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Your old sails can help Haitians

Old sail material can make good tents for homeless families  .
A deluge of cruising news again this week from the world's oceans and coastlines, and it's all in the stories below.

Without doubt the most agonising story of the week is that of Paul and Rachel Chandler, the cruising sailors who have now been in the hands of Somali pirates for over three months, and whose health is deteriorating fast, as you will see in the images below taken recently.

In Miami they are collecting old sails and other gear to take to Haiti, so if you have any in retirement that would make good covering for some homeless Haitians, here's your chance!

The much awaited 'European Yacht of the Year' for 2010 has been announced, and the family cruiser winner - the Dufour 42 - is featured.

The sailing Treleavens are back to make one envious of their idyllic Caribbean sailing, and there's the latest news on the two 16-year-olds who are trying to solo sail a circumnavigation non-stop and unassisted. One is heading north away from the gales, and the other is headed for shore – read why.

Good weather knowledge is vital for all sailors. This week we tell how COGOW, excellent for weather routing, has just been upgraded, and Noonsite, that great information site for cruising sailors, has also introduced a new weather forum.

VHF contact is also vital for all sailors, and this week there's an excellent analysis of how often, if at all, you need to replace your VHF aerial.

Much more too, so browse down to find the stories that interest you, and...

...Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Your old sails needed for Haiti
Lynn Fitzpatrick,
If you are anywhere within a practical distance to get them to Miami, Haiti needs your used sails, especially large main sails. Even people who survived the quake and were healthy are now becoming sick from exposure to the elements. Tents, Rice, Cooking Oil, Beans, Pasta, Feminine Hygiene Products, Water Purifiers, Water Makers, Medical Supplies and more money is what is now needed... [more]
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Hostage sailors - new footage, new pleas from Somalia
Sail-World Cruising/SavetheChandlers,
New footage has now been received of cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler, who have been held captive by Somali pirates for over three months now.... [more]
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The VHF Antenna - the weak link?
Canadian Yachting,
While at sea your contact by VHF radio is vital, and, while you may keep a hand-held VHF as a back up, it won't have the same range. When your VHF fails, where do you look first? The antenna of course, but is it really the weak point? and why? And if so should they be replaced as a matter of course? - and then, how often? We decided to ask around of people who should know...... [more]
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COGOW for passage planning - it's just been upgraded
Lee Bruce,
When passage planning, one needs all the help one can get to choose the right time to go, and the right winds to depart in. The good news is that the excellent Climatology of Global Ocean Winds (COGOW) website, which is of crucial assistance when planning a passage, has just been updated. Here Bruce Lee of Ocean Met, explains... [more]
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Sailing with the Treleavens- West Caribbean: Guatemala, Belize, Mexico
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Long time cruising couple Andrea and Ian Treleaven have returned to Guatemala where they left their boat at a marina in the Rio Dulce during the cyclone season. After spending time completing their new book about their cruising adventures, they have now returned to start cruising again.... [more]
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Noonsite launches new weather forum
Sail-World Cruising,
The world's very popular informational website for cruising sailors, Noonsite, has just launched a new service for long-range cruisers wanting global weather and routing advice.... [more]
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Jessica Watson - Half way there and the book deal is done
Nancy Knudsen,
French-owned Hachette Publishers have announced that they will publish the story of Jessica Watson's solo sail around the world 'as soon as possible after her return'. ...and onboard Ella's Pink Lady, Jessica is already writing it, in spite of a recent admission by her mother that Jessica has severe dyslexia, which circuitously resulted in Jessica's desire to sail around the world... [more]
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Announced! -European Yachts of the Year for 2010
Nancy Knudsen,
After months of waiting by the finalists, the European Yacht of the Year has been announced at Boot, Dusseldorf's annual Boatshow, in five categories. The one that is likely to have the most impact with the greatest number of non-competitive sailors is the Dufour 405 Grandlarge, which has won the family cruiser section, and has been recently featured by Sail-World as the most likely to win.... [more]
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Abby Sunderland journey aborted
Nancy Knudsen,
'But don't start worrying - I am still north of the equator so I won't have to give up the non-stop attempt.' These were the brave words of 16-year-old would-be solo circumnavigator Abby Sunderland as she heads for Cabo san Lucas on the Mexican coastline, just a week after she departed.... [more]
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The new Dufour 405 - family yacht for long distance sailing
Nancy Knudsen,
The French-made Dufour 405 Grandlarge has to be one of the most promising finalists in the European Yacht of the Year, in the 'Family Cruiser' category. It is competing with such others as the Bavaria 32, the Delphia 47, the Ovni 445 and the Sunbeam 30.1, and the winner is just about to be announced. It's a family yacht for long distance sailing with a a great deal of comfort and security.... [more]
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Green at heart? Click on to Ecoyachts website
Sail-World Cruisiing,
'What can I do to help anyway? - I am just one sailor.' A shrug of the shoulders and a turning away is the all-too-often response of well meaning leisure sailors who may be Green at heart. Now two veteran sailors have launched a website to rally the good intentions of sailors and marine organisations world wide to make a real difference to the environment, together.... [more]
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Ocean Cruising Club - Awards of Merit for solo sailors

Teenage solo circumnavigator Mike Perham and Dee Caffari MBE, the first woman to sail solo around the world both ways, are recipients of this year's Ocean Cruising Club's prestigious Awards of Merit.... [more]
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Phoenicia - they've reached South Africa
Des Ryan,
Leg by leg, they're getting there. Recreating the first circumnavigation of Africa in a 600BCE replica boat was never going to be easy. But this week Phoenicia was greeted with a very warm welcome at Richards Bay in South Africa, a little north of Durban. A convoy of 21 yachts came out to meet Phoenicia and back at the Zululand Yacht Club a party of journalists, television cameras,... [more]
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Largest Marine online news network does major site upgrades
TetraMedia's IT Team,
Sites offline today - All the and sites were offline for 30 minutes for a major upgrade... [more]
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