America's Cup - On the Morning of the 33rd series

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Welcome to Sail-World's first newsletter for the 33rd America's Cup - which is due to get underway off Valencia this coming Monday 8th February at 10:06am. local time, in a few hours from now.

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 America's Cup - On the morning of the 33rd America's Cup

The well guarded America's Cup is on the line  Jean Philippe Jobé
Welcome to's special America's Cup newsletter

Greetings from Valencia on the morning of the 33rd America's Cup.

Yesterday was one of the most amazing of my 27years of writing about sailing and around 50 years of involvement in the sport.

I saw things I just never believed were possible in a sailboat.

Yesterday I was one a handful of very privileged journalists and photographers taken about eight miles off Valencia to see USA-17 put through her paces, and indulge in a little pre-start practice ahead of the start of the 33rd America's Cup tomorrow.

On a day which was almost oily calm, the US Challenger was literally flying at 22kts. That's about 11x the true windspeed!

We came ashore certain that we knew who the next winner of the America's Cup would be, only to hear from others on the water that they had seen the same sort of numbers from Alinghi 5, out sailing today in Valencia.

They talk about the G-Forces in these boats - now I believe them!

That sets the scene for the 33rd America's Cup - which despite all the legal hoo-haa, and posturing will be the most exciting seen for many a long year.

Like a painted ship on a painted ocean - USA-17 doing 22kts while the smaller yacht is in windless conditions - Practice Day, 2010 America's Cup  Richard Gladwell

Exciting, not that we are expecting close racing, but exciting because the outcome, at this stage is so unpredictable. It is intriguing that two yachts that represent the highest levels of sailing technology are finally going to come head to head in the sailing equivalent of the 'Rumble in the Jungle'.

What will determine the outcome?

Look for the match racing tactics of James Spithill in a 115ft boat that can spin in its own length, against the catamaran which is expected to try a timed or Vanderbilt start.

Look for positioning on the course which is probably going to determine the outcome of the first race. While the speed of these yachts is just incredible, they obviously go an awful lot faster in a stronger breeze than a light. So who finds the pressure on the 20 mile windward leg will hold the initial advantage. Who avoids the holes in the breeze on the return may also carry the day.

In this issue, we have the doyen of America's Cup commentators, Bob Fisher, with his view on the coming day. There are image galleries from today's session, so close we could almost reach out and touch USA-17 - and with owner Larry Ellison helming for the day.

And there's the all the stories from ashore, with yesterday's Opening Ceremonies.

The Swiss catamaran leaving the Darsena harbor  Jean Philippe Jobé

We will be carrying the feed from BMW Oracle Racing on Click here _for_the Link

Today assuming there is racing, we will bring you all the latest inside information on this intriguing day.

We look forward to bringing you all the excitement and colour from Valencia.

Russell Coutts checks out the view to leeward while sailing at 22kts with Larry Ellison on the helm during Practice Day, 2010 America's Cup  Richard Gladwell

We're also proud to re-run three feature stories from our advertisers, who make this coverage possible, our thanks to them for their support of Sail-World.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell

Sail-World's America's Cup News Editor

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Fisher's View: America's Cup Insight
Bob Fisher,
Bob Fisher previews the 33rd America's Cup: As the new day is yet to dawn for the start of the 33rd America's Cup, the battle of the handbags continues bilo-a-bilo. It goes on at every level and from every direction. Those of on the outside are having the greatest difficulty in discerning between lies, half-truths and facts, but the latter is the most difficult to ascertain.... [more]
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America's Cup Legal – the last 31 months in a blur
Richard Gladwell,
There is little doubt that the many Court actions over the 33rd America's Cup have been a major turn-off for the sport and sailing fans generally. In a couple of days the sport will see a sailing match of the likes that has never been seen before and probably will never see again. Two of the highest performance yachts will square off against each other in a fascinating contest, conducted under... [more]
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America's Cup: Starts explained
Alinghi Media,
Afficionados of match racing will quickly recognise a different starting procedure when Alinghi 5 and the challenger line up for Race 1 of the 33rd America's Cup Match. The pre-start is one of the most exciting aspects of a match race. The two boats enter the start box and engage in a series of circling or luffing trying to get an advantage over the other.... [more]
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America's Cup: Images from Valencia - BMW Oracle Racing -3
Richard Gladwell,
Third sequence of images from the final day of practice before the start of the 33rd America's Cup in Valencia - from the BMW Oracle Racing chase boat... [more]
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America's Cup - Racing with Live Video on
Scott Robinson,
If you have fast internet speed, at least 1.5meg download, you will be able to watch the BMW ORACLE Racing Race Day Live Video on [more]
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Images from America's Cup Opening Ceremony
Sail-World's camera was at the Opening Ceremony for the 33rd America's Cup, as both teams were presented and the America's Cup was symbolically put on top of famous Swiss Alp.... [more]
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America's Cup: Images from Valencia - BMW Oracle Racing -2
Richard Gladwell,
Second sequence of images from the final day of practice before the start of the 33rd America's Cup in Valencia - from the BMW Oracle Racing chase boat... [more]
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America's Cup: Images from Valencia - BMW Oracle Racing Practice Day
Richard Gladwell,
First sequence of images from the final day of practice before the start of the 33rd America's Cup in Valencia - from the BMW Oracle Racing chase boat... [more]
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America's Cup 33 - Inauguration day
Jean Philippe Jobé,
Inauguration day in Valencia, Ernesto Bertarelli said one day that he would bring the America's Cup to the top of the Matterhorn, today the Matterhorn is in Valencia and the Cup is also here.... [more]
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Local Sailing News from Sail-World on Twitter
Brendan Maxwell,, the largest online marine news network in the world is now delivering regional news on Twitter. Publisher Rob Kothe said today ‘Now sailors can get an exciting mix of Sail-World local news and major international news via local Twitter feeds, rather than getting more sailing news than they can possible handle via a one size fits all world news channel.'... [more]
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America's Cup - One Hand Clapping
Daphne Morgan Barnicoat,
The intended press conference for owners Ernesto Bertarelli of Alinghi and Lawrence J. Ellison of BMW Oracle Racing was reduced to one when the latter declined the invitation to attend. Ellison declined the invitation, he said, because his team CEO and skipper Russell Coutts was not invited.... [more]
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America's Cup - Alinghi goes back in the water,
Last night, at T minus 2, Ernesto Bertarelli's Alinghi 5 catamaran went back into the water in Valencia with helm Loick Peyron supervising. Carlo Borlenghi documented the relaunch for Alinghi.... [more]
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33rd Americas Cup - Valencia T minus 2
Jean Philippe Jobé,
Reporting from Valencia, we had the opportunity to visit both teams, the boats were on the hard for the day. Alinghi launched by 7pm. A planned outing for tomorrow to check it all before Monday.... [more]
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33rd America's Cup, Valencia Press Conferences photos Martinez images,
Thierry Martinez sent these photos from the various press conferences for the 33rd America's Cup in Valencia - Alinghi Team (5th Feb), BMW Oracle Racing (5th Feb) and the Owners press conference (6th Feb).... [more]
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Grant Dalton sees light in AC gloom and pulls out of Volvo Ocean Race
Greg Ford - Sunday Star Times,
Grant Dalton has ended months of speculation by confirming Emirates Team New Zealand will not compete in the next Volvo round the world ocean race, scuppering any chance of Auckland becoming a stopover.... [more]
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America's Cup - Alinghi 5 practicing ahead of Monday's Race 1,
Winter Sunshine in Valencia and the the Swiss syndicate's Alinghi 5 multihull on the water. Here are some of the latest images.... [more]
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Alfa Romeo uses new product to preserve hull weight and design shape
The name Alfa Romeo evokes sensuous lines, One of the major concern on any race boat is unnecessary weight. Any excess weight will create performance penalties that de?ne the difference between victory and defeat. When it was time to redo the anti-foul paint from Alfa Romeo's hull, the requirement is that 36 kg of old Anti-Foul needs to be removed, and precisely 36 kg be put on again.... [more]
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Qingdao Weta Sailing - 2009 Autumn Regatta
Jeppe Mortensen,
The 'Qingdao Weta Sailing - 2009 Autumn Regatta' was recently held on Fushan Bay, outside Qingdao's Olympic Sailing Center. The regatta was in several ways a first: -the first ever Weta trimaran regatta in Qingdao. -the first ever dinghy regatta in Qingdao with boats exclusively owned by private individuals. -the first ever one design dinghy regatta in Qingdao with non-Olympic class boats.... [more]
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