European catamaran of the Year for, MINE's bigger...Plastiki test sailing - will they ever go?...desperate plight of kidnapped sailors...folding cleats for clumsy foredeck hands...and much more...

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America's Cup - they've changed it to a sailing event?

...but these are sailing boats - where are the lawyers?  .
I'm confused.

There's something quite odd going on in the competitive sailing world – the America's Cup is using yachts, yes they're actually in the water and moving. (well soon anyway) I thought that the America's Cup was a legal challenge. You just can't depend on people to be consistent these days.

In the non-competitive sailing world, however, there's much excitement going on, and we bring it all to you below. The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) has reached 150 participants nine months ahead of departure.

Then there's slot registration for the 'Around Australia Rally', which has reached 250 participant a full thirteen months ahead of the departure date. The numbers are extraordinary, and demonstrate – apart from good early promotion and alluring ideas – the growing popularity of rallies in general.

It's hats off and cheering to the sailors who contributed five crates of used sails for the Sea Flower's journey to Haiti, included in 1,000 tons of gear for the devastated island.

I couldn't help commenting on the growing maturity of Australian Jessica Watson in my article on the two 16-year-old circumnavigators, and the best news of all is that Californian Abby Sunderland in Wild Eyes is repaired, has more batteries, and is off south again, heading for the Horn.

There are many more articles of interest – David Rothchild's Plastiki is up and test sailing; there's an even bigger – and stylish – superyacht on the horizon; a profile of a European Yacht of the Year; a new site for women cruisers; good news for clumsy-footed foredeck hands; and the sad sad story of kidnapped sailors Rachel and Paul Chandler that goes on, and on, and on...

Browse your way down the headlines, have a good week, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

European Yacht of the Year (multihull) - the Outremer 49
Sail-World Cruising,
In the multihull section of the European Yacht of the Year, just announced at Boot, the annual Dusseldorf Boat Show, the Outremer 49 outperformed all other finalists - the Catana 41, the Dragonfly 28, the Lagoon 400 and the Lipari 41. At least that was the combined opinion of the 11 sailing journalist judges, who sailed in all the yachts to come up with their judgement. So what is she like?... [more]
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A Passion for cruising - a site for women cruising sailors
Lisa Mylchreest,
While there are some wonderful women cruisers out there sailing solo, sometimes dragging reluctant husbands, collecting crew as they go or taking friends as crew, the vast majority of women cruising follow their partner's dream, either gladly or tentatively. Now there's a web site that is devoted to the special angles that interest the women who have become, or are becoming, cruising sailors.... [more]
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This Week's Product:Folding Cleats - for clumsy footed foredeck hands
Des Ryan,
It's the tropics. It's hot, humid. Running around the foredeck I want to be running barefoot. But when I do, all the sharp edges seem to aim directly for my feet. So I end up sailing with my mouth constantly 'O' shaped, and emitting a series of silent screams. That's when folding cleats seem the best idea in the world, so this week's 'Product of the Week' is Accon Marine's Folding Cleats.... [more]
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Plastiki: David Rothschild's dream becoming a reality - slowly
Nancy Knudsen,
She's finally afloat and test sailing. For well over a year now Sail-World has been reporting the progress of the construction of a very strange vessel at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. The appropriately named Plastiki, made of 12,000 reclaimed plastic soda bottles, was originally meant to cross the Pacific a year ago but the project proved more difficult than originally thought... [more]
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No, MINE's bigger - Emocean
Luxist/Sail-World Cruising,
Roman Abramovich's oceanic supremacy with his recently launched Eclipse may be short lived once the design for a 656ft gigayacht by Belgium based Emocean Yacht Design becomes a reality... [more]
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Lifeboat crew honoured - full story of dramatic rescue off Scotland
Sail-World Cruising,
Once again at Sail-World we're delighted to announce that the members of a lifeboat crew, so often the neglected heroes of near-death escapes by seafarers, are to be honoured for their actions in coming to the rescue of the crew of a yacht in October last year.... [more]
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Polar View in the Antarctic
British Antarctic Survey,
The Polar View sea ice service, coordinated by the British Antarctic Survey, has greatly improved the service for the 2009/2010 Antarctic season. A combination of easier access through the new website and a significant increase in the number of images available means more real time sea ice information.... [more]
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Used sails for Haiti: Preparations to meet the Sea Flower in Haiti
Lynn Fitzpatrick,
The Sea Flower is one day closer and not quite halfway to its first destination along Haiti's SW peninsula.. ETA 0600 on Friday. Among the items listed on the ship's manifest, are 5 crates containing used sails. Approximately 1,000 tons were loaded aboard before the ship's captain told us that we reached the Sea Flower's weight limit.... [more]
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The end of an era: Decommissioning the North American Loran-C
US Federal Register,
The Long Range Aids to Navigation (Loran-C) system was a valuable position and navigation system when it was established in 1957, but it is about to go into history, made redundant by the GPS system. The US Government, as part of an Obama economy package, has determined that it is not even needed as a back-up.... [more]
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All at Sea in the Andaman
Maggie Joyce,
The Southern end of the Andaman Sea between Phuket and Malaysian Langkawi offers warm safe water, spectacular scenery, fiery cuisine, friendly folks and some great sailing.... [more]
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Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC):150 entries and still 9 months to go
Jeremy Wyatt,
It's still nine months from departure date, and Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) 2010 registrations are flying along as World Cruising Club signs up the 150th entry.... [more]
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Teen sailor update: Jessica Watson matures...Abby back at sea
Nancy Knudsen,
There are many signs that Australian Jessica Watson is maturing as a cruising sailor as she approaches the 13,000th nautical mile of her circumnavigation, while Californian Abby Sunderland is still stuck in Cabo san Lucas before restarting her own attempt at a solo circumnavigation.... [more]
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Danes free ship, Somali Government appeals for release of sailors
Sail-World Cruising,
As Danish Special Forces stormed a hijacked ship and released the crew, a member of the Somali Government has appealed to pirates to free the British crew of a yacht now held for more than three months. He made the appeal during a press conference at the Presidential Palace.... [more]
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Local Sailing News from Sail-World on Twitter
Brendan Maxwell,, the largest online marine news network in the world is now delivering regional news on Twitter. Publisher Rob Kothe said today ‘Now sailors can get an exciting mix of Sail-World local news and major international news via local Twitter feeds, rather than getting more sailing news than they can possible handle via a one size fits all world news channel.'... [more]
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Around Australia Ocean Race and Rally Entries Tops 250!
Bob Williams,
Another major milestone reached in what is being hailed as Australia's ‘Tour de France' on the water. The ‘2011 Around Australia Ocean Race' and ‘2011-12 Around Australia Ocean Rally' events announces that less than eight months after launching and nine months before Rally entries, and 13 months before Race entries close, collective slot reservations have now topped 250.... [more]
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Donated sails on Sea Flower for Haiti - now a Monday departure
Lynn Fitzpatrick,
The Sea Flower, due to depart yesterday with a hold loaded with donated sails and other goods for Haiti, has now been delayed because the ship requires two observers accompanying the ship to have insurance... [more]
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It's working! Used sails for Haiti are arriving
Lynn Fitzpatrick,
Used sails and telephone calls are pouring into Shake a Leg Miami. Keep them coming because the rainy season starts in Haiti in two weeks and the people who survived have been exposed to the elements day in and day out for three weeks now. Even structures that remained standing are susceptible to collapse. No one is sleeping indoors out of fear that buildings will collapse... [more]
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