information evening at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia about the next Circumnavigate Van Diemen's Land Cruise, and also the cruising rally that will take boats from Sydney to Tasmania to coincide with the start. Maybe next year is the year to take your boat south? - or join a crew on someone else's boat?

A wild variety of other articles as well – a wonderful cruising story about the Laanta Lanta Festival up in Thailand; Lisa Mylchreest drools over a superb heritage super yacht just put on the market; an interesting piece how satellites are improving safety at sea; and we tell of an opportunity for adventurous sailors for an amazing experience in the South Pacific.

Lots more too, so browse through the headlines below to find the articles that interest you, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

A South Pacific chance for the adventurous sailor to make a difference
Sail-World Cruising,
OceansWatch, the international organisation of sailors devoted to working divers and scientists to help coastal communities conserve their marine environments and develop livelihoods sustainable into the future, is looking for yachts for projects in Vanuatu for the coming season, and volunteers to assist in exciting projects in the South Pacific.... [more]
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Cruise at The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia!
Andrew Hawkins,
Ever thought of cruising the spectacular coast of Tasmania? Seeing the beautiful Freycinet Peninsular; remembering the convicts at Macquarie Harbour; indulging in fresh seafood washed down with chilled wine whilst relaxing as the sun disappears...... [more]
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Unspoiled Cruising and the Laanta Lanta Festival, Ko Lanta, Thailand
Graeme Belshaw,
In a world where culture and religious differences often divide communities and countries, Ko Lanta in Thailand and its Laanta Lanta Festival, provides idyllic proof that people of diverse and varied ethnic groups can live together in peace and harmony for hundreds of years, welcoming foreign visitors with their arms open. It also has great allure for sailors... [more]
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Complete control with new Simrad NSE software
Sandman PR,
Simrad has introduced a host of innovative software enhancements for its groundbreaking NSE system. Building on the Simrad NSE's combination of best-in-class radar, chartplotter and sonar technology, the new NSE 2.0 software puts users in complete control of a range of integrated functions, making it possible to control and monitor almost every system on the boat through a single interface.... [more]
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My kind of superyacht - the Madiz is for sale
Lisa Mylchreest,
Now that's my kind of superyacht and she is for sale. If I were to give up sailing and take up motor-yachting, that's the boat I'd buy - if only I had the 10.5 million dollars. .... [more]
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IMB's Piracy Hotspots from 2009
IMB/Nancy Knudsen,
Last month the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB)'s annual piracy report was out, and there's no doubt that safety on the high seas is deteriorating - but what does it mean for the cruising sailor? How safe are the seas where you sail? - and what routes can you take to sail off into the sunset without worrying about pirates?... [more]
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Drifting rope aborts Sydneysiders' Pacific crossing
Jeremy Wyatt/Sail-World Cruising,
It was a drifting rope. A piece of flotsam thrown overboard by a fisherman or the like. But in the heavy swells of the Pacific crossing between Panama and Galapagos in the dark early hours of morning, it spelled disaster for Sydneysiders Robert and Patricia Budd, sailing their way back to Australia. They eventually called a Pan Pan.... [more]
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The Improving Rescue - how satellites are making the oceans safer
Sail-World Cruising,
While you wouldn't want to go to sea envisaging having to be rescued, satellite AIS data is becoming more and more crucial in the safety of yachts at sea, as it is used to source additional potential rescuers. In a recent report the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) highlighted the use of satellite AIS data by Australia's Rescue Coordination Centre for a recent search and rescue... [more]
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Enter the online competition now
Media Services,
Melbourne base online Chandlery is providing a wide range of marine industry products for online buyer.... [more]
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Water sampling a hit with charter sailors - would that work here?
Nancy Knudsen,
A company that arranges yachting vacations is finding their water sampling vs. carbon offset project - an attempt to 'do their bit' in the battle against climate change - is a hit with their customers. They, and the researchers they sponsor, are hoping that other companies will follow suit.... [more]
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Innovation Awards for sailing products: Four winners for 2010
Sail-World Cruising.,
Innovative products are one of the most exciting tangible results of human imagination let loose, and every year at the Miami International Boat Show manufacturers are recognised in a potential of ten categories for the best innovation of the year. This year Sail-World Cruising is recognizing four of these innovations as being relevant to leisure sailors.... [more]
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Kiwiprops - an innovative new propeller for sailing yachts
Kiwiprop media,
The Kiwiprop™ is a unique cost effective feathering propeller that eliminates gears, aligns the blades with the streamlines, not the shaft; minimises corrosion potential from the lightweight composite blades and offers users easy variable pitch adjustment... [more]
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Chandlers: Rachel tells of attempted rape, Pirate threaten starvation
David Jones, Daily Mail/Sail-World Cruising,
Britain's Daily Mail has claimed that kidnapped cruising sailor Rachel Chandler narrowly escaped rape by one of her guards because other guards arrived just in time, entering her tent and preventing the attack from proceeding.... [more]
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Gadget of the Week: the one-size-fits-all drink holder
Sail-World Cruising,
Everyone knows that the single most important accessory that every boat needs, no matter its size, is arguably the drink holder. Aware of this vital aspect of a sailing life, innovative company Tallon Systems brings you, hot of the block, a stylish and strong 'multi-holder' that, apart from all its other great features, will fit any size bottle, can, glass or coffee mug... [more]
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Phang Nga Bay Regatta 2010: 'just one more...' (picture)
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
After our recent trip around Phang Nga Bay there were a good deal more than 12 images to show off - so here are a few more picture postcards from Fiddler's Green...... [more]
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Enter NOW to win a $1,000 PredictWind Professional subscription
Richard Gladwell,
Ten Sail-World readers will win a PredictWind Professional forecasting package for one year, valued at almost $1,000 per subscription. Enter NOW!! This Professional Package includes access to a unique set of tools allowing the user to predict weather conditions for use in club racing, major series or peace of mind while cruising... [more]
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Surf lifesavers honoured for rescuing yacht crew off Ettalong Beach
Sail-World Cruising,
All leisure sailors, who today depend for their safety on their EPIRBs, satellite tracking and sophisticated network of volunteer coastguards in fast speedboats, may not remember that, 50 years ago, it could be a local surf lifesaver who came to your aid, rowing a wooden lifeboat, as happened to four sailors on a yacht in 1960. This week the lifesavers involved were honoured - again.... [more]
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Should we Inject Carbon Dioxide into the Deep Ocean?
Kate Madin,
Should we Inject Carbon Dioxide into the Deep Ocean? Study finds that some seafloor life may be harmed by high CO2 levels.... [more]
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